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Atlanta Latter-day Saints Host Stephen Covey VIP Reception

By David Winters
ATLANTA -- July 11, 2002 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hosted a reception for state and city civic and business leaders prior to a Stephen R. Covey seminar held in Atlanta Wednesday evening.  Dr. Covey, a world-renowned author, lecturer, and leadership mentor was in Atlanta to "give a gift to the families of Atlanta."  His seminar entitled "Strengthening Families Strengthens Our Community" was attended by thousands of metro-Atlanta residents.  Dr. Covey shared "lighthouse" principles that have proven effective in strengthening family bonds and renewing community relationships.

Elder Gene R. Cook, President of the North America Southeast Area was in attendance at the reception and seminar, as were a host of other local Church leaders.  At the reception, civic and business leaders had an opportunity to meet Stephen and Sandra Covey as well as to interact with members of the Church and members of the BYU Atlanta Management Society.  Elder Devn Cornish, who most recently served as 2nd Counselor in the North America Southeast Area Presidency, gave the benediction to conclude the seminar. 

Many commented following the seminar that Dr. Covey was truly inspirational.  The evening proved to be an opportunity for residents to hear from one of America's most-influential leaders, while also being exposed to the Church in a small but significant way.