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December 29, 2005

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Thanks for your interest in LDS Today. We are one of the most popular web sites within the LDS community. We receive thousands of page views per day from people all over the world. Our most popular page is our home page, which is updated six days per week with LDS-related news.

We offer extremely competetive rates.  Our objective is to simply cover our operating costs so we can continue to offer this service to the LDS community.


Classified Ads

Advertise your site in our classified ad section. We will do our best to promote your site and charge only $19 per year. For additional information, please contact us at:

Banner Ads

Promote your site through banner advertisements.  We are currently charing a rate of only $99 for 30 days for our banners.  We have roughly 2,500 unique visitors and 5,000 page views each day on the site. We have two banner sizes: 234 x 60, which is viewed on more pages and 180 x 150, which is larger but seen on fewer pages.  Either banner is just $99 for 30 days.

To run an advertisement, we simply need a banner advertisement in the dimensions mentioned above and a receipt of payment.  Advertisements are typically placed with 48 hours of receipt of payment.  Payment may come in the form of PayPal (preferred) or money orders or checks.

Design fees for banners (if required)

If needed, we can help you design your banner ad.  If it is simple help that is needed, we include it in the $99 advertising fee.  If it is more complex, then we will need to agree on a design fee prior to any work taking place.

For additional information and site statistics, please contact us at

Accepted Banner Ads
The following banner sizes are in accordance to the suggested dimensions established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

LDS Today accepts banner ads with the following specifications:

Half Banner Ad (234 x 60)

Banner 1

Rectangle Banner Ad (180 x 150)

Banner 1

Modified Vertical Banner Ad (180 x 240) -- this is viewed on only select pages, so this is not included in our regular advertising rates.

Banner 1
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