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  , 2004

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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

January 2003 News:

Friday Headlines (January 31, 2003)

Documentary captures anti-Nazi Mormon youths

Photo: Temple in the mist

Judge sides with ACLU in plaza case

LDS Church launches social assistance website

Pres. Packer to speak on Sunday at BYU

Accident left active young horsewoman life of pain

What is an adult? Church members' view differ from others

Huskers more than happy to have Ruiz back

Thursday Headlines (January 30, 2003)

Former U.S. Senator Frank Moss, dead at 91; Moss leaves legacy of National Parks, safety laws

Soldiers bring aid to dislocated people

Live longer with religion

Book of Mormon DNA report refuted by BYU professor

Mourning a massacre; Hushed history of Bear River massacre remembered

Dell's man on deck

Elder Bednar speaks about character of Christ at New Testament symposium

Released-time programs a staple in students' lives

Women plan for careers, family

Mormon Tabernacle Choir to join celebration of 2003 Winterfest

Sports: Holmes star could still sign with UK

Wednesday Headlines (January 29, 2003)

Mormons making plans after June blaze

Mission Prep Club helps prepare future missionaries

Peace Corp means sharing self, college students told

Community performs labor of love for Hindu temple

Pledge debate splits on religious lines

Local celebs share their favorite dishes

Tuesday Headlines (January 28, 2003)

Church News Release: Provident Living goes on-line (also see weekend headlines)

Mormons' explosive growth is evident in Central Texas

New directors check-in at Historic Kirtland Center

Vet enjoys small-town life

Utah Guard calls up father and son

LDS history museum celebrates Primary (also see Friday headlines for additional story)

Escalante grieves slain lawman

Liquor in the light

John Leo: Sins of admission (only brief mention of 'Mormons' in his weekly column)

Monday Headlines (January 27, 2003)

Bear River Massacre continues to haunt Utah after 140 years; Shoshones plan to buy 'sacred land'

Roosevelt grad back in football after 2-year hiatus

Irvine's many avenues of worship

Prayer lawsuit has statewide effects in California

Article connects dollmakers in Georgia and California

Finding a new safe edge in entertainment

Weekend Headlines (January 25, 2003)

Church adds a website: will focus on welfare services; Link to site

Mexico quake: missionaries safe

Hispanic devotional was night to savor

New 'Jesus the Christ' a winner despite a flaw

Couple's dream becomes a reality

Old academy in Preston could face the wrecking ball

Pray and play

Tell the truth: do you really tell the truth?

Utah laws on liquor to change

Clichés wear down this love story; 'Charly' a love story with a Mormon spin

Professor brings scriptures into math classes

Two new missionaries assigned

Church helps maternity ward

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (January 24, 2003)

Death at MTC shocks officials; Missionary dies in MTC; Heart attack claims life of MTC missionary

Church CIO speaks on journey to Christ

Elder L. Edward Brown speaks on prayer

LDS Museum opens new exhibition

Legislatures starting now in effort to count missionaries in census

Historian speaks on Mountain Meadows

Temple Square Chorale to present Haydn's The Creation

Students get an eyeful in Vegas

Ex-Tribune managers want LDS judge off case

Multi-tasking a must for lawmaker

Now Ozzy meets the Osmonds

Bypass gives options for Nauvoo's future; Should Nauvoo have "Home Rule" power?

Property tycoon faces big bill

LDS bell being repaired

Thursday Headlines (January 23, 2003)

Religious convictions keep teens out of trouble

Dimmer switch on Main

Mormon bachelor parties break traditional mold

Students get an eyeful in Vegas

'Don't flaunt body', speaker says

Sports: UW gets commitment from Nebraska punter

Wednesday Headlines (January 22, 2003)

Elder Wirthlin speaks on improving personal communication with God; Similar article

'Walk of Life' lights up BYU

Run without pounding pavement

Cauldron rises a final time; Olympic anniversary

Organ takes the spotlight

San Diego attractions for Super Bowl visitors (San Diego Temple mentioned briefly)

Tuesday Headlines (January 21, 2003)

Believe in Eternal Father, President Hinckley urges

LDS man opening minds -- and hearts; Utah observes King holiday; NAACP gives awards

Values survey finds odd bedfellows

2003 legislature saddles up; Utah Capitol comes back to life (prayers given by Elder Nelson and Elder Maxwell)

Parents best in fighting porn

Monday Headlines (January 20, 2003)

Are Nevada Mormons different from Utah Mormons?

Invest cautiously, LDS urged

New director leads Pocatello Institute of Religion

Meandering mail

Musical missionaries prepare open house

Bagley: Forcing kids to say the pledge is the type of 'patriotism' Hitler insisted upon

The return of 'Angels' on HBO

Weekend Headlines (January 18-19, 2003)

LDS missionaries to no longer use memorized lessons; Changes meant to bring more personal approach

Centenarian lives life of faith

Lease offered at Cove; Similar article (also see yesterday's article)

Con artists find LDS easy prey; Big scams fleece LDS flocks; Trusting Mormons being conned out of millions

Race still issue in religion, blacks in LDS Church say; Civil rights, diversity awards to be given (also see article from Jan. 15)

Anderson has begun the process to vacate the Main Plaza easement; Plaza access likely to remain for while

Street preacher on mission in Salt Lake

Today in history (Pres. David O. McKay died in 1970)

New stake center nearing completion

Kirtland center planned

Books: Religious Studies Center examines life of Christ; Book looks to give direction to women

Ornaments help heal broken heart

Romney watching Lieberman closely

Sports: Big weekend in store for Cougar football staff

A family linked in Woodlock

Former plural wife tells tale in film

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (January 17, 2003)

BLM proposes Martin's Cove plan

Former member of Seventy speaks on power of prayer

Hope rises from the ashes

The madness at Mountain Meadows

Census plan pleases Utahns

Agencies plan to announce fraud indictments

Prim frocks for the prom

Pop quiz: Coke is OK

New film genre attracts LDS faithful

From jobless to providing job hopes for thousands

U. of U. gets grant to study addiction

Genealogy today

Thursday Headlines (January 16, 2003)

Missionaries spread the word

Test case census to count U.S. citizens overseas

Colleagues, friends honor retired Justice Howe; Photo: Supreme send-off

Visiting professor speaks on ancient temple construction

Sports: BYU kicker, punter still will be Payne

Wednesday Headlines (January 15, 2003)

Two receive civil rights awards

Devotional speech encourages students to rise above world

LDS Charities refurbishes 40 boreholes

Y. QB has new role as he enters MTC

Oneida Academy's forgotten voice

Salt Lake belies 'integrated' label

Mexican Mormons photo essay (thanks to T. Johnson for the link)

Wrangling over rights

Genealogy a family affair

Mormon scholar challenges faith (similar to article posted yesterday)

Budget woes force Utah to cut 'porn czar' job; Similar article

Bomb scare forces evacuation

Unwedded bliss (thanks to L.W. Burk for link)

Students find outlet with scrapbooking

Tuesday Headlines (January 14, 2003)

Missionaries to focus on principles and scriptures

Family Home Evening program strengthens bonds

BYU Studies releases Church archive DVDs

Film tells anti-Nazi Mormon's story

Church put to DNA test

Plaza: Enter judgment

State continues to keep Church off staffing list

Celebrating Jenny's life

She's gone crazy about a past from seven time zones away

Miniature structure invites tours

Scout leaders welcome scrutiny

Author takes modern view of a forgotten virtue

Monday Headlines (January 13, 2003)

Temple rituals allegedly stolen

Mormons' strict rules run into trouble on Main Street; ACLU calls for plaza judgment and similar article; Keeping the peace

Church aims to clothe El Paso's babies

Utah volunteers work to preserve history

Missionaries help dowse flames

Author publishes Book of Mormon with revised formatting

Caffeine conundrum

Brides tossing out the ordinary

Ohio moments: Mormon leader fled after his bank failed

Mountain Meadows debate still smolders

New marker depicts site of old Nevada trading post; Similar article

Census Bureau to test count U.S. citizens living abroad

Start foreign records search in the U.S.

Statue's offbeat -- but gives me a lift

Prospective missionaries await changes

A person's testimony

Ex-Miss America is a chance taker; Hawkes says attitude is the key

CBS to air story on Smarts

Utahns' duty tours extended

Utah saga of love, war and survival

New Eagles take flight

Sports: Caton brings discipline, hard work to Utes

Wednesday Headlines (January 8, 2003)

A note to our readers: Due to travel schedules, no headlines will be posted Thursday, Friday or Saturday

Tithing a way of life for some families

Free-speech dispute deepens chasm between Mormons and non-Mormons in Salt Lake City; Similar article

Archivist of the U.S. appoints new director; Similar Deseret News article

Living the legacy

Help available for pornography addictions

Nu Skin executive called to serve in missionary program

Tuesday Headlines (January 7, 2003)

Plaza issue percolates through city bureaucracy; Council questions plaza proposal

Weekly together time reinforces relationships, faith

Nauvoo Temple tourism tough to predict in 2003

Elder Voorheis gets new companion

Shirt shrift as sponsor pulls out of Dundee

BYU football: Coaches come together at convention; Mission recruits return to campus

Monday Headlines (January 6, 2003)

Free speech, religion collide on SLC Plaza

Luster of Christmas tarnished by thieves; Similar article

America's prophet left mixed legacy

History matters: George Q. Cannon fought newspaper battles

State's guard units figured in nation's wars

Owens' career belied image of Democrats

Infamous Salome to seduce South Florida opera lovers (full disclosure: I sang with Nina Warren in BYU Singers roughly fifteen years ago)

Focus on local congregations of the Church

Organization speeds long-awaited reunion

'Chapel in a box' brings services to battlefield

Thumbs up for Romney

They're all stars at cub scout day camp

Shirley Jones retires from SL Tribune

Local man returns home after two-year mission to Chile

Weekend Headlines (January 4-5, 2003)

A note to our readers: We've recently updated the Gospel Doctrine reading schedule as well as the Primary Page for 2003.  Also, thanks to all those who sent holiday wishes. Your feedback is appreciated!

Mormon temple will continue to drive Nauvoo tourism

LDS meeting will have global reach (also see lead article from Friday's headlines); LDS global training a first

Largest denominations in the United States

Medical center benefits from church service project

Former city attorney defends LDS plaza deal

Mormon missionaries build immunization room

'Cultist' cloning advocates test definitions of faith

Romney says Massachusetts requires 'sweeping changes'

Law student, grandson of pioneer banker, dies; Death shocks Thomas family

Sports: Best sports quotes of the year includes one by Elder Eyring; Jolley reflects on big rookie year

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (January 3, 2003)

LDS leadership training done by satellite on January 11th

2002 Utahn of the year Gordon B. Hinckley; Similar article

NAU site of Mormon family history collection

Teenagers learn of hardships first-hand

Utahns lie uneasily in two camps

Romney era begins; Forgoing of salaries gets mixed reviews; the bottom

Mormon Tabernacle Choir auditions

Young missionaries look forward to calling home on Christmas

Faith, hope and family

International adoption fulfills family's dream

Still proceeding to honor the Magi on the 12th day

Mormon cinema on mission for profits

No strings, just a hot meal

Tatting: a delicate art

Eagle award presented to three scouts

The Used: Rebellion rocks 'n' rolls

Sports: Ag's Nelson emerges as good player

Thursday Headlines (January 2, 2003)

Temple caps city's efforts

Temple is a beacon of religious freedom

Church's name has Rocky in a pickle

Mormon church cuts 600 jobs

Price of plaza keeps rising; Projects funded by Salt Lake from plaza-sale funds

Utah dispute of Church vs. City

DNA brings 'holy grail' of Mormon faith to book

Professor Remini changes the subject (author of new book on Joseph Smith)

Family pays tribute, bids farewell to Owens; Similar AP article

LDS author Okazaki was taught love, charity through Buddhist roots

Danville couple shares farm practices

Lots of babies, little sleep

Doing Christ's work with Islamic countries carries considerable risk

Church makes doll children in hospital

Did con man teach at BYU?

Utahns spend hours of New Year having fun

Gassaway expects an active life assessing his interests