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  , 2004

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Church members warn of con artists

November 10, 2001 -- A Japanese and Korean couple posing as needing help to return home to California have been frequenting churches asking for assistance.  Thelma Gunther from South Carolina reported that the couple had visited her LDS ward on October 21 asking for assistance to return home after their money had been stolen in Washington, D.C.  Some ward members assisted them only to later find out that it was a scam.  Mrs. Gunther stated, "One of visitors gave us a contact number.  Someone called the number after they'd left only to find that the phone number belongs to a man in Virginia.  The man said he has gotten calls for over a year from people all over the country who have given money to this family.  He has record of the calls including one a month ago when the Japanese man was ordering a boat to be delivered to Lakeland Florida and the finance company called the number."