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New Web Site Depicts Doctrine & Covenants Sites

Smith farm in Palmyra, New York

June 3, 2002
A new website at takes visitors on a scriptural and visual tour of more than 40 locations and 100 photographs showing where every revelation recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith and his successors.  Church members frequently visit about half the sites, but the other locations are not as well known.

In 2001, church member Steve Mortensen determined to visit every location where a Doctrine and Covenants revelation was received, and there read the corresponding sections and photograph the area.   "I believe that the spirit of the place enhances the spirit of the message," said Mortensen.  "I wanted to see and feel the places where God had spoken to modern-day prophets, hoping to deepen my understanding of and appreciation for this marvelous book of scripture."

He contacted BYU church history professors and CES scholars looking for a comprehensive and detailed list of revelation sites, but was repeatedly advised that it did not exist.  "I was going to have to put one together as best I could," Mortensen explained.  His final list of revelation sites was developed from many sources, including published books, personal interviews, old maps, local historian data, journals, and research papers.  It includes places like Union Street in Salem, Massachusetts; Turkey Creek and Kimball Row in Florence, Nebraska; and the Wilford Woodruff farmhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After making several presentations of his research and travels, Mortensen determined to make the information and photographs as widely available as possible.  He created the website in the hopes of conveying something of the spirit of those places made sacred by what transpired there.