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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

July 2002 News:

Wednesday Headlines (July 31, 2002)

Elder Hafen opens genealogy conference

MediaNews to take over Tribune, Tribune owner says independence will not be compromised

"Way To Be" hits shelves

General authorities and Deseret Book collaborate

Seamstresses from local church join international relief program

Seminars teach emergency preparedness

No more free mail pickup for Salt Lake businesses

BCS controversy already stirring in MWC

Logan man sentenced for burglary

Tuesday Headlines (July 30, 2002)

Utah's influence affects nations welfare reform

"Ender's Game" to become film

Church faculty takes special trip out east

Tribune owner vows to bring vigor to Utah's largest paper

More diversity in plans for BYU-Hawaii

Baptist bible missionaries proseletyze in Provo

Store receptions to launch Mountain Meadows Massacre book

Mormons find new sites for worship

Students give benefits for serving mission

Funeral for Y grads

From ballet to culinary arts student loves change of major

Genoa plans Indian school reunion and dedication

Monday Headlines (July 29, 2002)

Smarts' lives revolve around the search

Nauvoo Temple keys return home

Congressional candidate raises abortion in first campaign dust-up

Mormon kids trace steps of ancestors

BYU & U rank high in tech income

Timpview QB Affleck seeks fortune outside Coug territory

Common bond breaks the walls between religions

Church camp hit by E. coli

Utahns volunteer for Alzheimer's project

Cemetery the site of a lively show

Want a religious monument? So go and buy one already

Love of reading leads woman to Demary Library work

Weekend Headlines (July 27-28, 2002)

Academics Vice President encourages campus unity and love 

Bookseller trades in rare treasures: old LDS books

Iowa town aims to be LDS draw

Masterful storyteller keeps us enthralled

Plans for church rise out of ashes

Church followers assist at World Youth Day

Genealogy: Watch out for changing surnames

Gardner on the mend, plans to wrestle again

Provo duo part of show as tour stops in Salt Lake

Squash: Rorani reassesses her future

Letting go, let them grow

Couple died hand in hand

Ex-con RB Havili won't be allowed to join Utes

Friday Headlines (July 26, 2002)

State's towns rich in many nationalities

Bill would sell land to Nevadan

Retracing pioneers' footprints, Handcart parade a hot item

A&F publication rips Provo college life

Obtaining visas not quite as easy as it once was

Hanging on to ancestry

Utah needs plan for education funding

Should Leavitt reach out to Greens?

Thursday Headlines (July 25, 2002)

President Hinckley hails a new spirit, For all America, Days of '47 fetes heroes past & present, Utah's Days of '47 Parade shows patriotism as well as pioneers, Goshen youth get taste of handcart pioneers' struggles

Black pioneers shared in building Utah

LDS Church donates $1 million to famine-relief program

Program gives teenagers spiritual high

Special collections hold plethora of Nauvoo info

Artist's work encourages Smart family

Tribune managers appeal to stay on

Those who worship more often tend to smoke less

BYU, UofU in patent top 10

Media gets a look at Lee papers

10th Circuit Court defies ideological classification

Green's wife questions prosecutor's motive

People in the News: Sushi's new cutting edge, Singing brothers enjoy busy life as choir members

Friday Headlines (July 19, 2002)

LDS leader turns more new pages

Newport Beach Temple faces fight

Church faces project hearing

More Pioneer Day celebrations: Days of '47 fine art show; Days of '47: A great line-up getting ready; Valley Mormons in midst of celebration; 123rd Pioneer Days packs Manassa with 10,000 people

After pioneer exodus, French Icarians inhabit Nauvoo

When results don't count (more on John Darwin)

Sports: New BYU ad campaign reaching a religious pitch; Separating church and state; Keyworth still counts blessings

Former members in the news: news

Thursday Headlines (July 18, 2002)

Idaho Pocatello mission president speaks on guiding moments

Historic spring gets lift but tourists don't notice

Pioneer-era Cove Fort a modern way-station

Pioneer Day celebrations: Carey prepares Pioneer Days bash; Pioneer Day focuses on diversity; Classic "Brigham Young" at BYU film series; Pioneer story unfolding in Springville

Y grad advises U.S. president

Family performing in Nauvoo musical

As Utah monument changes the local economy, it also serves as a prototype for the nation's land managers

New books delve into personal lives of LDS general authorities (buy A Disciple's Life at a discount here)

BYU Studies book enhances state heritage appreciation

Sports: Rating backup QBs (note: brief mention of Spencer Brinton from Michigan)

Wednesday Headlines (July 17, 2002)

Devotional: First things first

Dean of students highlights value of integrity

History rebuilt on the Mississippi (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Utah non-members can feel 'bit of a shock'

Unplugged: FBI CIO Darwin John

MIA story has ending -- 35 years later

Keizer teen wins milk moustache scholarship (thanks to R. Hellewell for the link)

New exhibition for award winning LDS English photographer

Neighborhood feature: Robin's Nest

Sports: Different kind of Twister; Felon off football team

Tuesday Headlines (July 16, 2002)

Toy-time: Church youth-group members make toys for kids all over the world

Elder H. Burke Peterson at BYU devotional July 16

Days of '47 festivities in Utah

Book making waves (similar to Tribune article posted yesterday)

Your favorite Guess Who memories go here

Nevada fire spreads into Utah, threatens historical mining camp

Elizabeth Smart update

Deaths: Burnley man, 21, killed in France

Monday Headlines (July 15, 2002)

In the footsteps of their faith

Mormon teens trace steps during journey; Mormon youth re-enact life on the 19th century frontier

LDS couple's book takes on polygamy shame

Mormon suits up for two-year mission

A flood of young volunteers; Volunteers help clean-up after flood

Cultures spice Days of '47

Sunrise Bakery keeps the loaves rolling

WWII vet helped Tech earn its first bowl bid

Defiant fire fighters snub feds

Filling the pews

Politics: Military experience lacking in Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates

History: Savage sites; The back pages

Weekend Headlines (July 13-14, 2002)

Beliefs clash outside pageant

In time, bad luck is heroic

A faithful few stayed to fight fire

Musician/teacher builds a legacy defined by influence and service

Mormon teens to honor freedom with dance

Church members clean park

Street shrine for slain high school student

Web links families, missionaries

Mormon Handcart Pageant debuting in Nephi

Judge unseals secret memos

Sunstone Symposium to be held

Elizabeth Smart update

Sports: Big shift next for Aragon all-star; Portie's golf game

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (July 12, 2002)

Investigators rule church fire an arson; Similar article; AP article

Fire at LDS farm ruled suspicious

More on new FBI CIO; Interview with Darwin John

Romney working to define his image (thanks to D. Bjarnason for link)

This washer repairman isn't lonely

Teen workers to swarm Athens

Neighbor foils church break-in

Art gallery highlights Nauvoo in art show

Correction to previous LA Times article

Thursday Headlines (July 11, 2002)

Atlanta Latter-day Saints host Stephen Covey VIP reception

Church damaged in rampage (thanks to T. Malone for link)

FBI taps Mormon for post; FBI taps private sector for new CIO

Man organizes response to Texas floods

Dean of students speaks on integrity

Nauvoo dedication music to be performed

BYU-Idaho teacher speaks on being spiritually-minded

Coming soon: 'Suddenly Unexpected' -- a tale of two LDS missionaries

City of Joseph outdoor musical drama

Elizabeth Smart update: Father takes hope in letter

Wednesday Headlines (July 10, 2002)

Devotional: speak truth with love and courage

Hill Cumorah draws missionary-minded

Smarts juggle privacy, need for media focus

Faith: equal redemption for equal sin

Local people connected with new temple

ZCMI gets set for expansion; Bank building could become part of ZCMI mall expansion

Making Osmond cool takes scorpions

USVC religious studies major doesn't phase Y

Sports: Squash: Leilani skips training to get married

Tuesday Headlines (July 9, 2002)

Prayer, faith emphasized at Freedom Festival; Freedom Festival closes with patriotic service; Similar Deseret News article

Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance truly a gift for Quincy (thanks to G. Smith for link)

NPR audio report: Mormon scandal (editor's note: click here to send comments to NPR)

Wagon train re-enactor Stewart dies at 30, five years after trek; Similar Deseret News article; Similar Iowa article

GOP sees big vote gains on marriage initiative

Book takes a look inside Brigham Young's homes

Monday Headlines (July 8, 2002)

Modern Malachi tugs at our hearts

Tabernacle Choir performs Nauvoo Temple music for pioneer celebration

Mormon show opens; New cataclysm at Cumorah caps Mormons' spectacle; Pageant tones down

Family roots traced at genealogy gathering

In remembrance of a man

Larry King shares insights of TV

Bountiful man's idea created volunteer service organization

'Renaissance man' sets example -- graduate never missed seminary class

LDS conference teens plant seedlings

Dueling pianists? Not a chance

Beaver remembers Butch Cassidy

John D. Lee statue vexes Washington; Similar AP article

The LA Times accused of playing politics regarding temple steeple

Utahns split on research cloning

Chinese LDS fireside planned in Salt Lake City July 21

Deaths: Four families' outings lead to a tragedy; High school football star killed in hit-run accident

Friday Headlines (July 5, 2002)

Note: No news will be posted this weekend

Freedom is a gift from the Eternal Father to all Americans

Faith and the Fourth inspirational for many

A day in the life of Mormon missionaries

Wildfire tamed, losses toted up

LDS stake learns the ins and outs of float-making

More on the Nauvoo Temple: Temple dedicated in 13 sessions; Nauvoo Temple opens (thanks to G. Smith for links)

Officer to go overseas in Reserve

Passion for instrument shows in guitarist's CD (Buy Dowdle's music at a discount)

Sports: 'The Gringo' is a big, fast Frog who can hit

Thursday Headlines (July 4, 2002)

Devotional: Liberty requires sacrifice

Sculpture adds fuel to heated debate over Founding Fathers' convictions

Scott Samuelson teaches principles of spiritual mindedness

Hill Cumorah Pageant begins Friday

Federal agents join probe into Church of Latter-day Saints fire

Muddy trek re-enacts Mormon migration

Mormons in church joy

Interview with the Nauvoo Temple architect

Tension between old and new in Nauvoo Temple

Feeding the needy

Long road as crossing guard is coming to an end

Wednesday Headlines (July 3, 2002)

Elder Nadauld speaks on knowing the Savior

David Bednar speaks on obedience

Sister Bednar explains "Spirit of Ricks"

Church gone, faith intact; Fire destroys church (thanks to J. Nay for link)

The people at Nauvoo; Photo of Sister Hinckley at Nauvoo Temple dedication

Carthage evokes bittersweet emotions; Carthage, Winters Quarters popular sites

Faith: How is He depicted?

Men delaying marriage -- except in Utah

Elizabeth Smart update

Tribune's verbal fight with Deseret News columnist

Obituary of 4-year-old who drowned last week; See previous article: Family presses search in swift waters

Tuesday Headlines (July 2, 2002)

LDS members travel large distances to dedication

Through the camera lens: Gordon B. Hinckley in Nauvoo

U.S. struggles with outdated databases

FAIR announces the 4th Annual Mormon Apologetics Conference

Victim sues LDS Church, abuser; Similar article

Modest bridal, prom wear finds niche in society

Teton land swap no longer tied to Martin's Cove sale

Nauvoo survey - 01 (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Sports: Nelson, AquaSox pound on Emeralds; Women have come a long way in sports

Monday Headlines (July 1, 2002)

Mormons complete new temple dedication

Come, come ye saints -- members celebrate new temple

Church president dedicates Nauvoo temple (thanks to G. Smith for link)

LDS visitors' center to open; Brief article

Tragic handcart account evolved over the years

Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast originates from Nauvoo

Mormon Tabernacle Choir: 'They were wonderful!'; Choir records 'Music' at Nauvoo

Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert raises $75,000 for Quincy foundation (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Evacuees return home -- or to where homes were

Arizona Church members aid fire victims; PR Newswire

Mission a family affair for Mesa clan

Looking like a missionary, looking like a man (thanks to K. Busselberg for above two links)

History matters: Barney's hunting prowess made Porter Rockwell feel a bit insecure

High school makeover

Patriotic music remains in style for devoted youths

Books offer views of TV pioneers; NPR audio report on Farnsworth

Business: What happened to downtown?; Good legs to stand on; Where did they go?

Deaths: Some 1,300 pay tribute to supervisor Peterson

Weekend Headlines (June 29-30, 2002)

Mormons return to place of old trouble and a new temple

Rising from the ashes

Text of the dedicatory prayer

Mormons begin dedicating temple

Nauvoo Temple now official

Nauvoo Temple dedication spurs torrents of tears, joy

Church leaders make rare joint appearance

Church keeping cost of temple close to the vest

LDS Church News: 'Crowning objective of Joseph's life'; Nauvoo history comes full circle

Mormon Tabernacle Choir says thank you to Quincy, Illinois; Choir sings its thanks for refuge

Front-row seats for historic service

Utahns battle fiery monster; Fire and faith -- Arizonans turn to heaven for help

Annual trip full of fun, service

Police find nothing new in Smart case

The writing life

Dance festival showcases teens

Pearl Award ceremony will be held Sunday

LDS Church News headlines (also see special edition of Nauvoo Temple dedication)

Friday Headlines (June 28, 2002)

Hinckley dedicates new Nauvoo Temple; Nauvoo the beautiful; Hinckley, Smith theme for many at service; A temple past and present; Hinckley: Nauvoo 'emotional experience' of pioneering future; Dedication ceremonies begin

Personal reflection: The hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers (note: some of my thoughts on the completion of the Nauvoo Temple)

President Hinckley says rebuilt Nauvoo Temple marks greatest season in Church's history

Smith family service of remembrance

Time capsule sealed away during temple ceremonies (thanks to G. Smith); A time capsule of service, devotion

A tale of two temples

Nauvoo Temple keys return home; Temple keys

Nauvoo dedication historic to Mormons

Utah Mormons making reverse pilgrimage to new Illinois temple

Highland man assigned duty of overseeing construction of temple; Lehi man contributes to signature staircase

Nauvoo Temple: quotes from visitors

Mormons get an OK on Newport steeple

Where the religion is the (U.S.) state

LDS provide food, aid to fire evacuees

Making a difference

Train rider gets life back on track after deadly crash

Family presses search in swift waters

No retrial for Mormon murder case man

Smart case: latest developments

They're called 'Jack Mormons'

Yet unpublished LDS magazine drawing subscribers

Residents sue farms, claim loss of water

BYU backs U. campus gun ban

Sports: AquaSox hitters subdue Spokane pitchers

Thursday Headlines (June 27, 2002)

On this date: Joseph and Hyrum Smith martyred

Elder Holland addresses BYU-Hawaii graduates

Nauvoo temple to be dedicated today (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Church asks for much dedication preparation

Temple a symbol of sacrifice, hope for Latter-day Saints

Utah families join in celebration in Nauvoo; Dedication hoopla brings tourism boost

A trip through time: touring the rebuilt temple

LDS tour jail, site of Smith's death

People tell of 'miracle' temple's rise

Fire evacuees find refuge and kindness

Y professor discusses choice between two goods

Moroni statue may succumb to lightning

Pioneer recipe use inspired by historic location

Suspect's wife, neighbor subpoenaed in Smart case

Politics: A political triumph for Romney; Images scuffed on both sides (thanks to D. Bjarnason for links)

Jordan senior turning college coaches' heads

Wednesday Headlines (June 26, 2002)

Temple a symbol of freedom

Nauvoo era one of growth for early Church

Original temple required Saints' sacrifice

Nauvoo Temple dedication to be broadcast

Mormon choir to tape from Nauvoo (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Architecture is focus of Nauvoo Temple book; Buy book at a discount here

Iowa town aims to be LDS draw

New visitors center opens in Kirtland; Historic Kirtland dream is finished

Twelve gardens star on tour to help Gilgal landmark

Wildfires rage

S.L. police say convicted felon is at top of list

County students graduate from seminary program

Politics: Young: Democrats mum on big dig; Bishop, Thomas to vie for Hansen's District 1 seat

Mormon found guilty of statutory rape (editor's note: this is included to show how the media often makes often misuses the term Mormon)

Tuesday Headlines (June 25, 2002)

New Kirtland Visitors' Center, restored Whitney Home and Johnson Inn open to public

Latter-day leader; President Hinckley statistics

LDS training center dedicated

Temple report (Newport Beach, CA) expected this week

Hopes of finding 4-year-old fading

Tortured Lois Smart, coping courageously day after day

Overgaard and Heber steeped in history; Giant fire takes a toll on Arizona; Similar AP article; Luck runs out for blaze town Show Low (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Once feuding Saints denominations find common ground (thanks to G. Smith)

Temple Dedication Box 24 (thanks to G. Smith)

Special Collections hold plethora of Nauvoo information

LDS couple receives prestigious parenting award

One-party system in place?

July 4: LDS Vistors Center again hub of events

Celebrating the spirit of youth

Television: 'The Smith Family' tells powerful tale; Two fresh struggles with trust, faith; A family in turmoil; Similar USA Today article

Deaths: Supervisor Peterson dead at 52

Sports: Sanderson suffers rare loss

Monday Headlines (June 24, 2002)

President Hinckley notes 92nd birthday

LDS Church's 'best-kept secret' takes center stage amid on-going improvements; Mormon travel includes Kirtland

LDS faith not green anymore

Re-created temple pulls on emotions

Mormon president to help dedicate temple (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Temple tourism totals 335,000 (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Yearning for old Nauvoo; Return to Nauvoo; LDS Church News special section on Nauvoo

News, Journal-Star join for special Nauvoo issue

3 events to accompany dedication

Restless and fearless, Lewis Barney was unsung figure of Mormon history

Trappers, LDS settlers part of history

LDS singles mingling on the web

Wide streets; wide influence

Reunions are family reinforcers

JetBlue in unique position

Behind the headlines: Grondahl's batting average draws regional attention

The back pages

Sports: Wrestler listens to conscience; Sanderson redeems loss at World Trials; Gopher gets a free pass; Much to celebrate

Weekend Headlines (June 22-23, 2002)

Gains cited in religious freedom

Religious scholars discuss Mormon evolution

Missionary dies while serving in Brazil

Genealogy and the Mormons

Building on history -- Jerome's Mormons prepare move to new stake center

Auditions set for Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Cannon seeks better 2010 count

Trading cards feature LDS temples on front, 'stats' on back

Utahns en route to Nauvoo boost Hannibal tourism

Road to Nauvoo goes through Omaha

Is Utah trying to rob U.S. parks?

In Romney residency challenge, have Democrats already won?

Acclaimed author headed to Portland

Kirby: The fall of a hero takes time to place in proper perspective

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (June 21, 2002)

Mormons quickly lend a helping hand in case of abducted Utah girl; Similar article

Court denies Utah House bid; Supreme Court: North Carolina can keep its seat; NPR story includes interview with BYU professor

Olympic Park may feature series of pioneer obelisks

President Bateman addresses Salt Lake chapter of BYU Management Society

Home part of Morgan's pride in past

Georgia youth participate in youth conference

New therapist in Seward

Taller buildings in Nauvoo demand new aerial ladder truck (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Sports teams catch a break; Council says local youth sports teams can use Mormon field

A rare unflinching eye; In sickness and in health

Thursday Headlines (June 20, 2002)

Elder Wayne M. Hancock speaks on power, blessings of prayer

Smoot encourages students to be wise stewards

Pioneer Days to focus on diversity

Faith aids Mormon family that lost 3 sons on mountain (similar to article posted below)

Navy officer from Iowa barred from entering Mormon temple (similar to article posted yesterday)

Two Utah college students fund Filipino students

Film drawing big lines -- for auditions

Elder Groberg throws first pitch

Politics: Candidates raise dicey issues

BYU alumna crowned Miss Utah 2002

Deaths: Brothers loved climbing, outdoors; Police quiet about Kaua'i death; Police identify victim in hit-and-run case

Wednesday Headlines (June 19, 2002)

BYU Independent Study offers free Internet courses on the scriptures and other topics

Martin's Cove: Tough sell; Cove sale halfway -- but not home free

Church praised for recycling efforts

Evangelist kept from touring temple (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Forged legacy: Plenty of Hofmann fakes still on the loose

Kidnapping stirs emotions near and far; NEW CLUES: Police say kidnapper didn't know girl's sister saw him

Politics: Demo Thomas has a GOP hero

BYU invention nets a grant

Well-seasoned historian has a gift for language to tell story of Nauvoo

Book reviews: Impressive 'Nauvoo' captures an era; 'Sacred Stone' -- a story of faith; Books welcome readers to Nauvoo; Buy books at a discount here

Church invites entries into sixth annual competition

2002 Pearl Awards highlight inspirational music

HaleStorm ready to shoot second LDS comedy film, 'The R.M.'

Sports: Food for thought; Throwing the distance

Tuesday Headlines (June 18, 2002)

Court backs doorstep solicitors; Door-to-door decision to affect 3 Valley cities; High court throws out law banning door-to-door solicitation; Law regulating house calls scrapped; Supreme Court throws out proselytizing law; Similar Deseret News article; New York Times article (thanks to D. Bjarnason for link)

House passes Mormon land deal; House OKs land sale to Church; Similar AP article; Cubin stuck in traffic during vote

Highland artist's new stained glass to adorn Hill Cumorah

Old Carthage Jail sees rise in visitors; Mormons, residents aim to set record straight (thanks to G. Smith for links)

Massachusetts panel questions candidate on residency (thanks to D. Bjarnason for link)

LDS author plugging away at 78

Nauvoo book finished in time for dedication

Culture vulture: Heck, Neleh went to Marquesas and all we got was a t-shirt

Enid grad prepares for missionary work

Monday Headlines (June 17, 2002)

Modern Mormon Battalion honors memory of historic soldiers; Battalion filled key roles

Back in the swing, Portie now man on mission

Original musical combines religion, comedy (thanks to D. Crowther for the link)

Park board OKs placing of Mormon monument (thanks to G. Smith for the link)

Teen volunteers get chance to travel, learn

Islamic bloc, Christian right team up to lobby U.N.; Similar article

Seminar extols virtue of volunteering spirit

Mr. Mac's giant presence still wears well at Utah stores

Elizabeth Smart search: Newsweek article; USA Today article; Farmington searched; Father: garage left open for two hours; Tribune defends story; Edmunds may still be in Utah; Dad's polygraph clean

Watergate-era Utah leaders share reflections

Deseret News: Tribune violated court order

Sports: Miller not a man to choke on putting people straight

Weekend Headlines (June 15-16, 2002)

LDS ads the message: family first

Laura Bush hails Utah volunteers

Rupert LDS Stake will re-enact handcart experience

Nauvoo gardens

New lease on life for old rock church in West Jordan?

Elizabeth Smart search is reorganized; Hunt for girl takes new tack

Salt Lake salute to patriotism of battalion

Show honors Lehi history

Census suit adds up for BYU professor

84-year-old father and grandfather retires from police department

Conway woman serving mission (editor's note: this is included to give public affairs directors ideas for local news releases)

Inmate fasts to protest his theft conviction

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (June 14, 2002)

Nauvoo Temple open house attendance reaches 250,000

Calvin E. Smoot speaks on principles of stewardship

Graduate reflects on Scotland

Remnants of pioneer stockade uncovered in Utah

Opening of bilingual university planned in Provo, Utah

Seagulls feast on Mormon crickets in Nevada

Las Vegans join in search efforts; Search for Utah girl uses advances in sleuthing; A family's 7-year heartache

"The R.M." has large audition turnout

Sports: The man Cougs love to hate

Thursday Headlines (June 13, 2002)

President Hinckley's speech to World Affairs Council in Los Angeles: Church addressing needs of elderly, youth; Article discussing speech

Teach the children correct principles, Monrovia-Liberia Stake President urges

Bishop Lesuma speaks on university's divine mission

Commemoration of 1846 Mormon Battalion earns distinction

'Here we thought would be our home'

Strong faith binds friends together

Shocking death after routine traffic stop

DNA samples could bear fruit in completing family trees

Police eye relatives in probe; Abductor may have watched Elizabeth

Tribune lawsuit runs into a hitch

Sports: Mad Dog and the redhead; Pro aspirations: Boyd Summerhays working to take his game to the next level; NBC's Miller keeps firing away

Wednesday Headlines (June 12, 2002)

Nauvoo Temple keys returned after years in vault

'We are going to get you'; Mormons across the West help in search for abducted teen; Las Vegas on lookout for missing teen; Nation flocking to Utah for search

Alliance for Unity taps volunteers

Y campus learning ground for life

New church bid triggers alarms

Volunteers invited to serve at August CES Conference

Downtown Provo runs huge LDS book market

Pearl awards ready to be given

BYU-I gives students opportunity to see Mormon Miracle Pageant

Tuesday Headlines (June 11, 2002)

New Palmyra, New York Vistors' Center opening to coincide with 65th pageant performance; Similar article

Oregon City church fire possibly work of arsonists; Arson suspected in Mormon fire

Prayers offered for Elizabeth; Abduction of Utah girl inspires thousands to join search; A caring people; Search headquarters moved to LDS meetinghouse; Missing girl's trail grows cold; Elizabeth Smart web site link (thanks to D. Hales for last two links)

Hansen bill might link Thomas bill, Martin's Cove proposal

Nauvoo business glad to see temple tourists pouring in (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Actors flock to Manti for Mormon Miracle Pageant

Today in history (first black priest ordained in 1978)

What awaits Salt Lake's malls?

Deaths: Phyllis Wattis, 97; Her gifts to the arts raised San Francisco's national profile

Monday Headlines (June 10, 2002)

Decision on ordinance affecting LDS proselytizing expected soon

Local Mormons praise reconstructed temple in Illinois

600 rise to occasion -- like Mitch

All faiths unite in praying for Elizabeth; Girl's family clings to hope; Hundreds come to vigil for Elizabeth Smart; AP Article

Family, friends hunt for San Pedro teen

Anatomy of a newspaper war; Letters from the editor

History: Marriages in Utah are 'different'

Impact of Nauvoo Temple on local businesses: Strawberry festival; Motel prepares for more weddings (thanks to G. Smith for the link)

The future of Salt Lake City's down town

2002 PEARL awards to be broadcast on internet radio

Weekend Headlines (June 8 - 9, 2002)

Smart family relying on faith; LDS Church joins search; Mood turns somber; Parent's know Smarts' agony; Lack of solid leads frustrates police

S. Utah stake fasts 40 days for rain

Miracles resonate over, over

It's mission possible as judge gives up the bench

Former city manager will oversee Mormon mission center in Philippines (thanks to J. Pratt for the link)

To preserve or demolish

Senator balks at new Martin's Cove tactic

Mormon musical to premiere in Milwaukee

LDS youth to 'service' YMCA

Excel's director/founder says music should be a window into the soul

Politics: Romney's residency challenged

Deaths: Labor lobbyist Henrikson dies

Valedictorian quotes President Hinckley in graduation address

LDS Church News headlines; Nauvoo LDS Church News special section

Friday Headlines (June 7, 2002) Video chronicles the early years of Joseph Smith

Spend some quality time at home with your family

Girl's family: 'God the most important person on our side'; Kidnapping tests Utah family's faith; Police, volunteers in frantic hunt for Utah girl; Search fails to discover clues to abduction; Similar Washington Post article; Volunteer army scours for girl; A glimpse of hope

Parents, friends plead for San Pedro teen's return

James Tidwell speaks on virtues leading to peace and happiness

Church fire investigation

Unfortunately, anyone can run for office

Homeless shelter is gaining ground

Marina now the 'Port of Palmyra'

New web site shares students stories in support of fund raising

Thursday's child: LDS girl seeking home for adoption

Book: 'Gathering to Nauvoo' chronicles British contributions to the city and the temple; Buy book at a discount here

Film: Family fundamentals

Sports: Burgess hopes to scrap way into NBA

Thursday Headlines (June 6, 2002)

Salt Lake girl taken from her home; $10,000 reward offered for information about missing girl; Police looking for clues in girl's disappearance

Missing San Pedro teen saught

Officials find no clues to church fire

Nauvoo temple anticipates dedication; Nauvoo temple open house

Census bucks Utah's 'norms'

Battalion to get S.L. salute

Tribune suit sides agree to discuss a settlement

BYU settles lawsuit; Similar article

BYU study aims to link globe

Proportion of married Americans drops slightly

Working for a higher authority

Digital memories

Missionaries find fertile ground

Tribes seek upgrade in land protection

Lawyer ready to fight LDS

Sports: John Canzano: Root for the Lakers? Never

Wednesday Headlines (June 5, 2002)

The Hague Netherlands Temple opens doors to public

Devotional: Follow counsel of living prophets

Retired business professor speaks on the doctrine of Christ; Daines speaks on the doctrine of Christ

Fire guts Mormon stake center; Massive 4-alarm fire torches LDS church building; Fire damages church in Oregon City

Editorial: A brawl over Martin's Cove

Suit: Church hushed up abuse; LDS Church hit with lawsuit; Religious not immune to abusive situations

BYU-I student experiences Nauvoo temple

What in the name of Philo T. Farnsworth? (thanks to D. Bjarnason for the link)

Former publisher dies

Revisiting the Cherokee Trail

T is for tolerance: Book by Lynne Cheney focuses on U.S. history

Tuesday Headlines (June 4, 2002)

Elder Sheldon F. Child featured at today's BYU devotional

New web site depicts Doctrine & Covenants sites

Petite Magazine sets tall moral standards

CBS Evening News: Unhappy in Utah

80 Mormon girls' camping trip canceled, but faith remains

Pioneer Park plans scrutinized

Proposal to define marriage for U.S.

Ellis Island web site helps 2 million retrace their roots (thanks to G. Smith for the link)

Home to 5 generations is seeing its past reborn

Wildfire neared Mountain Meadows Massacre site

Other Church members in the news: Former Nevada politician Floyd Lamb dead at 87; An imperfect 'Shape of Things'

Sports: Jensen believes it's time to go pro

Monday Headlines (June 3, 2002)

Mormon bid for Wyoming site spurs land debate in Congress; In cowboy country, defiance is life -- and Martin's Cove is no exception

Nauvoo gardens

Handcarts and heritages

Redmond conference focuses on genealogy

History: Fur traders served as the shock troops

Salt Lake theater

Tourism pace not leisurely

Weekend Headlines (June 1-2, 2002)

Second annual Pioneer Day Commemoration set for 21 July

LDS missionaries still at work in India

Mormon temple blends elements of old and new

Rupert woman writes of heroic Mormons

Church, scouts sued in sexual abuse case; Similar article

Brigham Young born in 1801 on this date; Brigham's birthday party

Jerry puts his heart in writing

Kingman couple head to Russia on mission

Mormon church buys 3 buildings for a reported $33 million

CBS News to air piece on high use of anti-depressant drug use in Utah (see bottom part of article)

Tribune managers seek talks with News

Should wine, grape juice, or water be consumed at Communion?

Travel: Dipping into the Finger Lakes

Humor: My new church 'quiet book' is a Palm Pilot

Sports: Summerhays working for 'access' to golf tour; NFL sends Lewis on new 'mission'

LDS Church News headlines