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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

November 2003 Archived News:

Saturday Headlines (November 29, 2003)

Downtown sparkles

Translator of hymns retained inspiration

For missionaries with children, the calling vs. the danger

Ricks College grad dies in Iraq

Keepers of city spirit get their due

The last days? Local clergy doubt recent fires, drought signify apocalypse

George Ushindi's life was a nomadic story

More than 300 nativity scenes on display

Gingerbread houses on display

Should politicians toe their church line?

A big hole instead of The Gap?

Humor: Putting a price on my soul (see Guardian article referred to Kirby's column)

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (November 28, 2003)

Remodeled center greets Arizona Temple visitors

Thousands flock to Thanksgiving feeding

Martin's Cove bill nears law (see yesterday's headlines as well); Church to lease sacred ground; Bush to OK lease; Good compromise

Missionary still missing following flood (see Tuesday headlines for related article)

Community responds to special boy

Away from the action, local Marine savors the holidays

Missouri town lures in history buffs

County historian pens second volume

Mormons lose appeal to build church

College students turn to religion

Christian groups back religious statue

Provo leaders hope donors will back performing-arts center

Thursday Headlines (November 27, 2003)

Martin's Cove bill on President Bush's desk

Former bishop is murdered in St. George

Citrus Heights mayor dies at 55

Beauty of this family is easy to see

Idaho's Oneida Stake Academy saved; Talk will explore academy's history

Philanthropist helps big with small ideas

Hot wheels -- MX riders have a local resource

Washington, D.C. temple grounds rated as one of nation's top spots for Christmas lights

Gomes learned from LaVell

Ground-water conflicts leave disputes, dry faucets

Gay advocates want marriage, not civil union

Wednesday Headlines (November 26, 2003)

Church opens doors of Marriott Center to Hispanic community for all-Spanish Christmas celebration

'Aiea pair's spirituality, maturity a big part of their football success

Original religious treasures spring to life on CD; Purchase first edition of Book of Mormon for $40

Rose trades national for normal

Locals canning it for a good cause

Former hospital gives seniors a great home

Gingerbread exhibit to open at Mormon Trail Center

Student disagrees with class assignment (note: Sean Hannity discussed this on his radio program yesterday)

Robison takes 4th in NCAAs

3A boy's feature

Ellie Cotton is area's postmaster of the year

ZCMI, Crossroads expect healthy revenues this season

Prepare to witness to Mormons and 'God will give you the opportunity,' expert says (tools to preach to Mormons given at 'Mormon Awareness Conference')

Stormin' the Mormon (derogatory articled aimed at Mitt Romney)

Tuesday Headlines (November 25, 2003)

Missionary missing after flash flood in Samoa

Mormon Tabernacle Choir program honored; Hall of Fame to induct choir program; Similar article (note: this was published in many papers across the U.S.)

Prospect puts mission before NFL dream

Harvard football player finds football, success and a wife at the same time

Scouting for food drive is success

LDS Center lighting in Independence to be December 5

Provo mission thrives on member missionaries

Liberty, Missouri: The legend of Jesse James and more

Gay marriage ruling may hurt Gov. Romney (note: this article was published in many papers across the U.S.)

12 kids get scary bus ride; School bus driver takes kids for wild ride

Monday Headlines (November 24, 2003)

NBA player scores points with LDS youth

Russians fume as Mormons 'buy souls'

Scouts, others collect food for pantry

Keeping the faith in Springville

Centenarian recalls a life on the go

100-year-old recalls fascinating life

Churches unite in thanks

Celebration illustrates connections in religion

Media partners help non-profit groups through Children's Fund

Turning the town on to opera

History: 'Uncle Jesse' Knight: Utah's mining mogul

Sports: Memories draw a blank on BYU's blanks; It'd be a shame not to play this game

Saturday Headlines (November 22, 2003)

Young Women general president speaks on foundation of courtship and marriage

Alliance in Utah aims to get vocal

Coalition encourages families to come together

No contest plea ends garment spat; Similar article

Kennedy in Utah: charming a solidly Republican Utah

Ten years later, Bevell still can't outrun 'The Run'

Culture, religion play big role in Ute-Coug rivalry

Latter-day Saint meetinghouse opens by building bridges with the community

Missionaries living the Y life; Missionaries look for converts at BYU

Two years in Brazil brings new perspective

Pastors' group sponsors seminar on Mormonism in Redlands, California

Utah called easy prey for scam

Where have all the Mormon feminists gone?

Small steps for football, giant steps for Harlem

Lehi Junior High forms service club

Red Cross, students team up on book project

Indian Center hosts pre-Thanksgiving feast

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (November 21, 2003)

75th anniversary exhibit of Music and the Spoken Word opens at the Museum of Church History and Art

Soldier's generosity, energy remembered

Plaza case to be heard in '04

Build it and they will come

Faith at the front

Be prepared for a family or community emergency

Witness plea over attack

Don't race to altar -- Romney vows constitutional amendment; Court ruling a departure for 'liberal' state led by conservatives; Dolly knows best

Gay activists decry university's new scouting major

Suit says Superdell favors Mormons, disparages Latinos

Anti-Mormonism in Ghana: The Mormons are no saints; The untold story of the Mormons

Thursday Headlines (November 20, 2003)

Latter-day Saints offer free eye treatment in Lagos community

Image on the line, Romney treads carefully

Church in second Plaza suit; Similar article

Faith communities to give thanks in song

Plans lodged for Mintlaw church

Bean there, done that

Jubilee of Trees highlights Dixie hospital dedication

Oh, my heck! Utes and Cougs fans swap the smack

He simply does much more than most teenagers

Lehi Family Week begins on Sunday; 'Family -- it's about time'

Trial venue is undecided for ex-BYU official

Wednesday Headlines (November 19, 2003)

Soldier who grew up in Kirkland dies in Iraq; Similar article

Food drive: "We've been blessed"

Courthouse yields hidden treasure

QB has to do it all for FAMU

Kirk Chambers: Mature beyond his years

"Cult" is a loaded word

LDS statement on gay marriage issue; Gay unions ruled legal in Massachusetts 

For baking, for mashing, forever

Y. coach's wife shuns glare of spotlight

Envirocare pulls waste bid; Similar article

Bone-dry Capitol site of bash for U.S. meet

Ward choir practices in $17.5 million building

Tuesday Headlines (November 18, 2003)

Thatcher youth reenact pioneer trek

Provo/Orem one of best cities for women

Church files motion in plaza suit

Teen organizes donations for St. Luke's

A seminary class for special needs students touches all

Mormon musicians dedicated to quality, not just religion

Wave lineman an asset on and off the field (requires registration)

Elementary school teaches Spanish to all students

Conservatism is in the air (waves)

Hearing on Milton chief's firing delayed

Monday Headlines (November 17, 2003)

Johnsen has faith to keep knocking

Former Ontario resident cuts Mexico mission short to serve in Iraq

Woman credits survival to angels; Similar article

Controversy: Read, write, and scout

Summit offers tips on becoming a closer family

Young Women donate blankets

Boy Scouts help out food bank

Childless in America's baby capital

Brothers' plight revives immigration debate

Storage vault keeps its contents safe; Set in stone (similar AP article)

If Cats want a man with know-how, pick Chow

Miller interrupts career for mission (similar to article posted on Friday)

LDS bishop wins election

Locals take part in recycling day

Reclaiming Pioneer Park

The West under cover: history's salvation

Hispanics get GOP pep talk

San Diego Temple uses reclaimed water (only brief mention of the Church)

Saturday Headlines (November 15, 2003)

Thieves beat LDS missionary

Youth involved in anti-racism work

Stories for Afghanistan

Wards participate in 'Help Your Neighbor Day'

Mormons make mark in Notre Dame land; Football brings 'holy war' to the field

Opinions flare over LDS commercialization

Small receiver Cahoon has had to prove himself at every step in football

Teton High coach is only woman to coach Idaho boys' soccer

Life after death

BYU study seeks stories

Parade highlights celebration

BYU steps up teacher ed program

Couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (November 14, 2003)

Granite vault in Utah offers world's most secure storage

The sacred strain

Miller headed for Mormon mission

Old LDS school building ready for its move

Mexican national charged in fire at LDS ward in Kearns; Man charged with arson, fraud

Tight fit

Panthers' Perdue picks Weber State

GOP chair announces District 10 candidacy

Resolution stirring mixed area response

Faiths partner for "Giving Thanks" observance

Museum features awe-inspiring religious art

Thursday Headlines (November 13, 2003)

National Medal of Arts honors Tabernacle Choir; Top medal for Tabernacle Choir; Mormon Tabernacle Choir receives national award; Medalists span arts spectrum

Elder Uchtdorf teaches to soar above obstacles

'Oldest worker in America' leads a growing trend; Similar article

Three from same church win elections

BYU worse off than Notre Dame

Staffing for religious writers at lowest levels in 50 years

Festival of Lights announced for Washington, D.C. Temple

LDS-comedy DVDs aren't great laugh fests

Journey to the center of the earth starts in Provo

Do daughters cause divorce?

Wednesday Headlines (November 12, 2003)

'Oldest' governor -- only on paper

Going from one mission to another

Chesnee bike shop shooting victims laid to rest

'The Innovator's Solution' tries to counter utterly depressing 'Dilemma'

Former German soldier offers perspective

Elder Uchtdorf to speak at BYU

ISU building relationships with Mexican universities

"Passage to Zarahemla" to become film

Utah schools to nab two top Arizona basketball stars

Teen spotlight

Mary Jane Butters electronic diary

Newlyweds fill Pocatello neighborhood

One won for the Gipper (LDS missionary quoted towards end of article)

Tuesday Headlines (November 11, 2003) -- Veterans' Day

President Hinckley tells crowd to keep the faith; Similar article

Church members honor nation's veterans

Faith, prayer led WWII POW home

BYU honors casualty of war

Boy Scouts make sure streets look patriotic

Press release: The Amazing Christmas Truce of WWI Told by Walter Cronkite and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir; Book With CD; VHS and DVD Available

Moving a 113-year-old building

Mormons planning for additional churches in Florida

LaVell's not looking for a rocking chair; LaVell Edwards returns home from mission

Cemetery clean-up group uncovers stories, history

Update on Martin's Cove

Satire: Web spoof of Mormons spawns a paper edition; Snippets from the Sugar Beet; Starbucks introduces "Mormon Blend"; Chris Moorman to change name?

Monday Headlines (November 10, 2003)

Wooden odometer measured pioneers' cross-country treks

Rebuilding is as all-consuming as the fire

Fort comes alive with 1880's diary of chaplain's wife

Ogden native lands lucrative book deal; Move over, Martha

ACLU asks for injunction against plaza restrictions

A legal eagle aids the deaf

Diverse home fits Cal trio

Missionaries serve in Arkansas

Boise State counts on walk-on for team's success

Little praise for Smart TV movie

Student sues school district (story is roughly half-way down article)

Weekend Headlines (November 8-9, 2003)

Generous Arizona donors are enthralled with BYU

Who was John Smith? Not LDS founder

Promises to keep

Cougars spread word: Come to BYU

Mission factor a real one

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (November 7, 2003)

Generous Arizona donors are enthralled with BYU; Arizona donor is smitten with Y.

Trace your family's history

Retired to serve

Emergency preparedness fair

Sports: It's Chow time!

Thursday Headlines (November 6, 2003)

President Benson still nets praise for USDA service

Mormon church seeks dismissal of lawsuit (this article was picked up in many papers across the U.S.); Church, Salt Lake file motions on plaza; New Main Plaza legal battle opens

Making a difference

Family History Center designed to be resource for community

'Olene's husband' ponder his new role; Change of guard; First female governor of Utah sworn in

Rocky pledges to heal SLC rifts; Few LDS voted for Rocky

Sports: Reid and Favre: Marriage made in Green Bay; Y. readies for the Irish

Y. to name college for donor

'Bernie' Calderwood of radio and TV dies

Controversy deepens over chief's firing

Wednesday Headlines (November 5, 2003)

LDS establishing country web sites

Church sponsors patriotic radio show

Football is the Domans' domain

Youth participate in food drive

Spencer L. Kimball dies at 85

Church museum seeking volunteers

Parents' denial ends Smart's privacy

'Geld' file, 'wish list' sought for Oly trial

Mayor wins by healthy margin

Coles gets plea deal

Tuesday Headlines (November 4, 2003)

LDS told to study scriptures; Elder Perry encourages feasting upon scriptures

LDS leaders offer words of hope for fire victims

Elder Rector to address meet

Young boy's compassion will benefit California's fire victims

Leavitt bids farewell to Utah after 11 years; Leavitt bids Utah farewell

LaVell Edwards lends coaching help to Harlem youths

Woman passionate about volunteering

BYU counsel mentioned for D.C. court

Future in doubt for fire-damaged Girl Scout camp

Faculty shortage a BYU problem

Aberdeen now has several churches

Sederburg now official UVSC president

Monday Headlines (November 3, 2003)

Poway family scrounges for what's left of destroyed house

LDS Church lends aid to a burning California; Clean-up begins for California wildfires

Living his pipe dreams

'Big' community leaders honored

Michael McLean: Dreaming big

Alpine family is the world in itself

Church crafts quilts for needy

Sports: It's almost part of the religion (thanks to D. Pratt for link); Commentary on religion and sports; Playing rotation under construction (Mark Pope is a member of the Church -- thanks to E. Williams for the link)

Platteville restores old cabin

Pioneer Park vision is unveiled

Utahns work to bridge religious gulf

Genealogy class helps people trace their roots

Hospice volunteer serves organization that helped him

Family mourns son killed by drunk driver

Children celebrate Halloween with style

Close mayor race fires up voters; Campaigns in final stretch

Schools sued over reprimand

Deported family fears return to New Zealand

Weekend Headlines (November 1 - 2, 2003)

California Fires: Utah volunteers California-bound; Relief Society helps feed evacuees; Believers will seek solace, then answers from clerics

Mormon expo gives advice on preparing for emergency 

Elder Child teaches in Ghana

President Samuelson answers students questions

BYU dean speaks on family and marriage

After FBI, John chooses mentor role at consultancy

Local leaders profile: Michael S. Pratt

Salt Lake travelers get free skiing, temple tour

Back to Bach

Two sentenced in fatal crashes

Sports: Boise stampedes through Provo

Olympics on trial with Salt Lake bidders

Bresnan pulls plug on adult programming

LDS Church News headlines