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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

February 2002 News:

Thursday Headlines (February 28, 2002)

LDS leader looking to future (article and video)

News media put LDS at center stage

LDS culture dissected nationally, locally

Ebersol rates S.L. games tops

The blessings and responsibilities of a covenant people

Elder M. Russell Ballard at CES fireside March 3rd

Women's leadership conference focused on self-improvement

Church watching missionary case; Court weighs limits on door-to-door solicitation; Similar article

WSU history professor: discovery likely a hoax; Similar article; Note shocks Mormons

Utah's changes may be as fleeting as Olympic glory (thanks to D. Bjarnason for the link)

Destroying the stereotype

Grieving the games, getting back to reality

The world watched

Welsh emigrants who became nation builders

Climbing the family tree

Politician can learn from the Mormons

County commissioners consider water-use ordinance

Sports: Running with the big dogs

Wednesday Headlines (February 27, 2002)

U.S. Supreme Court case could affect LDS missionary program; Similar Washington Post article; Similar USA Today article

LDS First Presidency praises Olympics

Nauvoo Temple's open house right around the corner (thanks to S. Meacham for the link)

Tourism from temple less than awe-inspiring (thanks to M. Lynes for the link)

Romney's return would be swift kick to Mass. GOP

Unmentionable no longer

Politically Incorrect discusses Mormonism in very irreverent tones (see roughly half-way down on the 2/25 transcript -- thanks to M. Toyne for the link; write ABC a letter)

Mormons set record for posterity

Trash is turned into totes

Religion and language go hand-in-hand at Orem's Institute; Orem Institute program focuses on 24 to 30-year-olds

Missionaries assigned to Salt Lake East High School Seminary

Are Mormon readers naive about the quality of the literature they read?

A flight of eagles

Tuesday Headlines (February 26, 2002)

As Olympics end, Mormons breathe sigh of relief; Similar article

We liked games, world liked us; Salt Lake City games: Who won, who lost, and who whined

Rogge hails Olympic Village, heaps superlatives on Games

LDS leader given thorough search

Ease up on the brothers and sisters (thanks to M. Gray for the link)

Sheri Dew named CEO of Deseret Book

Park Service unearths 1872 letter blaming Brigham Young for massacres; Missing link to massacre?; Validity of scroll examined; Is writing authentic or fake?; Similar article

Latter-day Saint charities donates to the needy

In a small Ohio town, the fight for the right to knock on doors

Temple matron sets temple design rumors straight

Police find evidence in church burglary

Sports: Mission man

Monday Headlines (February 25, 2002)

Mormons' temples reflect faith's aura

Despite controversy, Olympics end on high note (thanks to C. Hancock for link); Similar article; 'Superb Games'

After turning a bidding scandal into Olympics success winter games organizer ponders future

Utah, security were winners at Olympics

Now world is flipping over snowboarding

Games bringing many religions closer together

Three encores planned for 'Light of the World'

Provo isn't friendly by accident, gosh darn it

Just like Hughes, NBC rallied with skating coverage

Press doesn't pick up on Utah's efforts

Mormons soar into top 5 of most popular U.S. faiths

Foreign media focus on BYU

Chief justice seeks change

German president unites Germany, BYU

Choreographer gets in step with pioneers

Sports: Incredible comeback against Utah gives BYU 35th straight win at home

Weekend Headlines (February 23-24, 2002)

NBC airs interview with LDS leader

Mormons keep a low profile for Olympics

Love for Russians spur volunteers

Genealogy's home base: Family trees branch out of Salt Lake City (thanks to C. Hancock for this and the next two links)

Salt Lake City: "The right place"

A joyful noise unto the Olympics

A voice that bursts with glory

Media spotlight misses Utah's home-grown success story

Games spur preparedness

A little kindness goes a long way at Olympics

Mormons have a 'bold claim' that some dispute

When you go to BYU, don't BYOB

BHS grad earns recognition with first black student president at BYU

LDS Foundation director speaks on philanthropy

American awakening topic of Feb. 27 Lee Library lecture

Sports: What a long, strange trip

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (February 22, 2002)

President Hinckley interview with Tom Brokaw scheduled to air this evening

The making of a missionary

Mormon influence felt around Salt Lake City

The good people of Salt Lake

Wall Street Journal commentary

Games triumph over fretful start

When the world's a stage...

Edwards thrived at BYU

Leeds win praise for draw

Hall of fame: 50 most famous people with Utah connections

There is no Olympic gold in jail

Murder suspect's behavior attracted suspicion

Thursday Headlines (February 21, 2002)

Tabernacle Choir has been a shining star at Olympics

Mormon humor a surprise at Olympics (thanks to D. Bjarnason for link)

Mormons react to Olympic spotlight

Mormon language talent extraordinary resource for Games

Impact of Olympics on Mormon community; Similar article

Mormons battle myths

LDS stress storage, savings

'Mother Osmond' coming home

Scout remembered for gifts of service

Gay Mormons doubt church's welcome

Wednesday Headlines (February 20, 2002)

Salt Lake City's (undisputed) gold medal; Beauty, charm define Salt Lake

Olympic naysayers turn into believers

Video: Mormon Tabernacle Choir gold medal voices

LDS member first Irish cross-country skier

LDS hockey players at home in Salt Lake

Park City still un-Utah in flavor of Olympic spirit; Mardi Gras Utah

Elder Robbins speaks on love and marriage

BYU twins are proud of their modesty; Similar article

On the threshold

Seeker's diary: Burnsville Stake, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Study: Utah leads nation in antidepressant use

Tuesday Headlines (February 19, 2002)

Unlocking the temples' mysteries

Mormons take pride in taking part in Olympics

Mission altered

A new ballgame: Famed QB is eager to volunteer

Mitt's venue tour full of surprises

Family opens home to Games' visitors

Reality colors city's image

Behind the Olympics

Letter to editor: Biased church critics

Johnson leaves Y. legacy

St. George, a history-filled, warm winter getaway

Coming on strong: Buck answers questions about faith, baseball skill

Monday Headlines (February 18, 2002)

Temple Square is the place

Mormons add to, not detract from, Salt Lake City games

Cultural Games -- Olympics unite Mormons with world

Mormons low-key at Games

Mormons try not to alienate Utah's minority

Meeting gold standard

A call to rekindle the Olympic ideal of togetherness

Speakers find spiritual side to Olympics

Mormons abandon Sabbath for Games; Similar article

These really are the no games

District's Olympic dreams play out in Salt Lake City

Olympics put young athletes into gold rush

Salt Lake City newspapers compete in Olympics coverage

Gardner saved by brains; Gardner's willpower saves him

Floyd Johnson, well-known BYU mentor passes away

Mormons and Baptists slug it on-line

Trouble isn't Mormons, it's intolerant Utahns

Weekend Headlines (February 16-17, 2002)

LDS Church now 5th largest in U.S.

Olympic revelations of a religious enclave

Hypothermia grips Olympic wrestler Gardner after night in forest; Rulon is on the mend

Perception of Mormon women miss the mark, some experts say

A pause in proselytizing; Proselyters from afar share their faith; Mormons quiet, leaving other groups to evangelize

Alan Keyes discusses religious bias in media

Is America ready for a Mormon Vice-President? (scroll half-way down article); Romney: "I did blow my top"

BYU clarifies attendance policy

Utah still unlike its neighbors

Fort Madison gears up for temple visitors

Nauvoo Mission President

Seeking common ground

Sam Weller's: Utah's 73-year-old book source

Brigham Young University Cougarettes

Former Bear to lecture on the good life

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (February 15, 2002)

LDS leaders resist Tribune ploy

City will look more closely at church plan (Newport Beach Temple)

Mormon settlers were often at odds with government

Missionaries' experience overseas put to good use

Minority religion keeps its traditions as it works with LDS Church to bridge gaps

MSNBC articles: Salt Lake becomes a littler hipper; Olympic spectators tracing ancestors; Evangelical competition in Salt Lake; They never prophesied mogul skiing

Choir requires more than singing

Some tickets remain for performances

LDS visual piety

Play talks of the trial of Joseph and Hyrum Smith's murderers

Just say 'Know'

National Guardsman's special Valentine's Day reunion

Thursday Headlines (February 14, 2002)

Utah Mormons not the only pioneers

A gold medal in genealogy

A columnist's apology; Mormon church responds to negative media coverage; Mormon official complains about media's 'prejudice'; Deseret News column; Denver columnist admits he was wrong; Letter to editor regarding Mormon bashing

The book on Mormons

Mormons wanted to be left alone

A Mormon state of mind (thanks to V. Christenson for the link)

Olympics put spotlight on Mormon world

Testimonies of faith central to Mormons

'Light of the World' shines on Oly stages

In Utah, it's good to be green (Jell-O)

Sports Illustrated columnist focuses on polygamy

Mormon seminary gives teens quiet place for retreat

Wednesday Headlines (February 13, 2002)

Temple interest continues to grow (thanks to S. Meacham for the link -- update: link is now fixed, sorry!)

Choir displays Olympian stamina

Miracle of the gulls

The Mormon message

Mormons share rich history

Mormonism uplifted

Looking in on Salt Lake

Today's lesson: the Great Salt Lake

So far it's been all fun and Games

Old West exhibit hits the bull's-eye

Trade me a Mike for a George

No longer a bishop

Former Y football star talks about the

Tuesday Headlines (February 12, 2002)

Transcript of President Bush's visit with President Hinckley

Father, son realize Olympic dream after sacrifices; Zoeggeler beats Hackl in men's luge; Similar article

Mormon skier hopes to shine in Games

Man celebrates 100th birthday by carrying torch

Olympics put spotlight on religion (thanks to R. Trishman for the link)

Church asks Mormons to act as ambassadors

For Utahns, a mission to help at Games

Olympic spirit stirs Mormons

Local Mormons hope Olympics will draw attention to their beliefs

Taking aim at Utah bashing

Professor to speak of light at devotional

Black BYU student elect president

BYU plans service project during second week of Olympics

Capitalists find niche on streets of Salt Lake City

New diversity in the Mormon church

Racial history still affects LDS Church

Beer maker finds polygamy ads sell

Football now his mission

Monday Headlines (February 11, 2002)

U.N.'s Annan meets with President Hinckley; Annan visits LDS Church leaders

Who are the Latter-day Saints?; What they believe; Q&A; Through the years; Well-known members

As unofficial host, Mormons can't stop smiling

Mormons aid, educate Salt Lake City visitors

Salt Lake City 2002: Murphy still giving back

A Salt Lake City sampler; A dash of Salt Lake City (thanks to C. Hancock for the link)

Hoping new stars will shine through the clouds

Mormons are fine, but watch out for the Jell-O

Perception not always reality in Salt Lake City

The Wasatch Front reaches out to the world

Canada perfect fit at Nicest Olympics

Full schedule for Tabernacle Choir

'Light of the World' remains a hot ticket

Nauvoo gears for tourist flood

Today in history

'Hancock County' weighs justice, values, revenge

Plaque memorializes Utah's binding ties with Japan

Divorce stats avoidable, professors say

Two-bit symbols

Mormon Letters to meet

Former Mormon finds place where people live their faith

Sports: Iowa State lineman back from Mormon mission

Weekend Headlines (February 9-10, 2002)

President Bush meets with President Hinckley

'The perfect place': Bush hails S.L. Olympics

Olympic torch arrives in Salt Lake City (photo of President Hinckley holding the torch)

Washington Post: Striving for acceptance; Summary of Mormon beliefs

Opening statement

The place where Latter-day Saints gather

Mormons in the spotlight

Made in Utah: Mormon Handicraft allows artisans to sell specialty items

Many faiths

Forgotten voyage

Huntsman targets cigarettes

Y. coeds get spiritual tips

Salvation develops within the heart

Law can make it hard to be LDS in Russia

Singer returns to Utah roots

LDS Church News headlines (including photo of Elder Maxwell, First Presidency, and Quorum of the Twelve with torch -- may need a subscription to view photo and article)

Friday Headlines (February 8, 2002)

Torch passes through the hands of LDS leaders

Torch arrives in Salt Lake City

The nice Capital

Olympics strip Utah of mystery

Mormons aid, educate Salt Lake City visitors

The Church of the West

Utah's sports celebrities embrace their home

Mormon family to make the most of trip

In Russia, regions curb spread of foreign faiths

The Mormons among us (Tampa Bay)

Mormons: a short history

Keeping the past alive

Quintet finds dream in Branson

Church deflects world's attention

Y enrollment dependant on church attendance

Sports: Ducks get their biggest signing

Mormon family values (former members discuss views)

Thursday Headlines (February 7, 2002)

Hinckley welcomes opportunity Games provide

Missionaries provide translations

Bush arrives Friday for opening of Games

Games take a spiritual twist for Cooma skier 

Olympic torch nears host city, SLC events begin where pioneers did

Olympic spectators tracing ancestors

Salt Lake's heavenly hosts

Some interesting facts about Utah

The 'Saints' of Salt Lake City

The fire within (Mitt Romney); Give Mitt Romney a medal for saving the Olympic games; Romney personifies perseverance, spirit of Salt Lake effort

Temple Square security alert, visitors must pass through metal detectors; LDS security gets high marks

Olympics has an air about it

Utah residents combat state's sometimes strange image

VIPs aglow over 'Light of World'; 'Light of the World' a bit confusing, but splashy

Engineer shows youth value of service

Saints at war

LDS Film Festival hitting the road

LDS beliefs enter abortion resolution debate

Sports: Foray into Texas pays off for Utes; Cougs fill need on defense; Aggies get some instant help; Happy days are here at Y and U

Wednesday Headlines (February 6, 2002)

Devotional address: "He hears and answers"

LDS Church offers celebration of life

LDS leaders to hold torch

Aussie Mormon at home in Utah

Olympic writers discover the West isn't so wild

For openers, world-famous Mormon choir lends voice to Games

Utah's Olympic hurdle

Mormons will keep low profile

Church members encouraged to be 'good hosts'

Games offer Mormon religion opportunity to shine

Residents celebrate torch as it brightens LaVell Edwards Stadium; Torch relay

Sports: Time to sign on dotted line; Y or Oregon?

Tuesday Headlines (February 5, 2002)

Time: Mormon and the Olympic ideal

Mountains and snow -- scandal and Mormons

Self-conscious Utah is in for some ribbing

Opening will show a Utah flair

'Light of World' to welcome Olympic visitors

Y professor discusses the meaning of sacred

LDS Church reaches out to find jobs for members

A hectic month for Tabernacle Choir; Photo

Sculptor on a mission to 'enlighten' with art

Utah author honored

Quilts of the world

Monday Headlines (February 4, 2002)

Living by the Mormon book

Time: The New Utah; Magazine highlights leaders of LDS Church

'Light' is sight to behold; Some tickets may be available; More 'Light' tickets will be released Monday

Olympics: President Hinckley to handle torch; Mormon youths carry torch; Church answering bell for Games; Let the Mormon Games begin; Utah goes for the gold in jobs; Edwards will light cauldron in Provo; Mormons won't use Olympics to recruit; LDS facilities to have security screening; Temple Square lights will go on for games; All eyes on the Games -- and the LDS Church; Mormons in spotlight during Games; Mormons going for the gold, not souls; It's no joke: toast the Olympics; Games will give world unique view of Utah; Building up to the Olympics; Building ski jumps and faith; 17 days of mountains, Mormons, and medals; In Salt Lake: swifter, stronger, safer?; Mormons see hope, dilemma in games

Sports items on display at LDS museum

Provoan raising funds to build Haiti orphanage

Is growth plan city's job?

Sports: Cleveland, Cougs settle for Mondays

Weekend Headlines (February 2-3, 2002)

Timeout for family

Mormon teens add Scripture to study (thanks to E. Williams for the link)

Rare look at Mormon temple (thanks to K. Busselberg for the link); Slide show

Nauvoo Temple dedication to be broadcast

Olympics: President Hinckley to handle torch; NPR - Olympics shine light on Mormons (audio available after 12PM ET); Romney ready for OlympicsSecurity gets beefed up at Temple Square; Olympic torch will shed light on Mormons; Mormon Church will play major role at Olympics; The Mormon church wields clout in Utah, but during the Games it's going for a lighter touch

Berlin games mind-boggling

Lecture examines black Civil War sailors

BYU exhibit showcases history of Christianity in America

Bible's influence on law studied

LDS composers put their best on display

Disney honors Utahn who penned magical movie scores

'Singles Ward' a fluffy disappointment

Local filmmaker aims to inspire and entertain

LDS convert dislikes politics but attends church anyway

Evergreen grad puts church mission before college dream

Surprising start for Titans

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (February 1, 2002)

Idaho church leader speaks on the importance of families

Top connects Old Testament, covenant-keeping during symposium

Hopes for spiritual and economic renaissance accompany Mormons' Snowflake temple

Frequently asked questions about Mormons

Lonesome cowboys (Jews in Salt Lake City)

Y students debate over Super Bowl, CES fireside

Celebrating an unsung portion of U.S. fabric; LDS exhibit tells of black history

Setting apart the chosen few (acceptance rates in church schools)

Congregations make way for Games

Poor headline for a church