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January 2000 News Links


Monday Headlines (Jan 31, 2000)

Families cling to memories of valiant sons; Missionaries' bodies on way home

President McKay's mission diaries are a legacy

Indonesia violence mars leader

Bible beating down the door

Baptists preach against cults

Christ-centered art in Wilk helps show the spirit of BYU

Weekend Headlines (Jan 29-30, 2000)

Four LDS missionaries killed in crash; similar article; AP article

LDS members in news: Wordsmith takes up residence (Eugene England)

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Jan 28, 2000)

Indonesian, LDS leaders dine together

LDS Israeli-American talks of Holocaust and healing

Former pastor turned BYU professor teaches about understanding other religions

Religion department looks for qualified women

Sports news: Whalen chooses BYU; Baseball gets early start with road trip to Arizona

Thursday Headlines (Jan 27, 2000)

Indonesia visit set for President Hinckley; similar SL Trib article and Washington Post article

Hatch gives it up, gets behind Bush

LDS church can join main street suit

LDS members in news: Super Fly - a new airline with a Mormon captain


Archive posting 29 Jan 2000

Wednesday Headlines (Jan 26, 2000)

70th temple dedicated in Hawaii

End of line for Hatch?; Hatch to pull out of GOP presidential race; Senator Hatch to quit race

Young Mormon missionary dies in crash in North Carolina; Driver charged in fatal accident

Some question BYU's neutrality on Proposition 22

Orem politicians tell of disturbing calls

1930 time capsule inspires newer version

Roots and reality

LDS members in news: A man on a mission (former Ute basketball player on a mission); Holocaust survivor to speak at BYU; LDS lobbyist fined $400; Marie Osmond calls it quits on troubled marriage

Tuesday Headlines (Jan 25, 2000)

LDS Church sets up shop in Park City

DNA could take genealogy into unknown

Class allows BYU students to increase testimonies by learning about other faiths

EFY counselors paid to have fun...and to teach

Letter to the editor: EMstar blocks too many web sites

Orrin Hatch in news: Iowa asks: Orrin who?; Notes and quotes from Hatch effort; Underdog Hatch has high hopes for 'skinny' campaign; Hatch re-evaluating options

Other LDS members in news: Performers say their music reflects Utah atmosphere; Local writers find inspiration in their surroundings; Light sentence for child molester; Drug panel in rarefied territory;

Monday Headlines (Jan 24, 2000)

New visitor center in Park City to focus on family history

Baptists seek to 'convert' Mormons

Kaysville Tabernacle: 88-year-old LDS chapel is unusual and colorful

Tension on the rise again in Nauvoo

Weekend Headlines (Jan 22 - 23, 2000)

Bird's-eye view: web page gives almost live from Nauvoo, it's the Mormon temple

Open house planned at Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Temple

President Hinckley will dedicate 2nd Hawaiian temple

LDS Granite Stake celebrating 100th anniversary

A beacon of light: the Salvation Army expected the worst when it arrived in 1887. It didn't happen

Pornography: an epidemic

Etheridge to rock against same-sex marriage ban

Orrin Hatch articles: Utah's Hatch running on empty in Iowa; NY Times: Hatch runs with credentials far weightier than his ratings; Orrin Hatch: no contender, but lively emcee

Other LDS members in news: BYU wrestling team goes on without coach; Madsen has been met with 'crazy ideas' about Mormonism

Book review: 'Expecting Joy'

Sports news:  Stanford's Mark Madsen - ESPN diary entry 1, entry 2, entry 3

LDS humor: Life as a missionary

LDS Church News articles

Friday Headlines (Jan 21, 2000)

LDS urged to back prop 22

As Roe vs. Wade anniversary approaches, debate on abortion continues

Popularity of mission prep classes soar

Rockwell: a legend in bronze; Rockwell memorialized in statue

U. to ban alcohol at tailgate parties

O.C. man responds to far-off ambulance call

Mormon church adds Salida Ward (growth of church in Modesto, California)

Alpine to spend year marking 150th anniversary

LDS members in news: Hatch long on experience, faith, optimism and odds; Idaho honors lawmaker

Sports news: BYU gymnasts save best for last


Archive posting date 22 Jan 2000


Thursday Headlines (Jan 20, 2000)

Marriott 2002 Games Sponsor

Photo: Temple square ground crew remove lights

Oregonians find treasure trove of family lore

Hawaii news: Church has put final touches on new stake center

Wednesday Headlines (Jan 19, 2000)

Elder Ballard charges students to prepare for leadership

California to vote on same-sex union; Liberal clergy endorse sexual declaration and similar article

LDS Church moves to mediation with Tanners over copyright

Opponents testify before legislature

Private high school taking religious liberties

'Mayberry': LDS sustain hometown values

Man kills self in church parking lot

LDS members in news: Marie Osmond, hubby split; Jane Clayson's secret heartbreak

Sports news: Title IX helps BYU get baseball stadium


Archive posting date 21 Jan 2000


Tuesday Headlines (Jan 18, 2000)

Faith on the doorstep

America's no. 1 hobby? Genealogy

Today in history (David O. McKay died)

Utah gets 'F' on abortion

LDS members in the news: Del Campo grad about to realize wrestling dream; Hatch has high hopes in Iowa; Retired BYU professor wins paleontology award; HART to teach Ghana about dangerous disease; Father killed while teaching daughter to drive

Sports news: BYU's Dabney latest victim of honor code

Monday Headlines (Jan 17, 2000)

Snowmobilers rescued despite odds

Follow-up letter to the editor regarding alleged discrimination against Mormons at the U.

Sports news: Rivalry reborn - Utes put away pesky Cougars in final minute

Weekend Headlines (Jan 15 - 16, 2000)

LDS missionaries number 60,000

FARMS releases four books to aid gospel study

BYU head says Church will double by 2025; BYU students urged to look forward to future

Anti-gun group finds support for school, church ban

Where virtues and vices collide

LDS Church News articles

Friday Headlines (Jan 14, 2000)

Church has grown strong in Hawaii

Mormon temple open to public before dedication

Small events lead to major collection of file names

Hispanics discriminated against in Provo, instructor claims

LDS members in news: Iowans lend an ear to a hopeful Hatch; Mormon actress is suing U.; Life's a balancing act for teacher - musician

Sports news: It may be strike 2, but Provo still slugging it out

Thursday Headlines (Jan 13, 2000)

Gilgal 'friends' push city to buy garden

Survey: Baptists lead in divorces

Clinton frees 2 areas in state from threat of development, sprawl; Establishment of the Grand Canyon-Parashant national monument

LDS members in news: Stanford girds for bumpy Oregon trail; Students join in search for cancer cure


Archive posting date 14 Jan 2000


Elder and Sister Bateman speak on growth of church, developing charity

Gulf grows over western land use (brief mention that land in question is used by progenitors of Mormon pioneers); Ranchers feel betrayed by Babbitt

Editorial opinion regarding Mormon discrimination at the U.

UVSC senate president wins impeachment vote

Lawsuit dodges free speech debate

Unplanned visit enhances ancestral awareness

LDS members in news: Jefferson County High school freshman turns his musical talents into a CD; St. Anthony split over beer and wine licenses; Journal Star letter to the editor

Making the family strong: LDS Church agency refocuses on family counseling and adoptions

Kona temple tours planned

Buchanan stumps for spot on Utah ballot

G. Homer: U's noted political scientist remembered with scholarship

LDS members in news: Republicans speak in Manchester; Sleepwalking murderer gets life sentence also see Life, no parole for Scott Falater; Watts brothers plugged in

International database available for family history enthusiasts

Symposium speaker talks about Latter-day Saint perspective of Christ

LDS members in news: Roberta Shore, aka Jymme Fredrickson; Humble start made Hatch gutsy, toughFor Bataan survivors, a march to justice

NY Times book review: Theocracy in the Desert; buy book at a discount here

Church schools and institute programs enhance education for students

Mormon issue at the U. a touchy one for students, faculty

New Russian leadership not likely to impact missionaries

Teens discuss faith with open hearts, minds

LDS Church News headlines

Sports news: Many recruits looking past BYU's poor finish


Archive posting date 14 Jan 2000

LDS officials, missionaries airborne again; LDS officials give okay for air travel

Accused arsonist charged in seminary building fire; original article on the fire

Virgin Mary really played the market

Two LDS men named as Utah State Supreme Court nominees; similar article from Deseret News

Leaders decry increase in hate crimes

Arrest made in Sandy LDS church fire

Bennett offers parents a manual (brief mention of how reading the Book of Mormon instills faith); buy book at a discount here

Sports news: 'Storming Mormon' brings tough-guy reputation to Grizz

Sports news: Again BYU wins its way -- the hard way


Archive posting date 8 Jan 2000


Two LDS men named as Utah State Supreme Court nominees; similar article from Deseret News

Leaders decry increase in hate crimes

Arrest made in Sandy LDS church fire

Bennett offers parents a manual (brief mention of how reading the Book of Mormon instills faith); buy book at a discount here

Sports news: 'Storming Mormon' brings tough-guy reputation to Grizz

Sports news: Again BYU wins its way -- the hard way

Web links at issue in LDS lawsuit

LDS Church asked to review anti-gay marriage policy

Living beliefs -- young Mormons say the church rules for behavior are a blessing every day

Promised Valley's fate in intermission

This farmer looks out for the welfare of others

Taking time to preserve history -- missionaries help county organize old records

Philanthropy: give and take (Utah tops list for giving)

World didn't end, so Scott Sperry fears for future of his business

Historic Trails to preserve Mormon Trail

Cemetery holds new city's past

Mormon Church sees more growth -- There is a lot to celebrate in last century of church's history

Temple news rocked Nauvoo

History may be written in stone, but is it the truth (brief mention of Mountain Meadows Massacre)

The Living Christ -- The testimony of the apostles is issued on January 1, 2000

See the new resources for families on the official LDS Church website

Churches greet 2000 with hope

The 10 Utahns who most influenced the state in the 20th century

From MVP to missionary -- Dale Murphy has a most valuable life away from baseball

LDS Church News articles

Full circle turn of the century

Century's news offers journey through state

Mormon Temple leads to court fight; photo of Boston temple; artist rendition

Mormons participate in Millenium interfaith prayer service

What role faith will play in 2000 election

FAA planning New Year's flight

List of states top stories this century (growth of LDS church listed as one for Utah)