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Archived News

(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

October 2000 News:

Tuesday Headlines (Oct 31, 2000)

Devotional to feature Elder Wirthlin

On Christianity's margins

Funny city? Rocky isn't laughing

Politics: Mormon Democrats; Interfaith group decries Initiative A and Religious leaders denounce English-only; Protestants labor with stance on Question 2

Arts & culture: New book by Orson Scott Card based on Biblical woman (buy book here)

LDS members in the news: Embracing diversity; Addressing history; BYU student swept off Oregon jetty; BYU dean receives recognition

Sports news: The hands of hooks

Monday Headlines (Oct 30, 2000)

President Hinckley attends MOA gallery opening

A glimpse into the soul of greater Cleveland

Smokes join beer on list of no-nos at medals plaza

Utah has foster care shortage

Truman changed Washington -- not vice versa

It's confusing: what is this 'Utah values' thing, anyway?

Accused child molester tells court he wants to withdraw guilty plea

Business: Tribune, Deseret News meetings continue

Politics: The homestretch; Lieberman shows his versatility on the trail; Grocost neighbors cashing in

Arts & culture: Tanners' gift of music for the whole country; High School 'Godspell' play scaled back due to protests; Square-foot gardening growing throughout earth

LDS members in the news: Gregory worthy of ovations for work with symphony, choir; Father and son -- real buddies

LDS members in sports news: A field!? LaVell earned stadium; Bears' Crowton remains near  top of BYU's coaching wish list; Badgers counting on missionary

Weekend Headlines (Oct 28-29, 2000)

A day in the lives of two young Mormon missionaries

'Service learning' turns to action

Using baseball talk as an opening verse

Helping others is a mandate, symposium speakers say

Mormons show they are on a mission

Spirituality leads to healthy life

Helping hands workshop Nov. 4

Los Angeles church leaders discuss Halloween

Instant zen

Secret grief (write-up on the life of former Mormon, Deborah Laake)

Arts & culture: Museum of Art opens new gallery

LDS members in the news: Lasting lessons from long-ago China

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Oct 27, 2000)

President Monson talks of helping others outside one's faith

LDS joining Games efforts; Web site notes LDS Church support of Games effort

Lawmaker says no room for democrats in LDS faith

Mayor wants to loosen liquor laws

A culture of violence and denial

LDS members in the news: Utah resident named to Census Bureau Advisory Committee

LDS members in sports news: Cadet doesn't want to be remembered for game winning field goal

Thursday Headlines (Oct 26, 2000)

BYU focuses on family history

Downtown Salt Lake evolves with LDS Church

Ministers' voting preferences surveyed

Bytheway urges students to trust Christ

SLOC: No beer on medals plaza, organizers say liquor laws are sufficient

Provo now no. 2 in state

Arts & culture: NY exhibit explores utopian dreams; Tickets for LDS musical on sale; New book details LDS Conference Center

LDS members in the news: BYU graduate killed in Spanish Fork Canyon and Recent BYU graduate killed in auto accident; Student sends message to Hollywood filmmakers; Utah Young Mother of the Year speaks at Y

LDS members in sports news: Pace knows how to keep it up; Passing glory misses BYU pioneer; Edwards philosophy likely will continue; Former Y faculty member made chair of ethics for 2002 games

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Wednesday Headlines (Oct 25, 2000)

First Presidency reaffirms political neutrality; Tribune article

Temple fueling Nauvoo economy; Mormon monument rises

Virtual tour of Nauvoo

LDS Church eager to promote Mormonism to Olympic crowds in 2002

Service learning symposium speakers address humanitarian motivations

Elder Hanks honored for service

President Faust to speak at ceremony unveiling monument to veterans

Judy goes on parole November 21; Cody Judy granted parole

Man pleads innocent to crashing pickup through church

Arts & culture: Ginger bread houses; Hundreds brave rain for Krispy Kremes; Ward Halloween activities provide pumpkin capers; BYU's Magic Flute not perfect but well done

LDS members in the news: Longtime educatory marks a century; BYU student finds strength in sharing talents; Howell speaks on internet potential

LDS members in sports news:  With Bower, Badgers have a shot

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Tuesday Headlines (Oct 24, 2000)

Conference Center theater premiere will focus on Savior

Latter-day Saints' sewing outreach program easing needs in third world

Family history center an avenue to past

Profits from pornography in Utah County

On this day in Canada...(see 1886)

Politics: Parties' headquarters in Utah

Arts & culture: Contributors open new children's book collection at BYU

LDS members in the news: BYU alumna shares the story of her success; A dream job comes under fire; Pair return to Ukraine, arms full

LDS members in sports news: AFA kicker who helped beat the Irish back for second shot; From farm to football

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Monday Headlines (Oct 23, 2000)

Symposium will discuss service

Utah's newspapers scuffle over joint agreement

Guatemalan academy helps natives out of poverty cycle

More on Elder and Sister Haight

In business, it's money that does the talking

Only English

Marriott hotels criticized for carrying adult movies

California religious leaders respond to political question

Mormons to install play set

Arts & culture: Six decades of Friberg leave an impressive collection

LDS members in the news: After brief marriage, widow has no regrets; Guess Who's back for a few more rounds of geezer rock

LDS members in sports news: Schockey keeps faith in himself; Lewis is getting a good reception; Cougars kick themselves to another loss

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Weekend Headlines (Oct 21-22, 2000)

Gilgal Gardens reopens to public as a city park

Historian Robert Remini to discuss Joseph Smith October 24

Salt Lake Tribune letter to editor

Politics: Ad links Matheson with gays; Nebraskans to vote on effort to ban same-sex unions

Arts & culture: Savior of the World production to premiere at Conference Center theater; Seen on Oprah -- these rag to riches tales convey values that go beyond money

LDS members in the news: For Utah pair, a beginning and an end; Rulon really rules; Medicine man path lined with divorce, criminal charges for LDS psychologist; Former Senator Garn unshrouds past for kids; Co-host of 'The Early Show' tunes into BYU

The Church and/or LDS members in sports news: Silicon Valley bowl still sponsor-less; ASU back has hectic schedule; Tollner returns as a friend, foe

Humor: Robert Kirby's column

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Oct 20, 2000)

Honored alumni says key to success found in scriptures

Elder Andersen warns of tiny boats of destruction

Latinos learn the ropes of family history

Student from Oman adjusts to BYU culture

New York Stake marches in NYC Columbus Day parade

Armory to ease crunch at UVSC

Politics: Candidate breaks his 39-day fast; Korean reunification; Survey: pastors would support Jewish, Catholic candidates but not Mormons (article begins roughly a third of the way down the page)

Arts & culture: BYU groups put on 'spectacular' show; Book review: Missionary's experiences entertain

LDS members in the news: America's Junior Miss attends Y

LDS members in sports news: Like Dad, like Chad; The next LaVell?; Y baseball coach an example to team

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Thursday Headlines (Oct 19, 2000)

Moratorium delays Nauvoo building

Legacy Theater getting twin sister at D.C. temple site

At BYU, banking on blood for genetic history

Conference is over, but students find ways to keep its messages alive

Malfunctioned church heater causes fire

InterGlobal internships help students strengthen families

LDS members in the news: Anchor of BYU's parade is Clayson and CBS morning show host returns to alma mater; How two BYU dropouts made their first $57 million and additional story; Changing of the guard; Gangs putting the past behind them

LDS members in sports news: Duties of an NBA Rookie: Mark Madsen

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Wednesday Headlines (Oct 18, 2000)

LDS members should vote carefully, letter says

Catholics told to vote their conscience on marriage ban

Politics: Howell, Hatch swap criticisms

Arts & culture: God's Army director shooting new film

LDS members in the news: Hazing scandal divides railroad city, old friends; Oakdale hospital race on; BYU legends honored at homecoming devotional

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Tuesday Headlines (Oct 17, 2000)

Popular website redesigned for Family History enthusiasts

Parents assured of Jerusalem Center student's safety

Draper library to highlight diaries of pioneer women

BYU business class requires students to 'save the world'

BYU ready to play homecoming host

Former Ricks 'first lady' tells students to avoid extremes

Letter to editor of Salt Lake Tribune

Arts & culture: Filmmaker sets up shop in Mapleton; Happening today in Salt Lake City

Politics: Targeting 'persuadable places'

LDS members in the news: Member of two pioneer business families, Pursel dies at 79; 'Unlimited potential,' but not in this army; Pyrah returns content with performance; Bachman's in overdrive

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Monday Headlines (Oct 16, 2000)

Temple stonework etched with symbolism

Elder Bernard P. Brockbank dies at 91; Brockbank, LDS leader, is dead at 91

LDS bishop questions how DA handled charges against him

Spirited rivalries fueled Salt Lake's newspaper wars

The faithful find both conflicts and comfort in taking their religious beliefs to work

Apartments give Ogden new vitality

BYU relations with Oman taking shape

Arts & culture: Tabernacle Choir's Christmas concert tickets available on Tuesday; Readings/signings; Vermeer string quartet helps with chamber music society's housewarming in Gardner Hall

LDS members in the news: Creating leadership with 'human capital'; Running for a change; Man dies in light-plane crash; Tenacious Hatch; Marriott faces the future; Risk-taking worth it for visiting professor

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Weekend Headlines (Oct 14-15, 2000)

Church News Release: FamilySearch offers customized research assistance

Fascination with lost ten tribes takes religious groups in different directions

Daily bread, LDS humanitarians mobilize to ease suffering among Mormons and their neighbors worldwide

Elder Bernard P. Brockbank passes away

Haights are honored as people of vision

Lighting candles for success

BYU keeps watch over Jerusalem Center students

Religion symposium encourages students to publish

2002 Olympics: Romney, Anderson agree: there will be beer areas; 2002 Ceremonies' winning recipe: diversity, fun, Tabernacle Choir

Fire hits vacant North Park [San Diego] church

Orem and BYU LDS seminars

Politics: Campaigns hustling to fix ads, they say use of Scouts was a misunderstanding

Arts & culture: Brotherly support just part of the Standards for group; Fine-tuning: them's fightn' words in new U. team song; Fishers of men do best with a fly; Hall picks 'Mormon Cowboy'

LDS members in the news: Dr. Melvin A. Cook; Strength of spirit; Convert one step closer to a mission

LDS members in sports news: Cheney counts on Woodard; H-back seeks missing edge; America is starving for more Rulons

Humor: Robert Kirby column

LDS Church News headlines

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Friday Headlines (Oct 13, 2000)

Don't change liquor laws, church says; LDS Church joins debate, leaders oppose loosening state alcohol laws for Olympics; Text of LDS statement on restriction of alcohol

Utah's newspapers scuffle over joint agreement

Looking past what to why is key to happiness

San Diego State U. students, officials explore religious fears

Hispanic family history conference Saturday at BYU

Seminar will focus on family roots

Symposium at BYU will focus on religion in public schools

Arts & culture: Choir to perform at fall arts series in Washington, DC; Experienced singers sought for Pleasant Grove Messiah sing-in

LDS members in the news: Bennett mum on speculation of Deep Throat; Hatch taking heat over alcohol bill; A double dose of compassion, twins put football aside, caring ahead; Corn maze craze inspired by Englishman, sparked by Utahn; Romney gives address at WSU

More on LDS member Rulon Gardner: Gold medal wrestler a hit with Utah kidsStar Valley welcomes Olympic hero; Farm life gave Gardner Olympic edge; Gold medalist returns to Wyoming a hero

LDS members in sports news: Huskies notebook

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Thursday Headlines (Oct 12, 2000)

President Hinckley eulogizes former Utah congressman

Seminary student writes letter to editor of SL Tribune

Humanitarian group hails President Hinckley

Canadian BYU students encouraged to participate in politics

LDS city managers strengthen faith at Ohio conference

It's payback time for student loans

Calls for papers issued for conference on LDS Church, Japan

SLU offers health expo for women Oct. 19

Utah gays making real strides

Linking: it's a right

Arts & culture: Mormon street layouts used to teach math; Navajos speak from heart through folk art

LDS members in the news: Gold medalist scores points in Salt Lake

LDS members in sports news: Strange goings on in the desert; BYU women's soccer team leader grabs third award this season

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Wednesday Headlines (Oct 11, 2000)

President Hinckley called humanitarian of the millennium

Loosening the Bible Belt -- new mix of religions hits the south

Benefits of ward prayer examined

A new threat to religious minorities?

'Carpenter' hammers home his message

Conference instructs and inspires for 170 years

Church gives big to food bank

Man accepts plea agreement in LDS meetinghouse arson

Churches speak out on hunting

Travel without the filter

Group says mall should put Sunday sales to rest

Two groups try to net 'helpers'

Mormon family history records expanded

California kitchen being inspected

Acceptance of gays varies by faith

Arts & culture: 'Bash' digs beneath virtue; Randy Bachman in Calgary to promote new book; Modern fashions make modest dress difficult for BYU students; Returned missionaries gather after 30+ years; BYU Singers to take first trip to Africa; Book review: Lund's new series an historical reflection

LDS members in the news: American Academy of Ophthalmology honors San Francisco eye M.D.

LDS members in sports news: Madsen earning heavyweight pals; Star QB commits to BYU; For Mili, season began as soon as last one ended; Town ready for Olympic homecoming

Tuesday Headlines (Oct 10, 2000)

Mormon church growth becomes a source of both pride and confrontation

A jubilant gathering of Saints

Hinckley: Center related to Isaiah  prophecy

President Hinckley wants temples just a day away

Elders released from service

Temple's ascension halts Nauvoo growth

Pioneer remains returning to Tooele -- at last

Training to serve

Historic Palmyra

Devotional to focus on dealing with life's complexities

BYU students eyewitness Jerusalem conflicts

Teen has close call playing 'pass-out' game

Arts & culture: Celebrities target of LDS urban legends

LDS members in the news: Gunn McKay obituary in Washington Post; Gold medal, fame, Rulon's still the same

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Monday Headlines (Oct 9, 2000)

A triumphal shout, LDS Church celebrates new center, stands firm on 'unnatural' lifestyles

LDS leaders urge members to live the gospel

Saturday sessions talk summaries and Sunday sessions talk summaries and additional articles on the LDS Church News conference page

Talk summaries and video clips of all talks on BYU's NewsNet

Extended news releases: Conference Center dedication and Hosanna Shout; Record-setting attendance at dedication of Conference Center; Church Plaza opens, delights visitors; Seven general authorities released

Other Conference articles & summaries: Mormon Elders warn of pitfalls of technology; Highlights of General Conference speeches; Conference Center dedicated in historic ceremony (article & video clip)

Main Street Plaza welcomes everyone on opening day and New plaza attracts a diverse crowd

Fact or fiction: Nibley mystique

Politics: Utah's not worth a whistle stop, a GOP sure thing, so candidates don't bother; Utah Demo Gunn McKay dies at 75 and Gunn McKay praised for long service and Church news release on passing of Gunn McKay; Orr backs ban on same-sex marriage; Hatch calls for renewed protection of religious freedom worldwide

Arts & culture: Utah family all in key at Juilliard; BYU Singers will be first to tour Africa

Tigard men plead guilty in church burglaries

Kids research starts in graveyard

Sports news: Staley leads Cougars past overmatched Utah State

Weekend Headlines (Oct 7-8, 2000)

LDS volunteers plot how to reach those in need

Students from BYU avoiding turmoil

Conference Center organ meets challenges of sound and style

No missionaries injured in Japan quake

Software piracy serves as reminder: even healthier Mormons are fallible

Mormon archives offer Jews a look into their pasts

Parents of gay children call LDS pamphlets 'insensitive'

News has no intent to buy Tribune; Salt Lake City newspaper rumors untrue

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Oct 6, 2000)

Mormon family history records expanded

BYU students seek monopoly on dances

For visiting faithful, LDS Conference evokes awe, reverence

Gay issue galvanizes Christian leaders

Judy denies he is prophet, seeks parole

Thursday Headlines (Oct 5, 2000)

Plaza impresses S.L. mayor

Mormon structure upsets Massachusetts neighbors

Moral issues take stage in 2nd District

Winner? Result is debatable

Wednesday Headlines (Oct 4, 2000)

Debate: Gore, Bush clash over tax cuts, prescriptions drugs, campaign finance

Only the devout will warm to new film on Mormons

State High Court to decide clergy's duty to report

See you in Salt Lake in 2002

Tuesday Headlines (Oct 3, 2000)

Picture-perfect temple dedication in Boston

Land sought to trade for historic site

Lives can pivot on one verse

LDS Church hires light rail for use on Conference Sunday

New look in bookstores

Woman contends Mormon bishop, church, dismissed abuse claims

Utah gears up for games

Politics: Smith forced to work hard to hold GOP stronghold

Arts & culture: Weber choir to sing at conference

LDS members in the news: No trial for bishop over silence

LDS members in sports news: Great night for Orange; sad one for BYU legend

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Monday Headlines (Oct 2, 2000)

LDS President dedicates 100th Church temple; 100th temple dedicated

Temple is called long overdue; Temple leaves something to be desired

Spreading the word: Missionaries compete for souls in Syndney

Symposium focuses on growth of LDS Church

Main Street Plaza completes execution of second century plan

New voice for 416

Religion a delicate issue for Trib's readers

Arts & culture: Tickets available Oct. 10 for Tanner concerts; The term Jack-Mormon discussed; Unhurried Arkansas

LDS members in the news: Gardner's Syndey star is brightest and Biggest dream in the valley; U.S. anti-gun leader speaks in Utah; Pediatrician amassed petitions; Former Y athlete races in 1500m; Vanderbilt boss forces university to open up

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Weekend Headlines (Sep 30-Oct 1, 2000)

Dedication Sunday for LDS Church's 100th temple in Boston; Mormon milestone: 100th temple dedicated in Boston, but rancor remains

100 temples world-wide; Temples dotting the earth

New York city board rejects 'tall' LDS temple

Did your ancestors sail on Ship Brooklyn?

Sides face-off over gay marriage

Charitable outpouring pays off

Service club makes quilts for needy

Conference will focus on solving family problems

Mormon women's forum sponsoring meet at U.

Arts & culture: Movie review -- Don't slam door on Mormon film; Brother Kirby: saint or scalawag?

LDS members in the news: BYU professor wins national award for health column

LDS members in sports news: Two Y athletes qualify for medal events; In close, they try to score in bulk; Quiet Hoover takes over at UC quarterback position; Cougars' big task: silence Syracuse; USA Today: Giant farm boy hits the big time and Wyoming to throw a big party

LDS Church News headlines

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