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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

March 2003 News:

Monday Headlines (March 31, 2003)

10 traits set LDS women apart, leaders say; Good women have impact

LDS prophet says Ogden will improve

Utahns mourn first loss; Utahns on both sides of war

Mormon church thrives; Counting the faithful

Church making care packages

Mormon church holds disaster preparedness event

Deseret News counting on big gains in move to morning paper

Music teacher Beverly Pond dies

President Hinckley of interest to Junior Miss contestants

Mitchell's journey to 'Immanuel'

Weekend Headlines (March 29-30, 2003)

Security precautions for April General Conference

Veterans find war is a powerful agent of spiritual change

LDS POW Ronald Young, Jr.; LDS family: pray for POW; Families of Viet War POWs recall pain; Families left to face years of uncertainty

To fight drought, some fast and pray

The Mormon advantage (this AP article was picked up by multiple papers across the U.S. Disaster kits part of life's routine for members of Mormon church and similar AP article)

Historians, philosophers explore LDS scholarship at Yale conference

Property tax vote in Nauvoo

Smart family sifts story offers; New evidence on Brian Mitchell

Best art touches hearts of believers

Eckhart plays clean-cut hero (similar to article posted Thursday)

'Other Side of Heaven' themes receive Disney label validation

2 Utahns tire of fame in Japan

Hesther Rippy gets Governor's Award

Enoch Train releases ambitious album

Chapel in the pines

Mormons choose site for new church

Husband pleads guilty in attempted poisoning of his spouse; Guilty plea in poisoning

Bail break for IBM 'scam' son

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 28, 2003)

Mother of LDS prisoner of war feels peace, believes he's OK (also see related story posted Wednesday)

Book of Mormon is 173 years old

Anderson explains latest Plaza plan

African wards give to communities

Barr students get a taste of pioneer experiences at school

From Centralia to El Salvador

Devotion at dawn

What parents teach (thanks to M. Klemann for link)

Group charts DNA using family histories for science

International performing tours cancelled

Spirit vital for missionaries, says John Bytheway

Let it slide (SL Tribune commentary on BYU student arrested for anti-war demonstration)

Ely stake names new officers

Utah Filipino community sets unity goals

Residents examine orchard land plans

The notorious Tanners (note: contains some anti-Mormon material as part of article)

Thursday Headlines (March 27, 2003)

Radio host organizing pro-America rallies 

Today in history (Kirtland Temple dedicated); Today in history (Joseph Smith published Book of Mormon)

Rocky wants eclectic Main

Statues proposal stirs up debate

War protester risks BYU dismissal; Similar article

Eckhart digs deep and finds leading-man ambitions

Radio research is 'all about marketing'

Rockin' the house

Ghana: Chronicle dares Chief of Staff; Leaders bare teeth

Sports: BYU basketball team can't wait for next year

Wednesday Headlines (March 26, 2003)

Saints fast for LDS helicopter pilot held captive

LDS Church makes plans to send aid to people of Iraq

BYU-Idaho faculty member speaks on Light of Christ

Backlash over anti-war celebrities

'Truth and Conviction' shows at Varsity Theater

LDS donates to Elmina Castle

LDS Church ousts Coles, Lyman from leadership positions

Super-cheap super-computing?

Tuesday Headlines (March 25, 2003)

Mormon church expands to new building

Zions to renovate tower; LDS Church to renovate downtown office building

Utahns' war line equivocal; New baby speeds up military protocol

Production of Book of Mormon movie gets underway

Shoshones finally get massacre land; Similar article; Another article

Spanish Trail given national designation

Western Book Prize goes to manuscript found in box

LDS Today hit by hacker

Monday Headlines (March 24, 2003)

Kidnapping case puts Mormons on the defensive; The laws on kidnapping and an insanity defense

Utah National Guard carries on a long and proud tradition of serving nation; Religious consider merits of war

Mormons and family history

Stockpiling is old hat to Mormons; Mormons offer survival open house

A new Crossroads

LDS Institute delays repairs until summer

Book of Mormon stories -- the movie

Chaste novels sell well with Mormons

Warland Singers to perform at BYU, Rexburg

Sports: Just sick about it

Weekend Headlines (March 22-23, 2003)

LDS surge in Latin America

LDS Church sends tons of nourishing mix; Famine in Ethiopia is looming, group warns

Church helps draught-stricken Australian farmers

War in Iraq: Vets have message for troops: finish it; Missionaries will continue serving in face of war; Church has no plans to return missionaries

Mormon faith has sacred site at Hiram home

Family History: Seeing beyond the family pictures; Mormon church helping blacks search for ancestors; Quick genealogy search fails to cook up any morsels of family history

School reforms won't end religious 'released time'

Is God really listening?

Revelation: Is it divine inspiration or delusion?

Easy-to-use electronic scriptures include study aids

Arts: A fine, feathered fiesta; BYU dance team comes to Magic Valley; New exhibition features artwork by Latter-day Saints; Film review: The R.M.

Landscape improvements to Hawaii temple announced

Rocky to take lead on plaza; Glendale backs plaza deal

Elder Kofford to speak at fireside

Area stores see little evidence of public stocking up on supplies

Rocky ripped for Nordstrom flip-flop

Everybody has a story: Dale Nelson

Cut that out! Utah business cleans up films

Utah senator's forest fire solution: rain dance by American Indian colleague

Sports: Olympia's Bigelow returns to state with BYU, fills ticket orders

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 21, 2003)

Bilingual Utah troops play important role in war effort

Religious leaders comment on Iraq war

2 on council seek plaza restrictions

Samoa: Latter-day builders do well from churches

Relief Society donates to the Accra psychiatric hospital

Orchestra features sweet sounds of pros, volunteers

Nordstrom appeals to Boyer

Gary Worth was devoted to family, youth

Teacher takes offer

Suspect in Smart case a misfit

Sports: UConn beats BYU, keeps brackets intact; BYU case not first time sports, religion have collided; ADL pleased with NCAA decision on religious diversity; Just don't blame BYU; Aggie players happy with trip to Ford Center

Thursday Headlines (March 20, 2003)

Marines ready for call to war

Iraq war; President Hinckley offers compassion, support; Church ready to send relief to Iraq

50 Nevada guardsmen headed for southeast Asia

No immediate plans to call missionaries home; LDS missions unaffected -- for now

Church joins fight against hunger in Ethiopia

The self-reliance doctrine

News of change at BYU helm was a surprise; Bateman leaves impressive legacy at BYU; Samuelson gets gifts of BYU blue

Smart's religion likely made her more vulnerable; Couple in line for Smart reward; Smart's brainwashing intense

Church to buy Crossroads Mall; Salt Lake Tribune article; Deseret News article; NewsNet article

Residents protest church project

Mormon history conference set for Kirtland

Lecturer spotlights life of Hugh Nibley

Member of famous Lladro family to visit Utah

Sports: Several kinds of faith lead to BYU's revival; NCAA notes; BYU hopes to ruin everyone's office pool

Wednesday Headlines (March 19, 2003)

BYU names new president; Former U. leader to head BYU; New president fields questions from reporters

Mormon Tabernacle Choir launches solely owned record label

Sheri Dew tells students they are alive at this time to lead

In time of war, youths turn to their faiths

Mitchell, Barzee charged in Smart kidnapping; Prosecutors say Smart was sexually attacked; Accused abductors charged with felony; Media balancing sensitivity plea with basic reporting

Mormons offer survival open house

Temecula residents fight planned church

Gay marriage, abortion bills get a hearing

7 held in alleged investment scam

Sports: NCAA dances around BYU mistake and BYU could cause the ultimate upset; Woodberry gets a big chance

Tuesday Headlines (March 18, 2003)

Elder Rudd speaks on Book of Mormon

Ocean City family soldiers on

Suspect: Elizabeth is still my wife; Brainwashing likely began at knifepoint; Family asks for privacy; Strange views split Barzee from family; Woman rebuffed Mitchell's proposal to be plural wife; Elizabeth loves me, weirdo rants; Ward celebrates answered prayers; Dormant polygamy issue spotlighted by Smart case; The Church of Latter-day constraints

FBI breaks-up cult-like San Diego investment fraud

People have right to choose religion

Donny Osmond

Monday Headlines (March 17, 2003)

Suspect considers Elizabeth Smart his wife and Suspect calls Smart wifeInvestigators fly Elizabeth over site; Religious zeal a common theme in broken minds; From faith to fanatic delusion; Smart case renews focus on polygamy; Abducted girl's relatives say her captors brainwashed her; Abduction linked to 'manifesto'; Mormon bishop: Elizabeth Smart is 'pure before the Lord'; Mormon faithful gather to celebrate Elizabeth's return; Polygamy bane of the Mormons; Profile of Wanda Barzee

Mormons tackle misconceptions

Many gather to watch statue take its place at Mormon temple

NCAA will switch tournament dates if BYU makes sweet 16; BYU's no play on Sunday may force move

Prepare for disaster by having plan

Scores of volunteers freshen up Girls Inc.

Yearlong correspondence leads to love, marriage

Church schedules musical program focusing on America

Weekend Headlines (March 15-16, 2003)

Holy matrimony! Utah is the place for couples

Elizabeth a plural wife?; Abducted teen adjusting well, her father says; The welcome-home party; Jubilant crowd celebrates with Smart family; Questions on why she didn't run away; Alive but not unchanged; Nutty 'messiah' wrote pro-polygamy tract; Smart's cousin may have been next target; Mitchell's 'manifesto'; How searchers could have missed campsite; Kidnapping charges expected to be filed Monday; Barzee's decent into self-delusion

LDS missionary tag fails to fool store manager

Complex picture of pair emerges

Mormons say readiness is part of their tradition

Brigham tea a big hit in early Utah

Y. panel eyes a war warily

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 14, 2003)

More on Elizabeth Smart: LDS Church news releases; Teen camped out near home; Questions mount over Smart kidnapping; Portrait of kidnapping suspect varies; Teenage girl kidnapped by fanatic to be 'his child bride'; Captors likely controlled Utah teen; Man found Smart with 'homeless prophet'; Ed Smart expresses thanks, calls for Amber Alert support; Smart was forced to depend on captors; Joyful reunion for Smart family

Plaza appeal goes to top court; Mormon church asks court to review free speech case

Truman Madsen speaks to mission prep club

Resident gives gift of kindness to premature babies

Habitat dedicates sixth home in county

Grapes of Wrath (top editor speaks listens to Mormon Tabernacle Choir -- thanks to S. Delliskave for link)

Workshop to give chance to aspiring Mormon writers

Thursday Headlines (March 13, 2003)

Elizabeth Smart found alive: Smart's return called 'miracle'; Alive and well; Found! Nothing short of a miracle; Photo gallery; Relatives never gave up; Vigilant couples tip police; Elizabeth may have been taken to be a replacement daughter; TV rushes to tell story; Listen up folks -- Mary Katherine got it right; Ribbons faded, but not her neighborhood's faith; Neighbors overjoyed; Why did she not escape?; Potential motive; Family member describes Utah couple's downward spiral

Mayor's office trying to balance plaza story

Plaza case appealed to U.S. Supreme Court

Operation home run

Church youngsters will attend tree planting

Part of massacre site will go to Shoshones

Wednesday Headlines (March 12, 2003)

Alliance pursuing plaza deal

More articles on missionary killed in Argentina: Deseret News; BYU NewsNet; Former area-resident killed

Donny's tribute to a fund-raiser (thanks to S. Orndal for the link)

Academy helps Filipinos rise above poverty line

Senior missionaries serve (this is a PDF file and needs Acrobat Reader to be viewed -- thanks to C. Hine for link)

Church to celebrate sisterhood

Devotional addresses magic of words

This marine also a minister

Women law students feel stereotyped

Legislator sees malpractice crisis from all sides

Local girl placed in oratory contest

Seizure of Y. files contested

Mixed message on beauty

Anti-smut fight loses warrior

An 'oxy-Mormon' tries to look back in anger and laughter

Tuesday Headlines (March 11, 2003)

Missionary killed while trying to save child; Missionary electrocuted in Argentina

BYU-Idaho official speaks on recognizing the spirit

Mormon peanut butter plant spreads efforts to food bank

Mormon church to have new facility by fall

45 years later, Mexico City grandmother baptized

Shafer pays her vocal dues

North Korea threat ratchets up tension in DMZ

Seabees seek peace at church services

Families teach LDS Family Services about international adoptions

Panorama at BYU depicts LDS history

Sports: Co-championship was not expected this year at U.; Buff's QBs set for showdown; Athlete gets shot at small-college football

Monday Headlines (March 10, 2003)

Mormons take emergency readiness in stride; For some, preparedness a matter of faith

Mormon romance novels seduce buyers

Controversy on Mormon Main Street

Rexburg strained by BYU-Idaho expansion

Plate is dated as pre-1861, but writing may still be forgery 

History matters

Hatch splits from Utah delegation on cloning

Birth control is a complex issue

Churches divided on war

Student papers honored at symposium

Missionary reunions

Weekend Headlines (March 8-9, 2003)

Caldwell man and his baby daughter laid to rest in Boise

Tracing roots with DNA

Seminar aims to calm fears of terrorist attack

For Austin teen, breath of life returns

Missionary gaffes good for a laugh

Mormons appoint new regional president Cragun

Mothers' group assails offensive TV shows

Does your faith encourage others to convert?

Holy Cross, Weber State share an elusive NCAA dream

Damage closes LDS institute building

2 students to speak at U.N. meet

Ringgold senior will soon reign as king of the forest

Humor: The Sugar Beet -- Satire for the Soul

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 7, 2003)

Mormon leaders abroad won't attend LDS conference; Similar article; Deseret News article

Alleged John D. Lee letter contains 19th century ore

Teenager 'sent to a special place,' mother says in farewell letter to her son

Man helps lead 'shower of love'

Guatemala trips find beauty, oppression

DNA testing helps find family roots

BYU soccer finds novel alternative to NCAA (thanks to D. Bjarnason for link); Similar article

Inventor, scientist Ingebretsen dies of heart failure at 54; Similar article

'Arms debate' rages at BYU

Mormon cheerleader to participate in "American Idol"

Former Utahn feels the pull of the Iditarod

Complete fossil of ancient horse found in Peru (thanks to J. Bascom for link)

Thursday Headlines (March 6, 2003)

Students get dose of early morning spirituality

Avenues council backs plaza land swap

Church to establish eye center at KATH

Therapists head to Afghanistan

Cougars avoiding trouble

Possible U. campus leaders address religion and spirituality

Wednesday Headlines (March 5, 2003)

Yale hosting Mormonism conference

Advisory board backs city's Plaza plan

Lease talks on Martin's Cove stall

Tributes, memories abound about pilot

Specializing in success

Osmond mania returns to Glasgow

BYU gingerly embracing war dissent

Old books, artifacts on display at open house

Students killed in car crash honored

Tuesday Headlines (March 4, 2003)

Follow principles to find success

"The future of Ghana is incalculably great"

Service salutes fallen hero

SLC chamber approves plaza exchange

Supporters drop plan to continue with hate-crime legislation

LDS Church objects to lease terms

Medical school teaches role of faith in healing

Student organizes anti-war meeting

From singing to sandwiches: Deli owner once performed in famous choir

Spouse's last act of kindness: sandwich

Paramedic dies a day after surviving ambulance crash

Sports: BYU: Coaches sons contribute behind the scenes

Guthrie on fast track to majors

Monday Headlines (March 3, 2003)

Mormons urged to care for kin and others

LDS history sites to be erected

Family stashes enough food to last a year; Survivalists in war-threatened America; Stockpiling not just for LDS

The mayor's view on the Main Street Plaza controversy

I am a Mormon, but don't assume you know everything about me

Economy not hurting tithes to churches

Emergency readiness seminar set

Prayer best response to war drums

'Mormonator' and sidekick are putting on quite a show

Weekend Headlines (March 1-2, 2003)

Mormons trumpet leader's visit

LDS units can again post web sites

Fireside with Apostle Nelson

Pres. Faust is honored

Dew to join women's panel

Elder Staheli to give CES fireside; Elder Staheli to speak Sunday

Big fat Mormon wedding?

Climbing down the family tree; Unlocking your past: a family history community event (thanks to S. Whitney for links)

LDS archive now available for sale

A Sunday with the Olomouc Branch, Czech Republic

Awards honor top Mormon writing

Heavenly hand can settle on all of us

Saturday rally to support troops

Science disputes Book of Mormon

Utahn accused of killing wife and daughter, asks for lawyer

Acceptance of transgendered varies widely among faiths

Bomb name makes town unhappy

LDS Church News headlines