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President Hinckley in special Primary video

President Gordon B. Hinckley

(SALT LAKE CITY) -- May 3, 2002

President Gordon B. Hinckley addresses Primary children in a new videocassette that is being sent to local Church leaders.  President Boyd K. Packer wrote the April 15 letter, which ''encourages Primary leaders to use the videocassette in Primary sharing time and in other settings to help children develop the desire to follow the counsel of President Hinckley and recognize his love for them."

In the eight minute video, President Hinckley stands in front of a group of Primary children and tells them about some of his own life's history.  He encourages the children to pay tithing, to be worthy of temple blessings, and to live the commandments.  He recounts the story of his sleeping outside with his younger brother in an old wagon and watching the North Star.  He refers to the polar star as "a constant thing in a changing world" and then likens the polar star to the Church.  He expresses his love for the children and encourages them to find safety and strength in holding to the doctrines of the Church.