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CIA World Factbook 1997
CIA World Factbook Search
Daily Almanac []
Daily Almanac [] - Who was born and what happened on any given day?
Information Please - from the print reference database, offering millions of useful and interesting facts on a wide range of topics online. Also includes a dictionary and encyclopedia.
Living Almanac of Disasters - with categories for fires, earthquakes, and transportation.
Old Farmer's Almanac - fun and practical information for everyday life, including moon calendars, planting charts, recipes, weather predictions and more.


Calendar Conversions  - convert dates into corresponding days in different calendar systems.
Calendar [] - displays calendars by year or month/year.
Calendar Information Page  - today's date in various calendars and eras. Links to "today" info throughout the Web. Celestial and astronomical info.
Calendar Zone - links to a huge variety of calendars.
Calendars and their History - reprinted from the Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac.
Ecclesiastical Calendar  - enter a year, get the days and dates for several Ecclesiastical celebrations during that year, including Easter and the movable celebrations related to it.
Java Calendar
One-World Global Calendar - Thousands of holidays & celebrations from all religions & cultures--modern, tribal, ancient. Meteors, new & full moons, eclipses. Updated weekly.
Steffen Thorsen's Calendar Page - shows the calendar for nearly any year, all the months shown at once.
Thirty Days Hath September - all things calendar, with information on different calendars used throughout history.
Virtual Perpetual Calendar - a whole year at a glance.
World Wide Holidays and Festivals

Moby Thesaurus -- 30,260 main entries including 103,305 different synonyms, searchable through
Oxford Concise Dictionary -- 45,898 definitions. Less academic, but more up-to-date.
Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms -- 9,153 main entries, searchable through.
Oxford Dictionary (as above) producing output in Microsoft RTF format (it may be viewed/printed/edited by MS-Word for Windows). The queries expanding up to 1000 words are allowed.
Roget's Thesaurus
The Elements of Style by W. Strunk, Jr.
Webster Dictionary -- 113,593 definitions and here's Another Version of Webster's
WordSmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
Writer's Guide
WWWebster by Merriam-Webster Inc

Non-English Dictionaries

French-English Dictionary Form
English-German and German-English Online Dictionary
English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary - translating dictionary. Enter an English term and receive the Japanese equivalent; enter a Japanese term in kana or kanji to get the corresponding term in English.
Portuguese Language Dictionary - supports different kinds of searches; includes a verb conjugator.
General English-Spanish Dictionary


Encyclopedia Smithsonian - information about a variety of topics, from Smithsonian Institution sources. - provides more than 17,000 short articles from the Concise Columbia Electronic Encylopedia, Third Edition.
Funk & Wagnalls Knowledge Center - articles, pictures, sounds and animations.
Information Please - from the print reference database, offering millions of useful and interesting facts on a wide range of topics online. Also includes a dictionary and encyclopedia.
Internet Encyclopedia  - Beta Test of Encyclopedia of Information Available on the Internet
Jones Digital Century Update - archive of updated articles that will be added to future editions of the Jones MultiMedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM reference work.
Knowledge Adventure Reference Section - bugs, dinosaurs, space -- you name it! Plus interesting information that can also help with your homework.




Geological Maps on the Web - site for publication of new digital geological maps and their associated database files.
Green Map System - local-to-global collaboration to chart the ecologically significant places in cities around the globe.
SkiMaps - trail maps.
Thematic Maps for Missouri & United States - maps for various social and economic indicators for Missouri counties and U.S. states and counties.

Measurements & Units

Conversion Calculator
Dictionary of Units, A - an explanation of the principle systems of units, their history, standards, and conversion factors for changing from one to the other.
How Many?   - a dictionary of units of measurement with commentaries and explanations of the English Customary, Metric, and International Systems.
English Weights and Measures
Weights and Measures and Standard Time - Chapter 6 of United States Code Title 15 - Commerce and Trade.

Phone Directories's Fast Area Code Look-Up
AnyWho Directory Services - featuring residential, business, and government white and yellow pages listings.
Database America People Finder - addresses and phone numbers of individuals
Fone Finder - identifies the city associated with a specific area code and prefix. Also identifies international country codes and the geographical location of the telephone.
International Calling Codes - alphabetical directory of country and city telephone codes.
International Dialing Codes
New Area Codes
PhoneSpell - what does your phone number spell?
PhoNETic - convert a telephone number into all combinations of the associated telephone keypad letters.
Switchboard - US individual phone listings
Ultimate White Pages - Search white pages directories without having to load graphics-heavy search pages.
Where Did They Move To? - find people or companies who changed their name, address, phone, email or URL.

Postal Directories

Australian Post Code Search
Brazilian Post Codes - complete directory with a search form.
Canadian Postal Service - information on postal rates, services, codes, post office locations and more.
China Postal Codes - downloadable files in Excel and SPSS formats.
Danish Postal Codes
German Zip Codes
Infopool - provides German zip codes, telekom fares, dialing codes, and international access codes from and to Germany and more.
National Address and ZIP+4 Browser - interactively browse all addresses in the United States.
Official Postal Service Abbreviations
Postage Rates Worldwide
Pro-Zipcode! - Look-up city, state and county info with our database of 5-digit ZIP Codes.
Swiss Town and Village Codes - alphabetical index identifying cantons and postal code.
United Kingdom Postcode Searches - find full UK postal addresses from just fragments.
USPS City State / ZIP Code Associations - lookup ZIP Codes by city/state
USPS Postal Rates
USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information - look up postal abbreviations, zip codes, and other information about the U.S. Postal Service.
USPS ZIP+4 Lookup Form  - lookup ZIP+4 Codes by mailing address
ZIPcode 4 Address Database - Enter partial address and get correct address with 9-digit zipcode
ZipFind - calculate distance between two codes, all codes within a radius, and population figures within a zip code.


Inspirational Quotes
Literary Quotes
Other Quotes Links:
Ask Thomas Jefferson - quotes organized by topic.
Classic Quotations  [new] - inspiring, meaningful, funny quotes for free.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations [Review]  [*] - passages, phrases and proverbs traced to their sources.
Book of Famous Quotes
Gabriel's Horn - random Bible quotes.
Gem of Proverbs and Poems
Jefferson Quotes on Politics & Government - excerpts from Jefferson's writings provide a complete outline of his political philosophy.
Quotation Guide - large collection of quotes, arranged by topic.
Quotation Server - for those who share an interest in quotes and quotations.
Quotations of William Blake - thought-provoking quotations from the revolutionary poet.
Quotations Site - includes quotes on a wide variety of topics.
Quotes from President Abraham Lincoln
Wisdom Quotes - inspiring and challenging quotes for many occasions.
Words of Women - database of insightful quotations by historic and contemporary women from Abigail Adams to Oprah Winfrey; includes free quote search.
Words to Live By - words of wisdom from some of the most inspiring people in history.
Usenet - alt.quotations