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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

May 2001 News:

Thursday Headlines (May 31, 2001)

Events to honor Brigham Young's 200th birthday

Delta Airlines honored by Church; Delta, Mormons team up to help needy

Anti-Mormon lawsuit at U: Freedom from lawsuit may come soon; Judge hears religious discrimination lawsuit; Judge rules out other anti-Mormon claims in lawsuit

Is Germany ready for Mav's Bradley?

Dunedin man taking faith to deaf ears

LDS professor sings Jewish chants

Other Church members in the news: Eight-year-old slain in Arizona; Eagle scout honored

Wednesday Headlines (May 30, 2001)

Missionaries are 'well-red' in multiple languages

What makes them Mormons? (thanks to V. Parks for the link)

Blind cobbler inspired project in Fairview to honor poor buried in unmarked graves

Newlyweds find strength in gospel activities

Y students participate with EFY

Police seek ties in vandalism

Park's focus on history may cost it

Church members in political news: "The Jim Whisperer" (thanks to R. Farwell for the link)

Church members in other news: JetBlue founder and CEO; Donations keep girl's wish alive; Hostess cared for Beehive house for 40 years; Couple live a storybook life performing for kids

Church members in sports news: Michigan's new QB draws on experiences from South African mission

Tuesday Headlines (May 29, 2001)

Church callings teach leadership and lessons

Sanpete honors forgotten souls

Arts & culture: Mormon movies on tap; Bestor, Dyer, Ord in race for PEARLs; Snow's 'Greatest Hymns' a keeper and a giver and buy CD here

Family vows defense of Tribune legacy

Family business switches gear

Monday Headlines (May 28, 2001)

Church News Releases: Unique partnership provides school supplies to needy children; Brigham Young 200th birthday; Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in 8 Southern cities

Varied events to hail Brigham Young's 200th

Vandals trash Sandy LDS meetinghouse

18 Hinckley Scholarships awarded to Utah students

Teacher to discuss women, ordination

LDS Foundation donates money for Snow College building

Church members in the news: Suit: teen negligent in death; Erika's dream lives on; Bischoff funeral is set for Wednesday

Church members in sports news: Clinger showing no fear

Weekend Headlines (May 26-27, 2001)

Elder Dunn remembered as noble, willing worker

Mormon missions; Missionary work: difficult but rewarding

Mormon-Christian debate a philosophical conundrum

Mormons' genealogical information helps anyone trace heritage

Donated chairs a gift of comfort

Thomas E. Ricks descendants invited to last Ricks graduation

'State of the University' address focuses on advancing the kingdom

Robert H. Bischoff dies at age 79; Robert H. Bischoff, bank leader, dies

Polygamy history in the Church -- and worldwide

Princess is awarded a green card

Uphold ruling, Tribune managers urge

Tillman to die on Sunday; is it sacrilege?

This Is the Place Heritage Foundation to honor President Hinckley at luncheon

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (May 25, 2001)

'Solemn assembly' honors Randall - President Packer speaks

Election officials mum on Nauvoo

Southern Virginia College aspires to be 'BYU East'

Funeral services for Elder Dunn to be held today

Rise of 'home alone' crowd may alter US civic life

Old Nevada towns seek bragging rights

Salt Lake cemetery will resell unused plots

BYU offers marriage resource web site

Church members in sports news: Wrestler pins spot in NCAA history books

Thursday Headlines (May 24, 2001)

Loren C. Dunn obituary

High school students sing at Mormon Tabernacle; related story

Angry athlete at church building

Church members in the news: Former radio executive, Jay W. Wright dies and obituary; Letter found in Hoover lot gets books for Brookville; Choristers to perform at Carnegie Hall; Conservatives seek incentives for marriages among poor

Church members in sports news: Fernley a thinner winner; Vance Law

Wednesday Headlines (May 23, 2001)

Program builds leadership in community, church

Devotional speaker emphasizes effects of decisions made in early years in life

6 photos capture day of infamy -- photos given to man while serving mission

Vice President leaving Ricks College for mission assignment

Church members assist in collecting 2 tons of food

Youth & LDS Humanitarian Services to send 3,000 books to developing countries

Missionary is sentenced to nine months in jail

Hearing set on Utah's census suit

Syracuse members keeping antique organ

Reg Kesler, rodeo legend, funeral set for Wednesday (thanks to V. Parks for the link)

Bigamy trial: Interview gives NBC black eye; Why Tom Green?

Sports news: Cougars earn bid to NCAA tournament; SEC gets 8 teams into tournament

Tuesday Headlines (May 22, 2001)

President Hinckley dedicates Perth temple

BYU Singers on mission to Ghana

Neighborhoods work to fix landscaping

Church members help mend cemetery

Mormons worry bigamy case sends wrong message

A leap of faith

Olympics tagged as "Mormon Games" in Newsweek, but Utah residents disagree

Madison Square Garden CEO resigns

Monday Headlines (May 21, 2001)

Naomi Randall, hymn writer, dies; Similar SL Tribune article

LDS alums recall teen life in the '20s

Was humor a balm for J. Golden Kimball?

Remembering those who went over the sea to Utah

Family Home Evening beneficial for students, says Y professor

New York Times asks for style guidelines for one column headline

Personal attack on film director displays ignorance

Anti-LDS group moves near Arizona temple

Arts & culture: Historian Bagley, LDS pioneer Bullock a solid team in 'Camp of the Saints'

Coverage of the bigamy trial: Polygamy trial gives world titillating look at Utah; Confessions of a wife-swapper; Short Creek raid backfired on governor

Weekend Headlines (May 19-20, 2001)

The art of building the Nauvoo Temple

Elder Dunn funeral set for Friday in Salt Lake

LDS Visitors Center to display 12 paintings of Christ; Model of Jerusalem also planned

LDS missionary work in Greece is Herculean, devout Orthodox believers are tough sell for Mormons

Mormons help needy in El Salvador, India

Church volunteers help ready youth camp

Church is stocking up to ship socks overseas

BYU may tear down Deseret Towers

Mountain Meadows debated anew

Arts & culture: Book uncovers a spiritual thirst; Reunion today for LDS High class of 1931; Nature Trail opens in Dimple Dell

Church members in the news: Principal leaving laudable legacy; Former LDS missionary raising funds to aid Guatemalans

Less than laudable to truly bizarre news: Poison pen carves rift in neighborhood; 34 smuggled icons are returned to the Russian Church; Mesa victim of stalking describes 'nightmare'

Census figures paint a young Utah; Average family size in Utah has declined, but it remains above the national average

Utah man found guilty of bigamy

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (May 18, 2001)

Elder Loren C. Dunn dies

Church uses its clout subtly -- and seldom

More on Boston Temple steeple ruling: For Mormons, a secular victory; Steeple in Boston gets final OK

Millions of visitors clog Ellis Island website in first weeks

Students who are only ones from their nation gain unique BYUH experience

Family getting 2 new doctors

Mormon crickets invade northern Nevada neighborhood

Thursday Headlines (May 17, 2001)

More on Boston Temple ruling; SL Tribune article

Use of term 'Mormon' in news coverage of polygamist trial

Gallery home to famous LDS art

Orem boy scouts honored with medal of merit

Church members in the news: Former BYU gridder gets a year in jail

Wednesday Headlines (May 16, 2001)

Supreme Judicial Court rules with Mormon temple in steeple ruling; Similar article

Students need to understand repentance

These students are early risers

'Vault of power' loses its punch

Church members in the news: Former Y. coach, wife honored and similar article; Woman's death a homicide, chief says

Trib managers' claim suffers setback

Church members in sports news: Me, the basketball and the hoop: the family game

Tuesday Headlines (May 15, 2001)

Church news release: Replica of pioneer sculpture to replace original at Lion House

Impact of Redlands California temple

Huntsman's charity sets him apart

Mothering Maren -- Kathy Ord has a special interest in this pop star's career (thanks to V. Parks for the link!)

Longtime broadcaster Earl Glade dies

Booking passage on one family's 100-year voyage

Owner plans to expand printing museum

Bigamy trial: Seven brides for one brother; Jury picks to begin in polygamy trial; Defense weeds devout Mormons from jury pool in bigamy trial

Church members in sports news: BYU's Cosic among hall inductees; Title helps heal wounds

Monday Headlines (May 14, 2001)

President Hinckley has most clout

Most powerful? Leavitt tops poll -- Pres. Hinckley a close second

Who runs Utah?

Linking to the past

Motherly inspiration: Three leaders of faiths share thoughts on what their moms have meant to them

LDS Church introduced, then banned polygamy

USA Today: Polygamist goes on trial in Utah

Dalai Lama: convert only those without religion

'Eye for an eye' challenges faithful

Utah tackles stereotypes in quest to be tech-savvy hot spot

Arts & culture: Which religion is right for you?; Study tallies where Hispanics worship, how they vote

Other church members in the news: Erosion cutting down Chimney Rock

Church members in sports news: Stanford pitcher sharp after 2 years off

Weekend Headlines (May 12-13, 2001)

Mormons let cities tap files on genealogy

Daughters of Utah pioneers plant trees to honor ancestors

LDS slogan leading a charmed life

Renewing the roots of a faith (restoration of Kirtland)

Mormon church plans for Olympic scrutiny

Mormons plan statue tribute

Elder Clayton to serve

More on Dalai Lama visit and related article

A small-town murder

Animals' souls at heart of discussion

Utah to try first polygamist in 50 years

Arts & culture: LDS musicians hope to touch soul; Another review of 'Brigham City'

Church members in sports news: Baseball player to serve mission

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (May 11, 2001)

Salt Lake welcomes Dalai Lama; Dalai Lama urges caution on China Olympic bid

Church aids research on family trees

Tension rife in Gilbert, diversity panel says

Conference for women set in Topeka

BYU student to embark on epic bike trip

More on Ellis Island web site

Nauvoo zoning law passes first reading

Family values in the West equate to bigger families

Nation's Latinos mostly still hail from Mexico

Church members in sports news: Utah records in jeopardy; Former Pepperdine player will transfer to Saint Louis

LDS Church News headlines

Thursday Headlines (May 10, 2001)

Schools struggle with limits of religion

Mormons seek line between polite, pushy

BYU volunteers help SLOC fill language demands

Dalai Lama to meet with First Presidency

Las Vegas man to face manslaughter charges in hit-and-run case

Witness stand isn't a soap box, Green judge vows

Vigil pays tribute to gay suicide victims

Family history: Miracles occur in search; Society searches family history

Arts & culture: Mormon Meteor to ride I-15; Downtown Salt Lake City blooming with spring color

Church members in the news: Lost boy scouts found; Elder Morrison named administrator of the year

Wednesday Headlines (May 9, 2001)

Family History center the largest in the world

Devotional focuses on technology in theology

More on Women's Conference: Apostle praises role of women; Women hear how to block Net porn

Faith-based fears

Green accuses LDS Church of aiding prosecution

Travel back in time to Nauvoo

AP photo of nephew written out of will of Mormon uncle

Arts & culture: Showcase kicks off Freedom Festival

LDS members in the news: Utah man a hero to Danish Island (note: I have not confirmed yet that the man in the story is LDS); Clinton and Hatch co-host event

LDS members in sports news: Cougar volleyball team thinking repeat; Prep athlete has passion for discus

LDS humor: Take the Mormon census

Tuesday Headlines (May 8, 2001)

SLOC gave special access to LDS official at '98 games

Technology school director at BYU devotional today

Census suit pushed to August

Moscow's LDS Institute of Religion celebrates 75 years

Mormon youth cut and ship logs to historic village

'Take your vitamins,' CEU graduates told

Church members in the news: Vail police officer dies after fall from bridge

Monday Headlines (May 7, 2001)

Mormon Church is funding its future

LDS Gardens: LDS gardens among best; Gardening reaches new heights; Gardens' tour times

LDS Church tells temple workers: get a shave or get out

Are Utah's religions covered fairly?

Seminary in Utah, not just for Mormons

Risking their lives for faith

Ellis Island genealogy database (still) swamped

Arts & culture: New York Times review of 'Brigham City'; Utah canyon aptly named Zion; Playwright, SLAC get grant to develop play; One for the scrapbook

Other church members in the news: Montoyas remember history of Santa Rita; LDS woman murdered in Richfield; Feud between Romney, Bullock was months in the making

Church members in sports news: Intimidation role goes to Cougars; Golden spikers; Cougar spikers take national championship; Bills expected to become Judkins' aide; Taber hosting Canada's top power lifters (Randy Sparks is LDS according to V. Parks who sent link -- thanks!); Ex-Lecanto star keeps shining

Weekend Headlines (May 5-6, 2001)

President Monson touts sharing and serving

S.L. block is ruled an 'ecclesiastic park'; Judge reaffirms ruling that LDS plaza isn't public forum

Elder Eyring to speak Sunday evening at CES fireside

LDS Church remains neutral on death penalty

20,000 participate in night of service

LDS Business grads are urged to help others up the ladder of success

Getting its Games face on: The Salt Lake City Olympics will focus a lot of attention on the Mormon Church, which sees that as both an opportunity and a challenge

Pioneer craft house faces uncertain future

Roman aqueducts of new west: water pipes

Arts & culture: Moral movies; In the beginning was the script; Utah choir will sing in Armenia; Belief-o-matic

Politics: Hatch forms yet another odd alliance on the Hill -- with HRC

Osmond is beating the blues

No mistaking this Mom of the Year

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (May 4, 2001)

Women's Conference articles and broadcast

LDS Church clarifies Belgium stance

LDS Family Services turns tough situations around

Family history brought to life

Arts & culture: Latter-day Saints in Topeka to perform; Ruth Ellis to celebrate motherhood in concert of LDS music; 'Brigham City' review in New York Post

Thursday Headlines (May 3, 2001)

Women's Conference will focus on bearing witness of Jesus Christ; Annual BYU Women's Conference starts today; BYU makes accommodations for the crowds at Women's Conference

LDS try to end unauthorized work for Jews; Mormon Church to remove names of 200 Jews baptized after death; LDS plan to take more Jews off records; Photo 1; Photo 2

Attacks on LDS groups in Russia are probed

Religious freedom in peril?

LDS Church wins preservation award; Church News Release

More on new temples planned for California

The presence of 'The Family - A Proclamation to the World' is worldwide

350 teens participate in pioneer trek

Volunteers go to work to help needy

Humor holds its own in religion

Arts & culture: Book beautifully illustrates 'First 100 temples'

Behind the smile of Marie Osmond

Mesa High wrestlers recall 'little brother'

Eleven brothers soar like eagles

Wednesday Headlines (May 2, 2001)

Film makers to produce Book of Mormon film

Smaller temple planned for Inland-area Mormons

Church members stay active in the military

A Mormon home

Loved ones gather for funeral of murder victim

Mother and son buried together (see related articles from April 28-29)

Arts fortify children against evil

Ethics signs snarled by red tape

Sports news: Badgers' Bower transfers to BYU; Bower to play hoops at BYU; Bower says decision made when Soderberg was let go

Tuesday Headlines (May 1, 2001)

Elder Nelson counsels Ricks graduates to love the Lord in language and living

Hawaii Women's Conference unites Relief Society sisters

Y. business school called a 'hidden gem'; see WSJ article 1 and article 2 (may need a subscription to view articles)

Class keeps early birds focused

Scout turns project into adventure

Company picks Stonefield site for filming

Kids on a roll with help

Shared values take center stage

Church seeks dismissal of mental illness lawsuit

Man gets 5-year sentence for sex offenses while on Mormon mission; Missionary accused of molesting girls returns to North Carolina

Church members in sports news: Spencer Brinton returns from mission ready to play; U-M gets mystery man; Nellie changes tune, speaks highly of Jazz; Bower transfers to Cougs

BYU's business and law schools in US News' top 50 list; Newsweek article says BYU acceptance rate higher than many other schools

Gardner provides WSU a story of success

Fictional heartbreaker devastates Colombian women

LDS Church News headlines