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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

March 2002 News:

Weekend Headlines (March 30-31, 2002)

Easter drives traffic to religious web sites

Adorable, popular Utahn still looks to be last "Survivor"

Architect raises churches and schools "God's way"

Jewish LDS form a group

Utah Schools are warming to religion

One true religion: Just a romantic notion?

Frisco, Texas celebrates opening of first meetinghouse

Utah winery produces in the heart of Mormon country

Sunstone seeks entries for writing contest

Nauvoo Temple prepares for open house (thanks to G. Smith for the link)

Sports: Scrimmage to present football team in action

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 29, 2002)

Faith healing: Spirituality offers help on addictions

Award-winning singers won't compete on Sunday

Elder Dean L. Larsen speaks on latter days

The Snowflake Arizona Temple is the Church's 108th temple

Mormon hotelier & farmer heeded the call to build temple

Visa regulations crack down affecting BYU

"Y" students score on Price Is Right

Former Madison Square Garden CEO visits  BYU-Idaho

Pleasant Grove may put an end to Monday fun

Annual campaign benefits students

Arabic study "abroaders" respond to Prophet's call

Sin of Intolerance (thanks to G. Smith for the link)

BYU student fashions modeling career

Latter-day APA conversion story

Sports: Rulon Gardner to lose toe because of frostbite, Utah signs Ricks Star

Thursday Headlines (March 28, 2002)

Kirtland Temple celebrates 166 years

It's a latter-day colossus (thanks to J. Wihongi for the link)

Mormons readying temple for dedication

Student leader wants to bring change to BYU

Mormons clean and polish

Court weighs suit to alter census methods

Independent study courses thriving at Y.

Easter concert at Tabernacle

Book reviewer wields a powerful pen

Letters to editor of Nauvoo paper after anti-Mormon advertisement was run: Letter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (thanks to G. Smith for the links)

Rich Lowry on Saudi money (brief mention of the Church)

Sports: McKay in L.A. is pretty okay

Wednesday Headlines (March 27, 2002)

Changes to stake missionary program announced; Similar article

President Hinckley: a leader worth emulating

Lazarus' story tells truths of atonement

Sister Ballard speaks about decision-making

LDS Young Women to gather Saturday

BYU professor speaks about being receptive to promptings of spirit

Religious practices in U.S. discussed

Colleges warming to faith?

Last chance on census; Effects will be felt widely if Utah wins census dispute

Albanian student named BYU-Idaho student of the year

Passover program helps families teach the ritual dinner

Today in history (Kirtland Temple dedicated)

Tracing ancestors in school history

Tuesday Headlines (March 26, 2002)

President of BYU-Hawaii will talk on atonement, story of Lazarus; Similar article

Testaments film used as teaching tool in Hawaii; Mormon IMAX film has roots in isles; Similar article

Census deepens knowledge of family history

Internet site aids in search for past

Young men spreading word of God in two-year mission

Dave Barry: When even time doesn't fly (thanks to D. Jenkins for the link)

Overtaxed community drops out for a night (note: Thanks to B. Ferris for this gem -- did the community get the family night idea from some other organization?)

LDS Cinema news

Higher Utah suicide rates are not due to stresses within the church

Politics: Mitt opens GOP doors to one and all; Newspaper publisher runs for governor in Idaho (similar article); Republicans impressed with crowds

Mormon missionary off to Bulgaria (note: this article is included to give local public affairs directors ideas for missionary announcements) 

Deaths: Pioneer educator Bowler dies at 89

Sports: Cleveland decides to stay with BYU; Similar article; Similar Deseret News article

Monday Headlines (March 25, 2002)

Open house reflects growth of church in Paterson (New Jersey)

McKay family reminisces arrivals in the old McKay-Dee hospital 

Provo Temple marks 30-year anniversary

Pipe Spring's legends will keep flowing

The Mormon factor looms large for Romney; Mysteries cling to popular Mitt; Democrats launch attack on Romney

North Las Vegas plans a tribute to a first lady

History: Back Pages

First peek into the past

Utah, N.C. challenge census count

Orem mother of 14 named 'Mother of the Year'; Brigham City woman named mother of the year

Letters to editor (scroll half-way down article)

'Latter-day Commentary' sheds new light on Old Testament

Orchestra schedules auditions

Deaths: Y student dies in sledding accident

Sports: Tennessee crashes Y's Cinderella party; Coug's dream-run ends vs. Vols

Weekend Headlines (March 23-24, 2002)

Edwards off to NYC for LDS mission; Similar article

Missionary recovering from second attack; Similar article

Town takes its no-door-to-door pitch to the top

Sister Dew sees pattern to victory

Seeking personal revelation

BYU professor speaks on preparation for marriage

Award winning group won't compromise; Similar article

Mormon on a mission

Pianist lets freedom ring

Letters to editor: Attack isn't Christian

Politics: Politician converts to LDS faith; Maverick commissioner Judd stepping down in Kane county

Missionaries climb then get arrested

BYU-Idaho student dies in avalanche

'Extra-special' mutual drama in Layton

Mormon Letters group installs officers

Conference traditions carry over into campus life

Sports: BYU looks for 'home court' edge; Jensen is Y's point of focus; Cougs unfazed by vaunted Vols

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 22, 2002)

Lubbock Temple to serve area's LDS members

FBI turns to Mormon Church experts to shore up computers; Similar article

Video: workers ready Conference Center for General Conference

BYU discovers NCAA success; Cougars hope for 'Sweet' victory; NCAA spotlight is on Judkins; Title game could be delayed a day for BYU

Community commentary: Newport Beach Temple will benefit community

Genealogy spurts after 'Roots'

BYU helps community members find links to the past

A teacher's perspective on LDS responsibilities of a 'learned person'

BYU family expo to focus on making house of order

Cannon facing stiff competition

Eyes of the morning (note: the Church is only mentioned briefly, but it's an interesting perspective on the Navajo culture)

Thursday Headlines (March 21, 2002)

An interview with President Boyd K. Packer

President Packer teaches about the Spirit

Church responds to white supremacist group's comments; Similar Deseret News article

Sides finalizing Tribune trial details; AT&T must respond in Tribune suit

Mind your own glass home

More on Mitt Romney: Democrats aim at a new target; 'Realist' Mass. Gov. out of race; She never had a chance; They understand the dilemma; Romney to resign from SLOC on April 24

Students cross state line, gamble with morals

Sports: Fresno job interests Cleveland; Thorn soaks up emotion of BYU winWomen's hoops deserves better than apathy; Cougars finally perform on road, still come up short; A taller stand

Wednesday Headlines (March 20, 2002)

Elder Sorenson: The Book of Mormon is source of power, strength

Romney to run for Massachusetts governor; Similar AP article; USA Today story; Candidate Romney: Massachusetts needs me; Swift deserves praise; SL Tribune article; Mitt's perfect image is almost too much to bear (thanks to D. Bjarnason for the link)

Scholar calls scroll a hoax

Sanderson is wrestling with perfection

Soccer star says no to Sundays

Thief strikes games, Utahns save the day

'Beach mom' finds room in life for kids and 'Salome'

Being loved as a soldier abroad humbling

Family deals with deployment

BYU a step ahead in foreign language

Tuition bill irks students

Larry King to emcee gala

Tuesday Headlines (March 19, 2002)

BYU unsure when Jerusalem classes to resume

Plaza case prompts grilling; Plaza deal probed, plaza rules grilled

Romney 'home' says he'll declare intentions soon; Romney rules out Utah races; Romney's hometown loss may resonate in governor race

BYU researcher responds to criticism of Old Testament

Collectors stay on the paper trail

Carthage plans for increase in tourism during Temple open house

Speakers at Orem Institute discuss life's challenges

A house of memories

Speaker claims belief in higher power boosts the immune system

Indian foster homes preserve culture

Army Sergeant finds answer to prayer through church attendance

DUP museum gets tax relief

Sports: Late comeback advances Cougs; It's gonna be sweeeet; Y. well-rested for big game; Tough Memphis team beckons BYU men 

Monday Headlines (March 18, 2002)

Group targets Mormon Church

New Mormon temple is target of opposition

Family history moving into technology age

Finally, a ruling on Main?

History: Irishman found a good fight in fledgling Utah; A chilly winter with the Mormons

Mitt Romney: Is Mitt's mind made up about political race?St. Patrick's Day menu heavy on snipes; Breakfast on the run

Latter-day Saints participate in clean-up

Stingers seek anthem singers

Nauvoo anti-Mormon sermon advertisement: Negative thoughts; Immature ad; See related article reported over the weekend (thanks to G. Smith)

Nauvoo's preparations for influx of visitors: Council details 'special event' permits; City prepares for influx of garbage

Sports: Later Gators: BYU women get first tournament win

Weekend Headlines (March 16-17, 2002)

Thousands of Mormon girls pine while their sweethearts serve

Sister Dew speaks of being prepared (watch video)

Games, LDS Church influenced each other

Olympics were good for LDS, panel says

Some evangelists rue Salt Lake tactics

Man who threatened President Hunter running for congress

Sister Okazaki headlines BYU conference on microenterprise

Mormon 'truth' the focus of couple's sermon; Write letter to editor by sending fax to 319-754-6824

Alpine siblings blossoming at Juliard

Columbia's family man

Utah rates high with travel writer

Yate's profile similar to LDS moms

Caucuses cause cancellations

Mission reunion notices for April General Conference available at Deseret News

Sports: LDS member a medalist in Super-G; Subs a depth charge for Y.; Pearson's illogical choice paying off nicely for Y.; Cougars won't be surprised

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 15, 2002)

President Bateman fields students' questions

Shallow roots are good too

Teen rescues 4-year-old in train's path

Orem teen triumphs over tragedy

Third annual Pratt trail ride to commemorate missionaries

Rex Lee run honors former BYU president

Beliefs collide in 'The Believer'

Exorcism of devilish mascot fails

California adoptees fight for access to birth records

Sports news of interest to Latter-day Saints: Carr won't name No. 1 QB; Berry back with Cougs; Cougars advance in NIT; Hoosiers end Ute's season

Thursday Headlines (March 14, 2002)

Friends say Romney has deep Boston roots

Construction of Redlands Temple to begin in March

Sheri L. Dew featured at Religious Education Symposium

Update: Gardner weathers frostbite, prepares for 2004 Olympics

Interview with a Mad Dog

Send in the Mormons; Send in the Mormons II (scroll towards the bottom of the articles) -- thanks to D. Hansen for the links

Performing dream comes true for Taiwan citizen

Basketball games focus on faith, fun

Orem choir plans Easter celebration

Killer of UAH coed due parole hearing Monday

Wednesday Headlines (March 13, 2002)

President Faust to receive honorary degree

Panel: Olympics gave LDS golden image

Oly media positive on LDS culture

Will Trib suit filings be opened?

Devotional illustrates 10 principles for life

Speaker explains necessity of bodies

Water restored after Pipe Springs dries up

Sports: Technical foul on fan proves costly to Aggies

Tuesday Headlines (March 12, 2002)

Living the unexpected life -- 'unmarried' leader is almost a celebrity among LDS

BYU professor notes similarities in LDS and Catholic organizations

Student from Tajikistan hopes to bring gospel to her country

Mormons get the word out

A special place

Clayton Christensen devotional speaker at BYU-Hawaii

BYU student body president: a leader to be used by the Lord

Y student becomes finalist for prestigious scholarship

Tip of hat to cancer volunteer

Church public service ad wins award

Memorial service held for 4-term Democratic Senator Howard Cannon

First non-Mormon woman president of Association for Mormon Letters passes away

Monday Headlines (March 11, 2002)

Nauvoo Temple reconstruction a blend of historic and modern

Northeast warms up to play politics

Lead note is drawing crowds at Page

Tabernacle's percussion-driven concert enthralls

USA Today honors Y student

Washington Post complaints of the week

Some students of other faiths join Y to get an education at a reasonable price

Anderson: the mayor Utah loves to hate

After 'The Singles Ward' got raked over the coals, readers did the same to me

Women Cougs clasp MWC championship

Weekend Headlines (March 9-10, 2002)

Scroll will be subjected to scientific analysis; Did Lee pen letter found at fort?

"Jesus the Christ" pageant at Mesa Temple grounds

President of WSU resigns

Non-LDS students drawn to school standards

Salt Lake City historical tour

Mormon history sessions on March 16

3 teens arrested in arson at church (thanks to F. Murillo for link)

Kirby: Court should keep missionary work interesting

Cannon services Monday

Conway man to serve mission in South Africa (editor's note: I've included this as an example of good public affairs work at the local level)

LDS Church News headlines (includes list of new mission president assignments as well as full text of Snowflake Arizona Temple dedicatory prayer)

Friday Headlines (March 8, 2002)

Phenomenal church growth in West Africa

Encore run for Oly torch

Y graduate student translates the Book of Mormon into Pakistan's official language

Olympics spotlight illuminates Mormon faith in Georgia

Lead letter raises plenty of questions

BYU graduate's documentary tells tale of Latter-day Saint persecution

BYU stake's men join in enrichment meetings

Mantes brings fresh voice to alcohol panel

Sports: Koz in camp after miraculous recover; Reeling Y skids out of MWC tournament

Thursday Headlines (March 7, 2002)

High religious commitment linked to less suicide

First Presidency passes Paralympic torch; Similar article

President Packer to speak at BYU-Idaho

Education increases religious activity

Enthusiasts focus on old west trails

'Amen' to a church-free lifestyle (note: the sidebar article cites that Mormons are the most charitable)

BYU professor skis in Paralympic Games

Former Ricks College professor overcomes handicap adversity

Performers press on with musical about pioneers of Midway

Wednesday Headlines (March 6, 2002)

Elder Groberg: serve others, endure to the end

Tribune gets okay to question Pres. Monson (also see yesterday's Tribune article)

Mission call alters priorities of future missionaries

J. Willard Marriott Jr. writes the Washington Post (the 'essay' originally posted February 26, 2002: Unmentionable no longer)

Korean mission president remembered

Carthage prepares for invasion of tourists (thanks to S. Meacham for the link)

Book review: Finding light in the darkness 

Caucuses are still on Mondays

BYU professor's study links air pollution to cancer; Air pollution linked to lung cancer

Sports: Crowton looks to fill holes for '02

Tuesday Headlines (March 5, 2002)

LDS official to be questioned in Tribune lawsuit

Sister Bateman and daughters discuss righteous living

More on Mountain Meadows massacre: Mountain massacre mystery; Doubts about 19th century massacre; Alleged Lee note to be shown; Text of alleged letter

Work on Mormon chapel underway (Rochester-Palmyra Stake)

Mormon links confuse web master (note: we were the first 'Mormon' site to have a link to the referenced article)

GOP may drop acting Massachusetts governor in favor of Olympic organizer

Utahns love Mitt, Mike, and even Rocky

Dixie widow wary of murder confession

Private university tuition increases, BYU is exception

BYU holding world fest

Music offerings teach values

Sports: A formative year for Dodgers outfielder; Winners and losers (Ryan Denney described as impressive -- thanks to D. Hymas for link)

Monday Headlines (March 4, 2002)

Mormon president dedicates Snowflake Arizona temple (article has links to video, virtual tour, and slideshow of temple); Similar article

Elder Ballard emphasizes strong spiritual armor; LDS apostle says to make most of time

Sister Bateman establishes life-long pattern

An unexpected Olympic legacy: 'Wild Bill' as kin

Tooele farmer a happy holdout

Golden games

Japanese singer shares gospel through music

Arson suspected in fire at church

Duke trio to say good-bye; Unique send-off today at Cameron

Weekend Headlines (March 2-3, 2002)

President Hinckley lauds success of Olympics, contributions of volunteers

Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra offer free Easter concert

Light of the World soundtrack available on CD

Play details life of black pioneer

Temple debate enters cyberspace

Tough decision, tough time; Additional stories on Mitt Romney: Romney should go for political gold; Poll: Mass. wants Mitt; Similar article (thanks to D. Bjarnason for the links)

Prison camp liberation (thanks to L. Dayley for the article; Harold Hurst is a member of the Church in Idaho)

Non-LDS mom strives to bridge Utah's divide

Intrepid unveiling (see original Washington Post article -- originally posted on LDS Today on February 27)

'Pipe' dreams

Actors back U. student; Act 2: Union out of dispute

BYU exhibiting rare documents

'Disruptive' qualities can point to future market leader


Mormons lost shouting battle, but won PR war

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (March 1, 2002)

LDS Church pays Sea Trek debt, joins lawsuit against organizers; Similar Deseret News article

Salt Lake trying to capitalize on success of Olympics; Similar article

Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Yo Yo schedule has a Sting

Mitt's stock is sky-high

Elder Ballard to share thoughts on staying focused

Sister Dew to lecture on service at symposium

Mormons help with Hindu temple (see latter portion of article)

Mormons help others prepare for worst

National association appoints President Bateman to board of directors

National anthem doesn't deserve to be mangled

Mormon member of Survivor cast