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Changes to Stake Missionary Program Announced

By David Winters

March 27, 2002

In an attempt to increase the effectiveness of conversion and retention efforts, the First Presidency has made the following changes at the stake and ward level:

  • The stake mission presidency and secretary are to be released.
  • The stake presidency should assign a high councilor to work under its direction to promote missionary and retention work in the various wards of the stake.
  • Those called to serve as missionaries in the ward will be referred to as ward missionaries rather than stake missionaries.
  • The callings of ward mission leader and ward missionary will now be ward callings under the direction of the bishop, rather than stake callings.

The above changes were announced in a letter addressed to church leaders and dated February 28, 2002. The letter emphasizes that the bishop of a ward is responsible for ward missionary work, and that the most effective type of missionary work is when members are involved with the missionaries in finding potential converts.