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February 19, 2019

February 19, 2019

Missionaries Now Have More Options to Communicate With Families (LDS Newsroom) (February 19, 2019)
The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced an update to guidelines regarding communication between full-time missionaries and their families.

Twitter reacts to news that Latter-day Saint missionaries can now call, text home weekly (Deseret News - Utah) (February 19, 2019)
Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can now text, call, or video chat weekly, the First Presidency announced Friday. The change will be effective immediately.

In Center of Catholicism, New Mormon Temple Invites Curious Romans for a Look (The New York Times) (February 19, 2019)
Home to the Vatican, the pope and St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome is unchallenged in its claim to be the global center of the Roman Catholic Church. But the city also plays host to the largest mosque in Western Europe, the largest Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall on the Continent, and, as of this year, the biggest center in Europe belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Four Latter-day Saint missionaries injured in serious car accident in New Caledonia (Church News) (February 19, 2019)
Four missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were injured in a serious car accident on Saturday, Feb. 16, on the island of New Caledonia. All four missionaries, serving in the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission, are expected to recover from the collision, during which at least one of the three people in the other vehicle died, said Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff.

From no to neutral? LDS Church may have changed its stance on the Equal Rights Amendment (Salt Lake Tribune - Utah) (February 19, 2019)
In the 1970s and ’80s, there was little doubt about where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stood on the Equal Rights Amendment. It opposed it — steadfastly, stridently, prominently. Church leaders (women and men) preached against it, published articles against it, distributed pamphlets against it, launched letter-writing campaigns against it, lobbied against it and urged its members to do the same.

Moose, calf captured at LDS Church in Morgan County (KUTV - Utah) (February 19, 2019)
A cow moose and her calf were tranquilized and captured at an LDS Church in Mountain Green in Morgan County Sunday. 2News viewer Robert Summers captured video of the moose and calf in the parking lot.

February 15, 2019

Preparing for the Prophet: Inspiring Stories Behind the Arizona Member Devotional (Church News) (February 15, 2019)
One Church President. Two First Presidency members. A Sunday night devotional drawing some 65,000 at an indoor football stadium in metro Phoenix, with another 64,000 watching a live broadcast in meetinghouses across the state.

Brother Ashton Shares 7 Steps for Learning by the Spirit at BYU–Idaho Devotional (Church News) (February 15, 2019)
Students from around the world who participate in the BYU–Pathway Worldwide programs have one thing in common, said Brother Brian K. Ashton, Second Counselor in the Sunday School General Presidency.

The 175th Anniversary of Joseph and Hyrum Smith’s Martyrdom Is One of Many Notable Dates in 2019 (Church News) (February 15, 2019)
On June 27, 1844, a mob stormed Carthage Jail in Illinois and shot the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith.

Elder Bednar on 'the bond' he feels with ancient Apostles during first visit to Jerusalem (Church News) (February 15, 2019)
Elder David A. Bednar, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, stood in the urban grove of aged olive trees located at the foot of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. It is called the Garden of Gethsemane, although the precise location of the New Testament’s same-named site of the Atonement of Jesus Christ remains uncertain but likely nearby.

This week in Mormon Land: A secret Facebook attack, the Catholic gap and Gladys Knight’s ‘Super’ song (Salt Lake Tribune - Utah) (February 15, 2019)
Latter-day Saint temples have been in the news a lot lately. New temples open. Older ones close for renovation. And groundbreakings take place around the globe. Capturing the most attention: recent changes bringing more gender equity to temple ordinances. Historian and author Devery Anderson has documented the evolution of temples in the church’s history for his 2011 volume, “The Development of LDS Temple Worship.”

February 13, 2019

Video: President Nelson reveals the most important thing he’s learned in 94 years of living (Church News) (February 13, 2019)
In a new video produced by the Church News, President Russell M. Nelson shared some of the thoughts he recently published in an op-ed article that appeared in the Arizona Republic.

'Ours is a message of hope': LDS president, counselor talk immigration, youth, in Glendale interview (Arizona Central) (February 13, 2019)
Russell Nelson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, discussed a slew of topics including immigration and youth in a rare interview granted to local media ahead of Sunday evening's devotional in Glendale.

Apostle M. Russell Ballard and U President Ruth Watkins Speak at the LDS Institute (Daily Utah Chronicle) (February 13, 2019)
On Sunday, Feb. 10, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held an event at its Institute of Religion for students at the University of Utah. The chapel of the building was full, along with the overflow, gym and another adjacent chapel. Everyone braved the snow to come to the Institute to hear what the U’s President, Ruth Watkins and president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Church, M. Russell Ballard, had to say.

2019 Youth Theme Resources Include Album and Concert—by Youth, for Youth (Church News) (February 13, 2019)
Youth started filling the Tabernacle pews at Temple Square, smiling and chattering as their ward leaders shuffled them along to settle in their seats before the concert began. But those few hundred Sunday-dress-clad youth weren’t the only ones about to watch the 2019 Mutual theme album concert.

Mormon church opposes plan to increase alcohol level in beer (Review Journal - Nevada) (February 13, 2019)
The influential Mormon church has come out against a proposal to allow more alcohol in Utah beer, a position that could hurt the state’s chances of joining most of the country in shedding low alcohol limits.

BYU senior qualifies for second Olympic trials (Daily Universe - Utah) (February 13, 2019)
Payton Sorenson isn’t just a good swimmer: he’s a world-class swimmer. At just 27 years old, Sorenson has become one of the world’s best sprinters and made it into the semifinals of the 2016 Olympic trials.

Parkland school shooting one year later: Remembering the victims, from hero coach to college-bound students (ABC 7 - Florida) (February 13, 2019)
Alaina Petty was another of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) Cadets who was honored by the U.S. Army Cadet Command. The 14-year-old loved to volunteer and serve others, her family said, and she helped rebuild areas of Florida after Hurricane Irma.

February 12, 2019

Prophet Invites Arizonans to Turn Homes Into Sanctuaries of Faith (LDS Newsroom) (February 12, 2019)
More than 60,000 Latter-day Saints and invited guests at a football stadium in Arizona were encouraged by a prophet Sunday night to increase their faith practices in the home.

Church members react on Instagram to President Nelson's inspiring address at State Farm Stadium (Church News) (February 12, 2019)
President Russell M. Nelson spoke to a crowd of 65,000 in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday night at the State Farm Stadium. Inviting members of the Church to help “gather Israel on both sides of the veil," the devotional was the largest Church gathering in the state's history. Here’s what that visit meant to members of the Church who were able to attend the devotional, or who were watching from where it was broadcast live.

Sister Eubank Presents Funds Raised in Church-Sponsored “Giving Machines” to Utah Charities (Church News) (February 12, 2019)
The festive lights and ornaments were likely stashed away weeks ago—but the holiday season stretched into mid-February for a trio of Utah humanitarian organizations.

Set Any Reading Goals? New Study Plans Feature in Gospel Library App Can Help (Church News) (February 12, 2019)
If you like to make lists, set goals, and check off accomplishments, you’ll love the new Study Plans feature in the latest update of the Gospel Library app. Study Plans helps you set up a schedule for studying any content found in the Gospel Library app.

TLC's 'Our Twinsane Wedding' highlights these twin sisters who married twin brothers (Deseret News - Utah) (February 12, 2019)
Two twins sisters who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are getting married … to twin brothers. Brittany and Briana Deane’s marriage will appear on Monday night’s episode of the TLC show “Our Twinsane Wedding.”

February 11, 2019

Prophet Invites 68,000 Arizonians to Turn Homes into Sanctuaries of Faith (LDS Newsroom) (February 11, 2019)
Some 68,000 Latter-day Saints and invited guests at a football stadium in Arizona were encouraged by a prophet Sunday night to increase their faith practices in the home.

President Nelson speaks to 65,000 Latter-day Saints at NFL stadium on what it really means to gather Israel (Church News) (February 11, 2019)
In a day of repeated and widespread prophetic messaging across the state of Arizona, President Russell M. Nelson summed up his call to action with a personalized invitation that sent a near-audible ripple of listeners giving increased attention.

Prophet Pens Op-Ed for the Arizona Republic in Advance of His Visit (LDS Newsroom) (February 11, 2019)
President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will hold a devotional at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, for an estimated 68,000 members and friends of the faith on February 10, 2019. President Nelson’s historic visit is believed to be the single largest gathering of Latter-day Saints in Arizona and among the largest crowds to hear a president of the Church. He will be accompanied by President Dallin H. Oaks, who is one of his counselors in the faith’s First Presidency.

Viewpoints: LDS president urges spirituality in an increasingly secular world during Phoenix-area visit (Arizona Central) (February 11, 2019)
Editor's note: LDS President Russell M. Nelson wrote this piece as part of his visit to the Valley on Feb. 10. My wife, Wendy, and I visited Paradise, California, last month to meet with and comfort those affected by the horrific Camp Fire that left as many as 86 dead and destroyed more than 18,000 structures last November. When we planned our visit, we had no way of knowing that just 40 hours prior to our leaving, we would lose our daughter Wendy to cancer. We flew to California with heavy hearts.

President of Church of Jesus Christ speaks to thousands in Glendale (Arizona) (February 11, 2019)
The president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints brought the message of love to Glendale on Sunday. Russell M. Nelson delivered a devotional speech to about 68,000 people at State Farm Stadium.

From a TV interview to a Q&A with young adults, here are highlights from President Nelson's weekend in Arizona (Church News) (February 11, 2019)
Much of the attention given to President Russell M. Nelson speaking at the Arizona Member Devotional Sunday night, Feb. 10, was the large audience — an estimated 65,000 at State Farm Stadium. But the day had its share of small-group settings and personal greetings as well.

President Ballard, Elder Gerard pray at opening of 2019 Utah legislative session (Church News) (February 11, 2019)
A pair of leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offered invocations on the opening day of Utah's 2019 legislative session on Monday, Jan. 28.

Apostle Tells Educators to be ‘First Responders’ to Students Considering Suicide (LDS Newsroom) (February 11, 2019)
Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles encouraged Church educators worldwide Friday night to “talk to teens about suicide and love them out of considering suicide as a solution to their pain.”

Argentina Missionary Training Center to Close in July (LDS Newsroom) (February 11, 2019)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced it will close its missionary training center located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, effective July 2019. Plans for future use of the facilities will be determined in coordination with local leaders. Following the closure, missionaries who would have attended this center will be trained in the Mexico and Brazil MTCs.

Ogden woman warns of imposters posing as Latter-day Saint missionaries (KSL - Utah) (February 11, 2019)
An Ogden woman has a warning about a pair of young men posing as missionaries. She said they tried to get into her home, and she’s not the only one who had this experience. Rachael Bush said it happened in the middle of the day Monday at her home near 3rd Street and Harrison Boulevard.

Mother of Utah resident held 2 years in Venezuela jail dies (Deseret News - Utah) (February 11, 2019)
After becoming nationally recognized as a stalwart "Mama Bear" on behalf of her son Josh Holt, who spent two years in a Venezuelan jail before being released last May, a family social media posting Sunday announced Laurie Moon Holt has died.

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