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January 2001 News:

(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

Wednesday Headlines (Jan 31, 2001)

LDS Church news release: Church sends aid to India earthquake victims (also see LDS Church sends aid to India's victims; Churches from Utah aid India; LDS Church sends aid)

Bush seeks to expand role of religious groups in welfare -- LDS say government funds are not a factor

As body of LDS historical literature grows, Y professors issue caution

Ancestry research runs in the blood

Anti-porn conference to feature message from Pres. Bateman

YWCA dedicates new home thanks to generous donations

Ricks undertakes survey on BYU-Idaho transition

Politics: Irony uncorked: more liquor will flow if census upped; Gambling considered in Hawaii

Arts & culture: New book tells stories of Pacific Island pioneers (buy book); Inside the Osmonds -- Death in Winnipeg

LDS members in the news: White House Counsel office now full of Clinton foes

Sports news: BYU dominates rival Utes for win and Provo rocks in midnight hour and Y., U.: friends and foes and Y. rises in Happy Hoops Valley; Rulon Gardner inducted into Ricks Athletic Hall of Fame; Kahuku's Francisco selects BYU

Tuesday Headlines (Jan 30, 2001)

Brisbane temple to transform city skyline

Kentucky: City moves to end parking fight -- lawyers negotiating $90,000 settlement with Mormon church

Politics: Idaho's Free Exercise of Religion Act remains divisive; Is legislature representative?

Arts & culture: Utah musicians given a venue to explore their creative side; Faith: read all about it; Will covenant marriages catch on?

LDS members in the news: LDS private investigator has colorful career; Utah rower well on way to Miami or somewhere

LDS members in sports news: Edwards honored by alma mater; No hard feelings for U., Coug says

Monday Headlines (Jan 29, 2001)

Mainstream religions fear impact of new French law and similar article

Guest speaker lectures on history with spiritual twist

Growing gap at ballot box: religious vs. secular vote

Salt Lake Tribune lashes out at Deseret News in latest editorial

Politics: 'Porn czar' post may cause first amendment fury

LDS members in the news: Young donation aids youths; Diamond Rio band member also BYU grad; Y. helps spotlight Earth's tail

LDS members in sports news: New BYU staff learning recruiting ropes; Zollinger brothers will compete at X games; Coach adds local flavor to Super Bowl

Weekend Headlines (Jan 27-28, 2001)

Primary handles cane owned by the Prophet Joseph Smith

LDS Church news release: Groundbreaking for new LDS Institute of Religion

Trimming words of wisdom is tough

Two arrested in vandalism of LDS church

Religious land-use law bares its teeth

Scouts expel troops whose leaders oppose gay ban

Politics: LDS vote went to Bush; Lawmakers asked to act on bias at U.; Hatch now regretting his cameo in "Traffic"

LDS members in the news: Collin's call: from boarder to elder and The missionary's attire

LDS members in sports news: Massey up for new challenges

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Jan 26, 2001)

U., church officials to break ground on enlarged LDS Institute of Religion

Beaten missionary goes back to work (similar to article posted on Wednesday)

No suspect in Lacey church vandalism

Beer billboard causing a buzz

T.V. opens windows to the world; Wife of T.V.'s inventor visits BYU

LDS members in the news: Report says Huntsman Jr. may be offered ambassadorship (see article posted Thursday); Young superhero leaves gifts for others

Sports news: McMahon recalls BYU days on 'SportsCentury'

Thursday Headlines (Jan 25, 2001)

High-profile Latter-day Saints face unique challenges at work

U. to lease 600 parking spaces

House passes profiling measure

Arts & culture: A cappella group sets the 'Standard'; 'Savior of the World' tryouts on Saturday; From brain child to the box office

LDS members in the news: Jon M. Huntsman Jr. rumored as possible ambassador; LDS student argues U. treated her differently and similar article

LDS members in sports news: J.C. all-American commits to Cougs

Wednesday Headlines (Jan 24, 2001)

Elder Scott tells students to center lives in truth

A 'not guilty' plea in temple incident

Homestead Monument staff plans for accessible records

Better, not bitter -- battered missionary released from hospital

Blessings & battles (church growth in Maine)

LDS Church continues fight for spire in Boston

Doing business in an LDS world (NPR)

Politics: LDS Church affirms support of Idaho Religious Freedom Act; Prayer is on Salt Lake County's agenda; Utah hopes missionaries can boost House representation

Arts & culture: Ballroom dancers continue world travels; Osmond writes book on postpartum blues (pre-order book here); 'Two-Headed' contrasts two women, as Mormon history plays out in the backdrop

LDS members in the news: State Senate's new president anything but bland; Flasher the Clown's act banned for being too risqué; Pumpkin 'bombers' make plea bargain

LDS members in sports news: Y tennis recruit postpones stardom for mission

Tuesday Headlines (Jan 23, 2001)

Elder Richard G. Scott to speak at BYU devotional

Vandalism at Mormon church estimated at $40,000

Sugar House neighbors seek to save old chapel

Town now owns replica of angel Moroni

Public Radio's 'Marketplace' comes to Utah

Envision Utah unveils planning toolbox

Arts & culture: Santa Clara aims to gain from past; 'South Park' creators cook up sitcom satire about first family

LDS members in the news: Local pianist returns to performing

LDS members in sports news: Everything going as scheduled

Monday Headlines (Jan 22, 2001)

Church sends aid to El Salvador

Tabernacle Choir warms up wet, cold inaugural parade; Busy inauguration schedule for Tabernacle Choir

New Mormon institute a 'miracle' for Alaskan students

Massacre: forensic analysis supports tribe's claim of passive role

One episode can't cover TV's origins

LDS members in the news: Forced by new law to retire, judge not ready to go; Hometown Hernando; Consumer advocate incurs legislative wrath

LDS members in sports news: Wyoming's LDS star converts Pokes' fans, surprising Bailey tops league's scoring list

Kirby: Mormons have no cultural monopoly on intolerance

Weekend Headlines (Jan 20-21, 2001)

God's army marches its way through boot camp, Provo facility prepares trainees for the field

Apologist web sites merge, will answer anti-LDS claims

Census should treat missionaries, servicemen equally

Utahns believe in prayer

Inauguration: LDS choir tunes up for Bush parade

Ricks devotional: Elder Spencer J. Condie

Religion professors publish new teaching manual

New ways to enhance traditions

Religion, ethics getting a boost at WSU

BYU students rate low in student loan default rate

LDS members in the news: A free spirit? Collin's missionary call; LDS returned missionary files suit against Discover

Sports news: Cougars entering hostile territory; BYU puts McDonald on probation

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Jan 19, 2001)

LDS Church continues to provide relief in El Salvador

Mormon Tabernacle Choir takes off for Washington; Utahns head for Texas-style inauguration; LDS Church news release: Tabernacle Choir leaves for inauguration performances

Living in the world but not of the world -- Las Vegas style

Genealogical software now records information in all languages

Academic journal will take exclusive look at media and religion

BYU professors preserve LDS history of world wars

Faith discussion to take place in Washington, D.C.

Ex-missionary indicted on sex counts

LDS members in sports news: Lavell, former players to make appearances at pre-draft Hula Bowl

Thursday Headlines (Jan 18, 2001)

Utah rushes relief aid to Central America

Obedience, faith, love linked, Y. students told

Dignitaries, Mormon Choir to represent Utah in D.C.

Lawmakers won't define 'natural family' this time around; Hatch accuses liberal senators, groups of religious persecution

Nevada Mormons condemn group's stance on gays

LDS members in the news: LDS missionary humbled by deadly temblor in El Salvador; High school student spotlight

LDS members in sports news: Ute-turn into Hula Bowl spots; A hoop journey completed, Willden finally finds home at Westminster; Utah's top athletes

Wednesday Headlines (Jan 17, 2001)

El Salvador quake claims 14 Church members -- Church provides aid

President Monson urges preparation and perfection

Batemans share messages of Christ at devotional

Students, faculty to share music at Bush inauguration

Large inauguration floats planned

LDS Church, BYU donate manuscripts to Polish archives

Judge dismisses lawsuit against publisher, author

Utahns celebrate King Day -- officially

LDS members in the news: Donny dazzles crusty critics; William T. Thurman dies at 92; Serendipity provides family two days in CBS spotlight; Three BYU professors win awards for scientific research

Tuesday Headlines (Jan 16, 2001)

DNA tests planned in 1974 slaying of two LDS missionaries

Fall Jerusalem students recommend trip despite violence

Management Society to offer lectures in Provo

Mormon literary critic to speak at UVSC

Politics: Session begins at Utah Capitol and GOP agenda, bipartisan calls in Utah Capitol

Business: Utah makes pitch to Silicon Valley companies

Monday Headlines (Jan 15, 2001)

LDS Church new release: El Salvador missionaries safe

Parowan ironworks hailed

Utah residents join census fight

Pioneer journals capture pathos, joy of early days

LDS members in the news:  Mission call prompts board member to quit; Marriage survival rate for infidelity

Sports news: 50 years later, BYU's NIT still memorable

Weekend Headlines (Jan 13-14, 2001)

LDS Church asks court to allow spire

Evangelicals make plans for '02

Hearing set in March on Utah census case

Temple Square Visitor Center being renovated; LDS Visitor-Center upgrades to stress international flavor

Excommunication to forgiveness: How the Franklin-Covey cofounder's affair devastated his family -- but taught him what matters most

Garden of Eden said to be in Turkey

Sad chapter: DNA needed in Kleasen investigation

Editor's note, this is not an uplifting article, but is news: Man pleads guilty to luring teen to Utah

Arts & culture: Religious place names are abundant in Utah; Party on, Parowan -- you're 150 and Mormons settled Parowan 150 years ago; Kirby: Greeting a missionary home is fine, but please let other passengers off the plane

LDS members in sports news: SCC star's mission accomplished

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Jan 12, 2001)

House holding off on 2000 census

Pair unlikely to face jail time

As raves become more popular in Utah, President Hinckley takes notice

Organizers spend for Salt Lake games

BYU cuts off Napster to rescue bandwidth

Arts & culture: Dangerfield may not get respect, but he still gets laughs; Salt Lake City historical tour

LDS members in the news: The princess and the U.S. Marine; BYU professor helps piece together puzzle of ancient Christianity

Thursday Headlines (Jan 11, 2001)

LDS Church news release: Tabernacle Choir inauguration activities -- including concerts in Washington, D.C.; Inauguration parade line-up

Mormons live, work to spread their faith

Utah sues census, demands recount; Ex-Utahn defends decision by bureau

New guidelines may dictate use of audiovisual materials in BYU classes

LDS members in the news: Sweet life began with pink slip; Bolivia's Christian soldiers; Foley is named citizen of the year; BYU student receives honors for saving life

LDS members in sports news: Commitments keep coming for Washington; Chow gets $$ to join USC staff; BYU putting Pollock on one-year probation; 'Punk' matures into big man

Wednesday Headlines (Jan 10, 2001)

President Thomas S. Monson at Jan. 14 CES fireside

President Bateman, Marilyn Bateman at Jan. 16 devotional

Newspaper battle as seen by New York Times

Awaiting word from "Especially for Youth"

Net firms announce layoffs, bankruptcies

BYU's Cleveland reaping benefits of turnaround

Tuesday Headlines (Jan 9, 2001)

More on Boston Temple: Supreme Court won't block Mormon temple, Top court OKs zoning law see case summary and actual 1st Circuit decision

Scholar's passion: Studying LDS faith; Shipps' LDS essays honest, objective and buy book at 20 percent discount

Tribune files to block changes to joint operating agreement

International students deal with struggles at BYU

LDS members in the news: Cook has big plans for the future; Orem High visited by hero of Olympics; This grinch is more than meets the eye

Monday Headlines (Jan 8, 2001)

Church News Release: U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Boston Temple also see Mormon Temple opponents lose appeal

Badly beaten missionary shows sign of recovery; Missionary's condition improving after brutal beating

Despite tuition hike, BYU is third least expensive university

Former student, BYU headed for trial

Politics: Hatch: pardon may be in order; Mormons, media, and the politics of self-interest

Arts & culture: Historian Arrington's papers to open to public view; BYU performers share gospel message through talents

LDS members in the news: He snips the flicks; Young changing lately -- diapers; New church post, work, family fill doctor's life

Weekend Headlines (Jan 6-7, 2001)

Visit our new Young Women's Page

Images of Christ -- Art deepens Christians' feelings, deepens awareness of the Savior

Westward Ho! -- Group plans to restage Mormon wagon trek to California

2 LDS missionaries injured by muggers in Dallas area

Falling far short of a tithe

Greater unity is goal of interfaith gathering Sunday

More on census count: Chances for fourth seat slim; Leavitt may challenge census count

LDS members in the news: Eden couple grabs record

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Jan 5, 2001)

Church growth in Asia

Salt Lake lawyer's license is suspended

More on Utah's census numbers

LDS members in the news: Leavitt heads into third term; Hatch gives thumbs-up to movie's message

LDS members in sports news: French retires, Borich interviews at BYU; Duchesne wrestler dies, cause remains unclear

Thursday Headlines (Jan 4, 2001)

4th seat for Utah at heart of census dispute

Temple invader's motive explained; Man in temple arrest thought he was in afterlife, police say

More on ACLU Plaza lawsuit

Deseret News gets veto power in future sale of Tribune; New Tribune owners kicks managers off NAC board

Wired churches, wired temples

LDS members in the news: Chasing dream back to Laos can be a letdown; President Hinckley among world's most admired; Barnes, SLOC Interfaith Activities Director, dies at 65 and obituary; Rhyme -- and a reason

Wednesday Headlines (Jan 3, 2001)

Judge rejects suit against Plaza rules; Judge rules for Church in SLC plaza dispute

Managers say they run Tribune despite sale; Purchase is final: MediaNews now owns Tribune

Ricks College 2000 in review

LDS members in the news: 'Agent of change' McFerson leaves his mark on Columbus; Packard is home from House -- this time to stay; Family excels in musical ability; Doctor shares secret of reaching 100 year mark

Tuesday Headlines (Jan 2, 2001)

Reliving Mormons' trek to California

In a push for unity, Mormons stand apart

LDS Church to build girls camp near Heber

Transition from Ricks to BYU-Idaho could bring more business to area

Revelers ring in 2001 with 'good, clean fun'; First Night delights store owner

Sale of Salt Lake Tribune cleared; Paper seeks to subpoena documents

North Carolina gains house seat in census

Interfaith Mission Service presents program on rituals

LDS Church reclaims U. parking area, furor arises over closure of general-use lot

WSU, longtime student celebrate learning

The LDS choices: marriage or celibacy; Utah's gays and lesbians; Family's wrestle with the truth; Mormon Church won't budge on homosexuality

Arts & culture: Hot off the press (buy book here); Kanab house as pretty as a (Hollywood) picture

LDS members in the news: Tragedy swells size of family; Teens choose seminary over slumber

LDS members in sports news: Call them born-again Eagles; They're Birds of a feather

Humor: A year for the books -- comic books, that is