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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

May 2002 News:

Friday Headlines (May 31, 2002)

Artist's work is her testimony

The artists who painted the Nauvoo murals

Commentary: Park board should approve monument marking Quincy's role in Mormon history (thanks to G. Smith for the link)

NPR: Mormons seek to buy land

Mormons find that movie takes a light look at a sacred subject (thanks to J. Moyer for link)

Ridge teachers ask trustees to nix prayer

Four corners of the earth coincide at BYU

Sports: Boys high school All-State soccer

Thursday Headlines (May 30, 2002)

Church amasses food boxes to ease starvation in Africa; Similar article

Nauvoo Temple open house; Temple tour visitation below expectations

Cove brouhaha perplexes local stake president; Foes of cove sale rely on bogus claim

Have faith: Letter really was published; Enough is enough (thanks to D. Bjarnason for links)

Logan LDS temple shot with paint balls; Similar article

Seal of disapproval: Are evangelical views singled out for discrimination?

Methodists debate rebaptism

Developer to buy LDS property

Jane Clayson: At home in Big Apple

Romney discloses financial holdings

Southern California Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings at Bob Hope's 99th birthday party

Seeking unity: Members of Baha'i faith are making a difference in Utah

Hearing prompts show of support

BYU press releases: 12 times stronger than steel

Jacobsen vs. Deseret Book Co.; Court case link

Portie leads Colorado at NCAA Golf; Similar article

Wednesday Headlines (May 29, 2002)

Mormon missionary died a hero in Africa; See previous article (thanks to J. Pratt for links)

Former seventy exhorts all to build on the rock

More stories on Nauvoo Illinois Temple: Nauvoo Temple brings 100,000; Similar article; Mormons rebuild Midwest temple; Mother and son help with Nauvoo Temple; Nauvoo Temple documentary set for fall; 'The mob seemed sore afraid'; Unlocking history; Additional Nauvoo Temple articles from LDS Church News; Telford's 'Nauvoo' a lovely photo album (Buy book at a discount here)

Martin's Cove: Mormon land buy advances; Thomas opposes Martin's Cove bill; Don't sell cove; American history belongs to all Americans

LDSC presents school block to Amoanda

Jesse Carter Little: An early Mormon leader

History: 'Awful tale' to emerge in new versions

Foundations and charities can bank on LDS support

BYU-Idaho working at integrating its programs

Prolific composer to turn a new page

Gina Bachauer founder Paul Pollei will be honored tonight

Elder Samuelson speaks at U. medical school commencement

One man's story of the Perpetual Education Fund

Reno missionary off to Taiwan

Politics: Senate democratic leaders raise funds in Utah (mentions brief visit to President Hinckley); Battle Yucca, Nevada implores; Nevadans lobbying Utah against Yucca

Where to find the least divorce?

Fuji-TV of Japan came for the Winter Games, but unfortunate circumstances led them to an unlikely Olympic Village BYU

Dale Murphy: Fond farewell

Lewis returns for NFL camp

A recruiting pitch of another kind; The Dominican Republic of the NFL (thanks to R. Crane and T. Barron for the links)

Celebrated volleyball coach calls it quits; Similar article

Alabama football (see second article)

Nothing can slow her down

Brighton High mourns two classmates

LDS home schoolers to hold annual convention

A roller-coaster life

Friday Headlines (May 24, 2002)

LDS Today will not be updated until Wednesday, May 29, 2002 -- sorry for the slight inconvenience

Ghana missionary training center dedicated

Missionary dies while serving in Zimbabwe

Church will put off building demolition

Steeplejack lonely at the top

Popularity of books on audio on the rise

Book review: Hughes 'Soldier boys' carries impact

Orr takes Oregon job

Kuna grad looks forward to his mission

The ultimate matchmaker (editor's note: this article may be a bit disturbing to members of the Church)

Thursday Headlines (May 23, 2002)

700 fewer acres OK'd for Cove; House panel OK's Cove sale; Similar article

Date of Melchizedek restoration unknown

Nauvoo saints blessed with acceptance this time around

Kibbe Museum opens Mormon historical exhibit (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Return visit to Nauvoo produces cookie recipe

Church members providing service: Cemetery cleaned up; Making a difference

American archeology and the Book of Mormon

Russia's well-connected patriarch

Book reviews: 'The Shakeress': Answered prayers; Lynne Cheney learns a little, shares a lot in new children's book

Sports: Fife acts like he's ready to succeed Harrington; Team gains dimension

Wednesday Headlines (May 22, 2002)

Devotional addresses reverence and respect

Nauvoo: Students at BYU-Nauvoo experience Church history first-hand; Temple organizers keep health in mind; Quincy to offer daily shuttles to Nauvoo (thanks to G. Smith for links)

LDS WWII veterans share stories, patriotism at conference

Plan to raze Provo landmark challenged; Church faces legal action over building

Mormons retrace history here

Female LDS artists nominated for PEARL awards

Lure of wooden ships calls

Sports: Cameron surprising everyone at USC

Tuesday Headlines (May 21, 2002)

Mountain Meadows land swap was sought by LDS Church; Similar article

President Monson dedicates new site for Smith Building

BYU-Idaho devotional: Elder Wells defines atonement through illustrations; Elder Wells gets personal about the atonement at BYU-Idaho

BYU-Hawaii devotional: Peaceable things of the spirit

Should Montrose be Zarahemla?

More on 'Survivor': Oh my heck! Neleh comes in second; Finale; Vee stands for victory; A nail-biter to bitter end

Las Vegan's years of service rewarded by Mormon church (thanks to M. Jones for the link)

Russia grows increasingly anti-Catholic

U.S. rethinks Utah (sort of)

Trib option, News claim ruled valid; Judge ruling in Utah newspaper case; Deseret News gets a legal win

Politics: Utah party conventions cull primary fields; Shhh! Mitt's back in town raising money

Movies: Crazy for love

Books: Slavery's sleuth

Sports: Christians see a Super opportunity; Utah, BYU rely on ticket sales

Monday Headlines (May 20, 2002)

Stern officer kept Mormon troops alive

Hearing slated on bill to transfer land to Mormons

Layton's Neleh Dennis one shy vote of victory; Layton's Dennis second on 'Survivor'

Bomb threat evacuates church

Getting a bounce in Spring City

Groups unearth historical treasures; Driving to Nauvoo?; Books to help answer question, 'are we there yet?'

Book pays tribute to longtime LDS institute instructor; Lyon offers candid look at his father

Family history: Immigrant trail

Utah cinematographer sees a big future in large-format movies

Inglish makes TRAX, but has roots

LDS assaults bring 'Poet' into question; 'The Poet and the Murderer' is a literary true-crime thriller

'Red Water' shows possibilities, pitfalls of historical fiction 

Days of '47 royalty picked

Sports: BYU men, women win titles

Weekend Headlines (May 18-19, 2002)

Mormon missionaries trying to bring souls to Christ; Battling stereotypes is part of missionary work

New facts on guilt in Mountain Meadows Massacre; Church to produce book on massacre

'Handcart' trailer debuts at 'Star Wars'

Letter to editor: Caring church (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Russia hostile toward faiths?

Monday nights just for family?

Sacred places

Scholar homes in on peace

How to live to be 100

Judge rejects allegations by Tribune

Utah's 'sweatpea' just barely survives 'Survivor'; Utahn survives close call

Basketball: New faces to get another look at Chinese 'giant'

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (May 17, 2002)

Church leader gives Congressional testimony on Martin's Cove; Oral testimony of Bishop H. David Burton; Testimony of Lloyd Charles Larsen; Sale of Cove may be closer; LDS get ally, foe in fray on cove

Video of Smith Building ground breaking

Men in black: Latter-day Saints come to area with a mission

Joseph, Joseph, Joseph: the temple has returned to Nauvoo

Group to trek part of Mormon Trail (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Layton's 'Survivor' gets to the final

Graduation: a family affair

Mormon Battalion launches program

Politics: Kennedy 'hate crimes' bill to be considered soon

High security around Arizona governor after murder plot uncovered

Thursday Headlines (May 16, 2002)

Key LDS leader to testify in cove bid

Murder plot targeted Arizona governor; Similar AP article; Similar Deseret News article (note: this story was covered in most of the major U.S. newspapers)

Man rails against extradition in slaying of LDS duo; Austin suspect fights to stay in U.K.

BYU announces Utah recipients of Gordon B. Hinckley scholarship

William Penn loves Utahns

Nice beret! Selling Utah gets easier, is anyone buying?

Finding religious supplies on the web

Sports: Four new Tall Black caps

Wednesday Headlines (May 15, 2002)

Devotional discusses the power of the Atonement

Mormons insist they are Christian, despite popular misconceptions

President Monson to preside at groundbreaking ceremony

LDS Church to receive honor

More on proposed Martin's Cove sale: LDS ranch site criticized; Bill would allow Mormons to buy historic land; Cubin to vote no on Cove

More on West Valley fire that destroyed LDS chapel: Feds join probe of LDS fire; Blaze demolishes church; LDS church burns down for a second time

Accused killer fights extradition; Suspect in Mormon killings faces court; Texas chain saw murderer in court

Impartiality at issue in Tribune's suit

Tuesday Headlines (May 14, 2002)

Wyoming representative will oppose sale of federal land to Mormons; Similar article

Second fire in one year destroys LDS chapel in West Valley City

Splash of color -- not water

Extradition up in air in elders' slayings

Hardy band marched on Old

Devotional: following Savior's example

Panel fears Provo is losing its landmarks

State reviews proposed water increase on ranch near Orlando; Similar article

Sports: Dual champions

Monday Headlines (May 13, 2002)

Elder Charles Didier speaks on spiritual-mindedness; Similar article

Measuring the miles: William Clayton

Harrison, Mormons reach deal over temple (Also see article first listed on LDS Today in December 2001)

More on Nauvoo Illinois Temple: Illinois first lady visits temple; LDS Church News special section; A pilgrimage point and Nauvoo Temple to open and New temple could spur Newcomb Hotel revival (thanks to G. Smith for the three links)

Going gaga over Gilgal Gardens

Winter Games' glow loses its glitter in Salt Lake; Similar article

How Romney campaign got covert boost

Benedict's still knocking

Biology may be complex, but love isn't

Archaeology lecture May 21

Postal drive starts out heavy

Letter to editor 'Brave Stance' on anti-Mormon position

Sports: Weber State runner eyes steeplechase title; BYU-Hawaii tennis team in championship match and NCAA division II tennis teams look overseas for talent (thanks to F. Murillo for the link)

Weekend Headlines (May 11-12, 2002)

Ex-missionary doesn't dwell on horrible night

Mormon temple rises again

Business is sluggish in Nauvoo; Similar article

Eagles' Lewis, fluent in Chinese, visits Asia to promote NFL; Similar article

LDS business grads told to keep eye on what's legal, ethical

President Faust receives honorary degree

Great hymns, chosen writers

2 brothers making their mark at Utah university

Politics: Differing views highlight race to replace Hansen

Indian tribes watching sale of public lands to Mormons

Non-Muslim worship in Saudi Arabia is risky business

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (May 10, 2002)

U. students head to England in Hinckley program

Nauvoo school passes over Mormons (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Modesty is making inroads at proms in Heartland

Mormon church eases way for researchers

Mega-churches as mini-towns

EFY counselors pep up for coming 2002 session

BYU to begin construction on new Joseph F. Smith building

Neleh survives 'Survivor' episodes: Episode 11 and  Episode 10 

All about time management

Brigham City is the place for pageant

College rejected for teaching creationism

Sports: Two loves, family and baseball

Thursday Headlines (May 9, 2002)

Western missionaries attract mistrust, as well as believers

Tingey provides six divine patterns in fireside

Rebuilt temple requires sacrifice; Mormons rebuild temple in Nauvoo

Texas' third temple dedicated in Lubbock

Conference honors latter-day saint WW II veterans

BYU Women's Conference speakers exhort women to 'build on the rock'

14-year-old compelled to clean-up forgotten African-American graves

Faiths pitch in to help students

BYU-Hawaii president speaks on service

Nauvoo historical tours strikes competition

Chadwick tells students to forget Cinderella

Missionaries look ahead for provisions

Newport Beach California Temple proposed steeple criticized

Ephraim starts work on a new city hall

Romney says state should consider gambling to boost revenues

Wednesday Headlines (May 8, 2002)

Second document expert calls Lee scroll a forgery; Experts doubt Lee engraving in Utah; Experts doubt damning Mormon document

Nauvoo temple open house; Temple public open house off to smooth start

Church names Nauvoo temple president

Former United Nations executive calls BYU Womens Conference 'Impressive'

Paraguay temple to be dedicated May 19

Watchdog group disputes Hansen's examples of land sales

BYU professor studies Star Wars

Sports: Cramer quit US soccer team for God and fiance; For Stevens new record isn't the neatest thing

Golden spike re-enactment Friday

Eating in is 'in'

Tuesday Headlines (May 7, 2002)

Promontory is the rest of the story; Promontory -- the story of Brigham Young and the railroads

LDS Church gives $$ to Mexico

Hansen's sale logic questioned; The politics of slander

Nauvoo temple open to public; Nauvoo, 'The calm before the storm'; Ready or not, Nauvoo prepares for crowds (thanks to G. Smith for links)

New life in Old Nauvoo; A town's link to past, future

Provo, LDS Church butt heads over building

Monday  Headlines (May 6, 2002)

Tours of new Mormon temple begin today in Nauvoo; Nauvoo temple opens to visitors today; Emergency personnel plan for anything as temple opens; Public gets first look inside of  temple

Crowd hails and boos Martin's Cove plans

Land sale sponsor says foes guilty of  'Mormon bashing'

Cloning offers hopes to Utahns

Teens keep the faith

People: The Pikes finally get a  payday

Weekend Headlines (May 4-5, 2002)

LDS, Mexico presidents talk about education; Similar article

More on Nauvoo Temple: LDS Church News special section on Nauvoo Temple; Nauvoo reborn; Flying angel of Nauvoo usurped by trademark Moroni; Public gets first look inside temple; Chamber will have Nauvoo presence

Women's Conference: Love called vital to spiritual growth; Life transitions can be tough, LDS women told; Council member speaks at session; Volunteers assemble humanitarian kits

Battle over Martin's Cove is heating up; Sponsor of sale says foes are 'Mormon bashing'

Monterrey Mexico Temple dedicated

New funeral home 'a place of comfort'

KSL 1160 celebrating 80 years on the air; KSL on-air highlights

Praying for a solution

Denver Post to get new editor

Watching dreams dry up

Politics: Hatch vows to craft new legislation; Biotech finds ally in Hatch

Music can uplift Mom on her day; Buy music here

Genealogy fair planned in Ely, Nevada

Commentary: Truth is plain and precious; Kirby: I pray that prayer does its thing

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (May 3, 2002)

President Hinckley in special Primary video

More on Nauvoo Temple: Nauvoo Temple; Goodwill is gaining in Nauvoo; Furnishings reflect an era; History makes this one special; Temple 02; First impressions; Small town of Nauvoo anticipates temple opening; Open house facts; Nauvoo temple timeline; Special edition of Church News planned for Saturday

Speakers build upon the rock of Christ

Elder Tingey to speak at CES fireside

Wyoming group attacks plan to sell historic U.S. site to LDS; Martin's Cove effort lands ally; Martin's Cove hearing moved

Enough hatred (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Mormons repair vandal damage

Center traces roots

Salt Lake students honor Scofield mine victims

Sanderson has his Wheaties

'Brigham City' DVD review (thanks to D. Bjarnason for link)

Planning commission paves way for Promised Valley parking lot

Thirst aid

'Sinning' doesn't pay off in Utah

'Springtime for creators'

Thursday Headlines (May 2, 2002)

Journalists visit reconstructed temple; Guests tour Nauvoo Temple

The new Nauvoo Temple in its historical setting

Temple proves if you build it. . .

Nauvoo Temple -- a vision of the past

Rebuilding the dream

Mormons open door to reconstructed temple; Similar AP article picked up by many newspapers

Emergency personnel plan for anything as temple opens

Carthage approves vendors during temple open house

Special features boost conference; Women to invade BYU for conference

Family history: Family History Center attracts non-members; Just folks drawn back to their roots

LDS fiction market fading away

Politics: Hatch backs cloning for research; Similar article; Lebed attack had positive resolution

Mourners remember girl stabbed in family fight

Former missionary leads team of negotiators

Springville Red Devil debate heats up

Latter-day Saints' chapel becomes makeshift school

Colleges actively recruiting Jews

Sports: Doman is hopeful for 49ers backup QB

Wednesday Headlines (May 1, 2002)

Interview with President Hinckley regarding Nauvoo Illinois Temple; Editor's note: the press begin seeing the Nauvoo temple today

Temple impact reaches far

Rebuilding the Nauvoo Illinois Temple: Meticulous attention to historical detail

Nauvoo Illinois Temple facts

Video: Nauvoo Temple video news release; Nauvoo window-maker; Nauvoo Temple's stonework; Temple exterior; Temple interior

Sound bites: Nauvoo radio feed (updated at 3 PM CDT); The temple and the Nauvoo community; The history of the temple; Construction and architecture; Temple's importance to church members

Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform in Quincy

Mormon Church's Nauvoo Temple to open to public

Expert: Flaws reveal Lee scroll as forgery; Examiner: 1857 church document fake; Brigham Young document said fake; 'Lee' note work of Hofmann?; Similar AP article

Witness line-up finalized for Martin's Cove hearing

Service projects to be part of conference

Farmer's friend

LDS member awarded screening in two international film festivals

Costco employee makes heroic rescue

Chinese genealogy information made available

Utah's killing fields; Document called fake

Tradition, innovation meet in BYU quilt show

Tuesday Headlines (April 30, 2002)

Rebuilding of Nauvoo Illinois Temple completed

Fear of a Mormon return

Forensic expert says alleged Lee scroll a fake

2 more groups oppose Martin's Cove sale

Utah schools praised for religious freedom

Missionary work changed his career path

At peace in Massachusetts

Israeli Consulate hires non-Jews to forge links with ethnic groups

Fog blamed in crash that killed Lebed

Sports: 49ers' QB hopefuls vie for third-string; This Cat is going places

Monday Headlines (April 29, 2002)

President Hinckley urges grads to keep faith

President Hinckley receives first degree from BYU-Idaho; Church president to receive honorary degree

Nauvoo Temple: When the saints go marching in and In this issue (note: need to be registered with Chicago Tribune to view articles); 'The spirit here is amazing'; Temple facts; Organization of LDS Church; Tickets still available; Former LDS member will spread her own word (thanks to G. Smith for links)

Friendship brings rabbi, Mormon to understanding of shared faith

Elders who died aren't forgotten

President Hinckley attends dinner in honor of Elder Nelson

Descendants play prophets in LDS videos

Entertainment: The spirit moves them to entertain; Readers write about LDS cinema

Cheap but chic JetBlue soars, thanks to CEO

DNA kit can help define family history

Book review: Force of a Feather

Utah politics commentary

Teen boot camp conditions criticized

Weekend Headlines (April 27-28, 2002)

Nauvoo visitors urged to be polite; Similar article

Media pioneer is honored for work

Growth is a challenge in Rexburg

Soul support

King to reflect on 'our times' in S.L. Saturday

3,153 grads march at UVSC

Teenager turns to sister for prom date

Jericho Road smooth

Join malls at Main, LDS duo suggests; Downtown retailers not giving up

LDS meetinghouse in Magna is vandalized

Life's lessons learned from ranch chores

A lot of clean videotapes

Flush times for lawyer vanguard in church suits (Editor's note: last line of article mentions lawyer's intentions to go after LDS Church)

A quiet broker of the wild

Former member in the news: Religion in the news

Sports news: Cougars will have new look; Cougars sign second Brazilian

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (April 26, 2002)

Leadership positions prepared new general authority

Cabinet member speaks at BYU; Deseret News article; SL Trib article; Similar article

Mormons bring world of dances to Alaska

Bird encourages students to prepare spiritually for Church, life callings

A fighter's salute: 'Airborne, brother' (thanks to M. Ryan for the link); Articles similar to those posted Wednesday and Thursday: Family, strangers say farewell; First of four funerals held; Fallen paratrooper buried; Brief video of funeral and similar video footage; Dyer mourned; Picture of funeral at LDS church (thanks to C. Hancock for the links)

Girl hit by car still in critical condition

Student welds sculpture of Joseph Smith

Traveling to historic LDS sites: Nauvoo, Salt Lake City, New York

LDS members in sports news: Brandon Nielsen

Thursday Headlines (April 25, 2002)

Cook's profile: LDS missionary

Girl, 11, critically injured by car

More on fallen Canadian soldier (some links may expire this morning): Grieving for a hero takes many forms; Hero's farewell for soldier; Ultimate sacrifice; We will remember him; Fallen soldier (thanks to P. Mantini and D. Wilson for some of the links)

Student loans through the LDS Church on the rise

Religions mostly mum on dump

Radical conference ritual ends without a fight

Pacific Islanders opt to eat in

LDS members in sport news: A healthier Hoyle leads Gwynn Park; College notebook

Wednesday Headlines (April 24, 2002)

Family, friends bury Canadian soldier; Family, strangers say farewell to fallen soldier; Similar article; Pain for some, joy for others; Canada to co-chair bombing probe

Press invited to Nauvoo temple

Searching for Mormon pioneers

Knockin' on heaven's door

Utahn Neleh Dennis is hit with online with 'Survivor' fans; Dennis biography; 'Survivor' predictions

Church gardens abloom with spring color

Elder Quest to focus on Mormon/ non-Mormon divide

Student reaps joy in gospel, talent, friends

Deseret News insists it can veto Tribune sale

BYU's recycling results in world of savings

Tillman defense hits 'encoded messages'; Did lingo doom Tillman; Similar article

Tuesday Headlines (April 23, 2002)

Nauvoo exhibit opens at Church museum

Martin Cove bill puts Hansen, Cubin at odds

New Era posters rely on inspiration

Family of BYU graduates spans five generations

BYU bids 'bye, bye, bye' to graduating members of Christian-themed boy band

Angels aid ALS patient

Politician could learn from the LDS Church

Games surplus no $80 million

Sports: Fifth-round QBs have chance for success; NFL draft

Monday Headlines (April 22, 2002)

New Mormon temple modeled after one that was destroyed

With 'Brigham City' on DVD and 'The Prophet' on deck, Dutcher looks at LDS cinema boom 

USOC applauds Romney

Reviewing the reviewers

Games inquiry skirted Hatch

Civic spring cleaning

Sports: BYU's Jolley is first with Utah ties to be called

Weekend Headlines (April 20-21, 2002)

Elder Maxwell gets Legacy Award

Fireside to honor missionaries who have died while serving

Joseph Smith descendant at helm of LDS Remnant Church

Trib managers challenge judge's jurisdiction

End of a dealer era

Uncle Fred lived his life as a regular Joe

Buying into hometown style

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (April 19, 2002)

LDS missionaries leave Madagascar

A family like no other

Bennett to fight for U.S. 89 distinction

2002 PEARL award nominees announced

Nauvoo businesses prepare for temple

Jolley's stock rising leading up to NFL draft day; NFL likely to pick 4 Cougs

Thursday Headlines (April 18, 2002)

Elder Gibbons encourages students to have confidence, enjoy school

Plaza trespassing charges dropped; Plaza charges put on hold

Up, up and away for JetBlue's stock

Columbine still touches the lives of key players

New BYU-Idaho bishop continues family tradition

More letters to the editor in response to anti-Mormon ad: Strong principles; Narrow minds (thanks to G. Smith for the links)

USU, Snow consider plans for religious studies programs

To wait or not to wait: only 3 percent of 'waiting girls' will marry their missionary

'Other Side of Heaven' enjoys strong national opening

Chapman named police chief; Similar article

Former Cougar lands job after football

Total team effort powering Alabama

Wednesday Headlines (April 17, 2002)

Forensic pros test Lee's writing; Experts examine letter blaming Mormon leader for massacre 

Media rethink 'Mo-lympics' stereotype

Some athletes not driven by the dollar

LDS leader gives 3 1/2-hour deposition

LDS fiction novels offer alternatives

Houston personalities recommend favorite books

Tuesday Headlines (April 16, 2002)

LDS counselor Monson deposed in Tribune suit

Mormon mission: area members plan ways to celebrate their new temple; Rebuilding the Nauvoo temple (thanks to G. Du Plessis for the links)

Cramer placing God, family above soccer

White County is 'mission field' for Idaho couple (thanks to B. Cleveland for the link)

Y bishop releases different than other wards

CEO praised for his integrity

BYU-Idaho professor takes drama to the world

LDS screenwriter/filmmaker makes it into the International Family Film Festival (thanks to A. Bradshaw for the links to this and the previous article)

Mormon teacher files complaint against principal

WIU library houses Mormon collection (thanks to G. Smith for the link)

More reviews of 'Other Side of Heaven': An Idaho lad sets out to save souls in an earthly paradise'Heaven' is content to preach to the choir; 'Heaven' certainly can wait (thanks to D. Bjarnason and C. Hancock for the links); 'Princess' playing missionary's girlfriend in new movie

Family History: Oklahoma City Stake hosts family history day; Family trees grow through the web

Jews and Muslims learning to live together

Terror insurance goes up and away (brief mention of tough to insure buildings includes the Salt Lake Temple)

Sports: Mr. Van Basketball Brocklin signs to play hoops at SLCC

Monday Headlines (April 15, 2002)

Elder Nelson is honored as heart-surgeon pioneer

Scouts honor President Monson

Preachers ready chilly welcome for Mormons

Carthage prepares for increased tourism

A passion for tickling ivories rooted in faith; Similar article

Point guard: Steeplejack

Man unhappy about steeple height in Newport Beach

Rich donate smaller percentage to charity

Romney's run is getting play in Utah media

Market for LDS fictional stories falls

BYU Travel Studies avoids tours to Israel during conflict

Director's cut? Try censor's cut

Sports: Michigan starting quarterback spot still up for grabs 

Weekend Headlines (April 13-14, 2002)

Hansen forges ahead on Cove

New D.C. home for LDS offices

Playhouse fulfills a promise

Mormons mock Mormons

Mission president has local connection

LDS discussion spurs complaints at U.; U. teaching assistant apologizes for remarks

Elder Larry Gibbons speaks on self-worth

Reviews of 'Other Side of Heaven,' which opened nationwide on Friday: A sweet coming of age story with a mission; The family film-goer; Washington Post review; On a spiritual mission in the South Pacific; See LDS Church News article on director, Mitch Davis

U.S. Secretary of Education to speak at BYU Commencement

California bound wagons roll through Paul

Book reviews

Sunstone sponsoring annual fiction contest

'Princess' living a Cinderella life

Beneficial reports most successful year

Sports: Y does a little shuffling

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (April 5, 2002)

11 Mormons are spreading the news (thanks to D. Nelson for the link)

Mormon hand cart center could be 'gold mine' for Rawlins; Similar article

April 6, an important date in LDS Church history

Family Expo Conference focuses on establishing a house of order

BYU students share religion at UN competition

Heading into convention, Romney's star shines a bit less brightly; Name: W. Mitt Romney

NewsNet to webcast General Conference (note: LDS Today will provide links to conference via the internet tomorrow)

Advance General Conference stories (note: additional articles will be posted at this site today and over the weekend)

Young Provo pianist keeps earning ovations

Freeze warms to Japan's real estate with missionary zeal

Thursday Headlines (April 4, 2002)

Former General Primary President speaks on testimony

Culiacan church mission teaches boxer to be tough; Similar article

Despite predictions, LDS children excel

Conference compliments BYU religion classes

Utahn shoots Afghan war

Religion, family -- then baseball

Small staff staying at BYU site in Israel; Similar article

Mormon candidate a rare bird in these parts

Travel: Finger Lakes region

Scheduled mission reunions

Utah rapidly closing the tuition gap

Wednesday Headlines (April 3, 2002)

Seventh Star: Reaching out to touch the "untouchables"

"Light of the World" gave performers a chance to shine

Ryder chairman Burns ends 17-year ride in May

Utah girding for some unwelcome visitors

Highland artist puts heart & soul into stained glass panel for Nauvoo Temple

BYU professor illustrates book about Nauvoo Temple

Project helps EPA eliminate air pollution

UVSC tuition hike OK'd, Similar article

BYU theater director declares curtain call

Cougar athletes teach kids basketball basics

Records nourish family trees

Higley teacher wins new contract with help from supporters

Tuesday Headlines (April 2, 2002)

Hatch breaks Utah delegation ranks

Nauvoo Earth Day Cleanup set for April 20

1930 Census debuts on the internet; Similar article

Mitt Romney steering a new course

Salt Lake City among nation's most wired

BYU bookstore's advertising gets moving

USU gives awards to six at Founders Day

Joseph Smith ring lawsuit dismissed

Baylor University president to speak at BYU

Monday nights may be sacred in Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Grove puts off LDS push to end Monday City activities (follow-up articles)

Sports: Cossacks cream Cougar lacrosse

Monday Headlines (April 1, 2002)

Mountain high standards, LDS young women urged

Southeast Iowa set to welcome Mormons

Families eager to devour census feast, 1930 census info available soon at

Hymns rise from Afghan base on Easter Sunday

Ambiguity may tarnish Romney's rising star

Nature preserve in works

"Lee" sheet a forgery by Hofmann?

Auditions for Orchestra at Temple Square

Ladies Night at Deseret Book stores

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