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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

October 2002 News:

Thursday Headlines (October 31, 2002)

19th Century censuses draw millions to web; Similar article

Panel discusses war against Iraq

Massacre debate flares anew

Finding the right brew

Christmas concert ticketing system overwhelmed

Scaring up canned goods

Romney, O'Brien squabble in debate

Salt Lake is fine-tuning plaza restrictions

Teens skip skimpy styles

Can Irish 'Temple Bar' translate to Utah pub?

Fans will be allowed to boo all they want

Wednesday Headlines (October 30, 2002)

Seeking spiritual knowledge to serve

"Paying tithes will take nations out of poverty"

New temple shaping up

Plaza: Cities, religious organizations wonder how plaza ruling will affect them; Smokers smolder over talk of a ban

Romney's run for governor: Romney race is a dead heat; Where Mitt leads, Ann Romney follows; BYU replies to Boston Globe (see original article)

Hinton family's fourth quad goes home

Integrity is the glue that binds a nation together during troubled times

Smart family readies itself for Elizabeth's 15th birthday

New book examines what matters most

U.S. earmarks $23 million for Liberia

Sports: Olson to go on mission; Speculate all you want, only Olson knows

Tuesday Headlines (October 29, 2002)

Dew speaks about 'pure leadership'

Elder Charles Didier at devotional

Teens demand clothes that 'respect the body'; Mormon fashion show for teens is thin on skin

Mormon church halts plans to demolish building in Hong Kong

Sports: Ben Olson chooses mission; BYU's Ben Olson to serve two-year mission; Similar AP article; Cramer taking another path

Plaza update: Rocky viewed as Plaza profiteer; Sidewalk smoking ban considered

Discovering the past: a biblical journey

Iowa Public Television to feature Nauvoo Temple

BYU-Idaho to host family history conference

Different is good for Utah names

Davidian siege adding fire to Arizona governor's race

First 3-D theater in Utah

Dear Saddam how can I help? (see last paragraph of article for LDS relevance)

Monday Headlines (October 28, 2002)

Replica of Kimball home dedicated; Similar article

Dale Murphy considers bid for governor

Mormons add new chapel in Hawaii

Church women prepare newborn kits

Plaza update: New York Times article (similar article); Church may need a permit for events; Main Street lessons; Mayor should let easement go; Main street debate; Rocky targets public smoking

Church makes donation

Visitors bureau at work on Mormon travel package

Does BYU pose a threat to academic freedom?

Wine country residents not flocking to church 

Weekend Headlines (October 26-27, 2002)

Jon Huntsman Hall at Penn dedicated

Faith does affect behavior

Twin sisters serve foreign missions

Sons of pioneers meet today

We long to believe in power of icons

Religion scholars to meet in SLC

Jobless clergy eligible for benefits

Dalvanius Prime

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (October 25, 2002)

West Linn rejects Mormon church

More on 1880 Census: 17-year project; Miami Herald; Research Buzz

More on building dedication: BYU-Idaho honors President Hinckley

Abuse issues relevant to Church members

The pursuit of one good thing

Volunteers to rebuild slide-hit home

Thursday Headlines (October 24, 2002)

1880 Census Data Available On-Line: Two nations celebrate in dozens of concurrent news conferences; USA Today article; Deseret News article; SL Tribune article; Church, volunteers and University of Minnesota; Church holds news conference in Atlanta; Photos; Related stories

Church requests Plaza rehearing; LDS Church scolds Rocky plan; LDS Church appeals ruling

Laying the foundation of a mighty work

Professor talks on his Mormon beliefs

Taking another path

LDS church leaders clarify stance on war

BYU hosts Sperry Symposium on scriptures

Wednesday Headlines (October 23, 2002)

President Hinckley speaks at dedication of new BYU-Idaho building; Address and dedicatory prayer

Plaza: Rocky stands firm; Church responds to mayor on Plaza issue

Dedication Saturday for replica of Kimball home

Gateway suit against contractor eyes similar LDS case

Profiles of nine people killed by the sniper

Smith, Bradbury blast each other in first debate

Trio eyeing home for LDS theater

Tuesday Headlines (October 22, 2002)

Burial box may be linked to Christ; Scholars: Oldest evidence of Jesus?

Church leader in Rexburg Tuesday

Nauvoo baptismal records now available in print

One day in the life of the plaza

A religious revival

Sad tale spurs good Samaritans

Contractor over billed Church

Monday Headlines (October 21, 2002)

President Hinckley dedicates new Institute at U.; LDS President Hinckley dedicates building; Similar article; History of LDS Institute of Religion; Church news release

Mormons to dedicate a special new building

LDS missionary killed in car crash

Plaza update: Potential solutions to Main St. Plaza fight; Group may get permit to protest; Plaza case mirrors Vegas battle; Church, Rocky are in a tough spot; Mayor trying to appease all sides

Genealogy center helps people find their past

Neighbors, friends rally for boy

History matters

Post card from Cove Fort

Hispanic faith not just Catholic

BYUH tennis players sweep titles

President Hinckley in attendance at BYU's loss

Sideline antics cause buzz at BYU

LDS musical returning for Christmas season

Jericho Road's new CD a great collection

Christmas shopping on

It's musical chairs time for radio programmers

Ex-bishop gets new hearing date

Kirby: Missionary call isn't for everyone

Friday Headlines (October 18, 2002)

Missionary safety in Washington, D.C.

Family History event will take place October 23 (editor's note: there will be press conferences in most major cities across the U.S.)

Protestors aren't a bit camera shy

Campus can explore new LDS institute

Church may sell two orchards

A look at Utah's citizen soldiers

BYU Ball Room Dance Company wins 20th title

Thursday Headlines (October 17, 2002)

Plaza solution eludes think tank; Mullen: What's with the flip-flopping on the plaza?; ACLU doesn't like mayor's plans

Give peace a chance; Give street to the city

Romney criticized for donation to BYU

Utahns smoke less and eat more veggies, but are heavier

Come, come ye Saints -- don't fall for advertising ploy

Faylor five healthy and home

West Linn holds hearing on church request 

Wednesday Headlines (October 16, 2002)

Utahns stunned by blast in Bali

New sources for studying Book of Mormon

Portraits of American Lives: victims of sniper

Tribune poll: Half of Salt Lake says keep plaza free; Anderson eyeing 'all options' on plaza; Tyranny continues

Homecoming ceremony honors former Y president

Helping hand volunteers celebrate successful year

Arizona gubernatorial race

Serious and silly, religious action figures battle for new buyers

Father teaches daughter true meaning of 'Family Ties'

Sports: Eastlake's Berry gets promotion; Berry is ripe for the picking

Tuesday Headlines (October 15, 2002)

New area president in West Africa

SLC mayor switches gears on main street; Deed property

Members rebuild, finish church after fire

On a mission

Peace plea distorted in twinkling of an eye

Religious freedoms growing

Research finds trend in faith

Disease of the week?

More on Arizona governor race

Ex-principals reminisce about tiny schoolhouse

Monday Headlines (October 14, 2002)

Elder Holland 'a student' in Chile

Pair swayed by pioneer ways

Fresh LDS insights; Writer finds his 'Joseph'; Joseph Smith, a man of his times

Youth Village dinner raises $171K

SL Trib opinion: Utah's Monday nights; Letter to editor

Council calls Rocky on plaza issue; LDS Church seeks review; Plaza and the first amendment; Kirby: Plaza flap

DNA research could help genealogists

Polygamy jolts campaign for Arizona governor

Goshutes feared two enemies

Orem's iconic LDS bookstore closing

It's a time for reason, not war, ex-CIA operative says

Weekend Headlines (October 12-13, 2002)

The Latter-day Saints come marching in; What Mormons believe; How many Mormons?

Council might bypass mayor; To proselyter, plaza's the place

Reopening a Mormon murder mystery

End of missionary farewells brings relief, disappointment

Coalition honors LDS Foundation, O.C. Tanner; Envision Utah honors community

Cool to hot styles, Mormon kids get a show; Similar article

Making history: the making of 'Handcart'

"Too many Mormon stories on the front page of Tribune"

Religions struggle over interpretations by outsiders

Politics: Salmon lashes out at negativity

Kirby: Conference sometimes rocks boat

Girl's slaying jars community

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (October 11, 2002)

LDS to fight plaza ruling; LDS Church set to appeal ruling; Similar article; SL Tribune Opinion: A victory for freedom

Mormon church proclaims support for Bush's Middle East policy

Catholicism claims most nationwide

Clergy facing difficult task of easing fears

Professor paints verbal pictures from scriptures

'Handcart' rolls along despite meager provisions

Politics: Mormon ads vex candidates

Personal views of broken homes

Thursday Headlines (October 10, 2002)

Court rejects LDS plaza rules; Court rules against Mormon church in free speech case; Similar AP article

LDS talk no conflict for Bennett

Church members help in city's clean-up efforts

After 32 diapers a day, quad's parents will need pampering

Book of Mormon comes to life on stage

First LDS 'small temple' expanding

Woman takes long trip to give birth

Latin culture influences returned missionaries' life choices

Book on Mormon massacre raises ire, sales

Politics: Mahoney cites Salmon's Mormon faith in ad

Mormon teenager writes Abby

Wednesday Headlines (October 9, 2002)

Churches collaborate in effort

Opinion: Timely sermon

New lives, old ties ended with gunshots

Storytelling a lost art for families

298-seat Mormon chapel proposed

Quiet Monday night? Views vary

I'm just lucky to be alive after U.S. car crash

BYU Homecoming honors former president

Sociologist studies missionaries to understand transitions

Study finds correlation between religious motivations and depression

Adjunct religion professors offer unique perspective

Family night plans re-evaluated

Fire lookout

Teenagers facing 10 years in prison

Tuesday Headlines (October 8, 2002)

Message of peace misinterpreted; Elder Nelson's full speech

A telling tale of 2 temples

Images of LDS General Conference; Conference photos

Family Proclamation principles guide new website

U.S. marks Afghan war anniversary

Protestors to church doctrine grow

Monday Headlines (October 7, 2002)

LDS General Conference; Summary of talks

'Rise to divinity within you,' LDS members urged; Hinckley wraps up conference with vigorous defense of faith; Hinckley emphasizes tolerance, kindness

Mormon church takes anti-war stance; Mormon church rails against war

Opponents call stance by LDS Church key to Utah's future as nuclear waste site

Weekend Headlines (October 5-6, 2002)

Watch General Conference here or here

General Conference Update: Summaries of Saturday session talks (scroll down on page); Additional summaries on BYU NewsNet; Directives impact missionaries, others (similar article); LDS members told to raise standards high; Peace is possible, Elder Nelson says at LDS conference; Susan Tanner to lead Young Women; 5 added to the Second Quorum of the Seventy; Conference images; Conference has evolved over years; Temple praised; Use precious moments

Flood of converts alters face of LDS Church

LDS meeting challenges of diversity

Conference to be broadcast in 17 new countries

100-foot-tall Mormon temple OKd (thanks to S. Inman for the link)

President Hinckley makes surprise visit to Edgemont North Stake

LDS' Parkin wants 'global sisterhood'

How do LDS women in U.S. live their lives; Sample questions from the survey

New sources out for studying Book of Mormon

Bill on Martin's Cove may sink proposal to compensate tribes

Elder Backman shares defining experiences

Kirtland enjoying revival

Saluting the community service of San Diego saints

God's love is manifest indoors as well as out

LDS Church sends relief to Yucatan Peninsula

Boy scout troop sponsoring toy drive

Teenager on mend following accident

Mourners pay tribute to Dalvanius

Legend spinner

Salt Lake has pluses, minuses in integration

Politics: Anonymous slams target top candidates in governor's race

Kirby: If I won the lottery, would the church want a share of my ill-gotten gains?

Sports: Tribe's crop is complete and Indians sign Stanford prospect; BY-whew! Cougars stage a spectacular comeback

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (October 4, 2002)

Great-grandma steals show

Missionary activity questioned in Primorye

Sisters sue LDS Church, allege abuse; Similar AP article

There is so much to gain from fatherhood

Politics: For some, voting for Mitt could be an Olympian effort

High-tech tools bring film to life

Send dog on its own mission

Cleveland conducts basketball clinic in Far East

Together again

Thursday Headlines (October 3, 2002)

LDS send aid to victims of hurricane; Deseret News article; LDS Church News Release

President Hinckley and President Monson to attend building dedication

A 'divine hand' in Games?; Similar article (also see yesterday's posted article)

Kenyan, via Canada, runs down defending NCAA champion

A 'Nead' to succeed

'Charly' will make you cry

BYU-Idaho students speak out about their part-member families

BYU medical studies gain a healthy dose of respect

Bush vows to help families of abducted kids

Lili roars toward Louisiana landfill

Wednesday Headlines (October 2, 2002)

LDS letter targets Cove sale opponents; Similar article; AP article

House passes land swap; Similar article

LDS missionary in Mexico dies

General Conference logistics

Students swarm to religious class before school

Early risers lose sleep, gain spirituality

Valley's religious flock to Mormon, Catholic faiths

SLOC president shares life lessons from Olympics

Family fare called unfair

Friends remember IU music student

BYU to host international law and religion symposium

Family folklore workshop to be held

Politics: O'Brien, Romney spar in debate; Similar article

Engemann gets the starting nod

Tuesday Headlines (October 1, 2002)

Erin's switch of faith

Saving little Liberty's life

Church attendance strong in Wisconsin

City jail restoration taken on by Kraft

Oldest living Utahn Hinckley dies at 111; Similar article

Dr. Steven Dean Gray dies