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February 2001 News:

(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 28, 2001)

Saints sacrifice for Nauvoo temple then and now

Salt Lake City wrestles with its Mormon roots

Wagon train will head for California in April

Swiss temple plays unique role in church history

Couple who forced their way into LDS temple on probation and Temple invasion suspect is called bi-polar

Rower back in family's arms

Database delights Haley son

Church leaders concerned about pornography

Security issues addressed for Jerusalem Center

Y. students feeling student-housing crunch

Arts & culture: New museum exhibit examines modern Mormon architectureProvo stake will present '7 Brides' March 21-24; The way it was

Other church members in the news: Avalanche kills NH woman skiing in Utah; BYU grads accused of sexist views

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 27, 2001)

Freedman's Bank Records news conferences: Church News Release; Atlanta news conference and additional notes & photographs  as well as Atlanta Journal-Constitution article; Washington D.C. news conference; Dallas news conference; Chicago article; New York Times article; Salt Lake Tribune article; Deseret News article

Related to news conference: NPR Morning Edition; Ex-slave records lead woman to her roots

Missionary surrounded by support

Sister Gladys' testimony reflects new acceptance

Mormon women offer handmade relief

LDS members in sports news: Lovell hoopster excels with prosthetic leg (thanks to M. Andersen for link)

Monday Headlines (Feb 26, 2001)

'Legacy of good will' to be LDS church's role

Ricks devotional: C. Terry Warner

Crossing the Atlantic in a tall sailing ship

Pioneers not exempt from nature's call

Urban growth examined

Arts & culture: BYU Homecoming Queen portraits continue in controversy; Handsome hostelry in Kanab; Provo's Hope Gallery home to famous religious art; Talking with MTV's Julie Stoffer about love and stuff

LDS members in the news: England doing well after brain surgery; As state Olympic officer, Beattie finds himself in sprint to the finish

Sports: Utah State's coaches learn how to best utilize missionary players; BYU snapped by Utes

Weekend Headlines (Feb 24-25, 2001)

Feds fight challenge to census; Fight brews over count

Church plans to drop use of LDS as shorthand name

Church of Jesus Christ plans simultaneous news conferences on Monday

Man enters plea in church crashing incident

Savannah names new Stake Presidency

Bonneville Communications wins Telly awards

Farmington to sell old cannon

Reverent Moon's unification message coming to Utah

Olympics: Olympic jitters for Salt Lake firms

Arts & culture: Donny Osmond has a new album in release; Disney hearse has no link to Brigham Young; Mormon letters group elects new leaders; Julie de Azevedo to perform a slate of benefits

LDS members in sports news: Reedley opener postponed; Whiting certain to get boos

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 23, 2001)

U.S. newswire: Major announcement concerning African-American ancestry and roots -- records from 19th century to be released Monday; Mormons to release records on ex-slaves; Family history CD-ROM has records of ex-slaves

Family History conference to be held at Ricks

Shipps on the sea of Mormonism

Arts & culture: Low--subtle meditations from the underground; Sublima to celebrate American propoganda films

LDS members in the news: Author writes about Mormon evacuation; Photographer eager to see friend who rowed the Atlantic; Longtime Merced College coach killed in truck crash

LDS members in sports news: Two Y football players disciplined after arrest; Chris Burgess' time has come; Cougars prepared for Utes' crowd

Thursday Headlines (Feb 22, 2001)

Conference to combine Book of Mormon, Hebrew law

Nauvoo cringes: Investors seek to cash in on new temple

LDS members in the Harlem branch

Ethics of death examined

Tribune managers win injunction

Officials' hopes for TRAX line to U. hospital ride on Congress

Deseret Book joins forces with

Olympics: Salt Lake ready to party; Olympic countdown/a primer on Mormonism

LDS members in the news: Utah rower waterlogged but resilient; 'Cleveland Rocks' rocks BYU

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 21, 2001)

Ex-slave files a prize for history buffs

Records go from cloth to computer

Appeal rejected of Bulgarian accused of raping missionary

Utah's 'porn czarina' targets an elusive purveyor: the internet

Bill would prevent county from limiting church size

LDS members in the news: Five new organs for Utah native; A lot of talent and a good heart and Extra-Ord-inary

LDS members in sports news: Bower suspension reduced to four games

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 20, 2001)

More on de-emphasizing use of term Mormon: Church moves to adjust use of its name; LDS leaders aim for altered name; Phase out of Mormon as title may not be easy; Church hopes 'Mormon' will fade from its identity

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is 6th largest in U.S.

Spots filling for re-creation of LDS voyage

Utah loses House seat over census-count rule

History: In Millard, Fillmore's still da man; Old Salt Lake surveys don't quite measure up

Olympics: Separation of church and sport?; Scandal forgotten, Salt Lake ready to host world

LDS members in the news: Donny Osmond hosts new pledge drive, promotes new album

LDS members in sports news: Duke runs over St. John's, but does it politely; SLCC's Parrish cherishes coaching role

Monday Headlines (Feb 19, 2001)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to discourage use of the term Mormon Church; Adapting 'Mormon' to emphasize Christianity

CD-ROM to aid black genealogists

Mormons planning West Side stake center in New Mexico

President pardoned all Utahns

Gay marriage showdown may be inevitable in Utah

Iomega leader slams Utah liquor laws

Olympics: Climbing the mountain; Olympic torch will shed light on Mormon country

Arts & culture: American Indians tell their side of Utah's story

LDS members in the news: Youth teaches genealogical research; Big family finds joy, challenges

LDS members in sports news: 3-sport player on defensive

Weekend Headlines (Feb 17-18, 2001)

The 'word' on caffeine -- LDS teachings are unclear on issue of consumption; The 'Word of Wisdom' as written

Utah women turn to home business

Steeped in symbolism -- church steeples stand as a point of Christian identity

Churches await funding details

Orem LDS stake plans open house at new church

Donny Osmond at 43 -- ready to take the world on again

Baptist professor finds spirituality at BYU

Olympics: Death slows but doesn't stop Oly God squad; Sinners may be beaten

Arts & culture: Musician meets CD-ROM challenge masterfully (buy CDs/music from Kenneth Cope); More on 'Princess' and another review and Princess fights for her soldier

LDS members in sports news: Badgers guard Bower suspended; Wrestling is in the family's blood

LDS humor: You can't hide from your church call

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 16, 2001)

LDS missionaries may count in '10; Census Bureau studies ways to count missionaries

Utahn oldest to cross Atlantic in row boat (also see his website)

Deadly rage in a house of love; Obituary of Mary Jane Davidson Hawkes

BYU surges ahead in high-tech field

Light their fire -- oncoming Olympic games finally spark Utah's interest

Real 'Princess and Marine' looking for public support (also see review: 'Princess' -- phoned in and phony)

Arts & culture: Theater review of 'Desert Saints and Sinners'; Fun's the word -- don't let the city's image fool you

Other LDS members in the news: Mormon claims religious bias at INS office; Missionary receives youth achievement award; History in the making at BYU?

LDS members in sports news: Utahns team up -- for Samoa; Bower, UW still waiting and Bower incident comes at a bad time

Thursday Headlines (Feb 15, 2001)

Elder W. Craig Zwick speaks on navigating the roads of life

Mormon chapel tour set

Romney gives his all to games

Growth showdown postponed: County opts for moratorium, task force on church/school issue

Parowan feels snubbed in Olympic torch relay

Arts & culture: No crown for "Princess"

Other LDS members in the news: AP photo of LDS women assisting one another; Family looks back at days before deaths; Hatch wants Clinton to explain Rich pardon; Utah delegates get influential posts in D.C.

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 14, 2001)

Elder Featherstone stresses need for Holy Ghost

On-line registration underway for Especially for Youth

Officials project great need for married-student housing

LDS members in the news: 'Run-of-the-mill' family invigorates area with home renovation; Brigade brightens lives with day-old delights

LDS members in sports news: Badger's guard declared ineligible

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 13, 2001)

Elder Featherstone speaks at BYU devotional today

Dale Murphy quietly living out life after baseball, off the diamond

Young discovers a labor of love
retired 49ers quarterback is the head of an army of 30,000 volunteers

Mark Madsen signs sneakers, dedicates Alamo playground

Historians still divided over TV's true creator

Salesmen leave core beliefs in small print

Well, that's Utah for ya

Other LDS members in the news: Flasher the clown banned from parade; Family had sought help for Maryland slaying suspect

LDS members in sports news: Spencer Brinton to play quarterback for Michigan; Miracle on ice--a painful knee injury doesn't stop Greg Feeman; Knight returning to roots with Y.; Who's right on Mark?

Monday Headlines (Feb 12, 2001)

Admissions process made easier at Church schools

U. theater department denies bias

Capitol teems with mysteries

Coming of new age for alternative religions

Olympics: The man who revived Salt Lake; Financier steps in to save Utah's Olympics

LDS members in the news: New Stake President chosen in Oakdale Minnesota Stake; Porn czar says inexperience is irrelevant

LDS members in sports news: Cougs open pipeline to Hawaii; Going first class with Crowton

Weekend Headlines (Feb 10-11, 2001)

UVSC invites President Hinckley, Dalai Lama; LDS President to speak at UVSC

Elder Perry to speak to Huntington Beach Stake

Judge orders LDS Church to release files of sex-abuse complaints

LDS Conference Center welcomes the faithful

BYU to give students four day Games break

Mormons not rolling up carpet for Olympic guests

Putting T in CTR was right choice

Will Games help unite or widen split over faith?

Opinions on how to pray in public

On this date Mormons began exodus west

Bush's plan deeply rooted

Arts & culture: Capturing the rapture: 'Left Behind' depicts biblical predictions; BYU Black Student Union to stage story of pioneer

LDS members in the news: Friends struggle to understand King's death; Salt Lake maestro's style is full speed ahead (Mitt Romney article)

LDS members in sports news: Stanford coach gets win number 1,000; Since leaving school, he has been a man on a mission

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 9, 2001)

LDS Church will not oppose polygamy bill

Tribune drops efforts to add Deseret News to suit

Mormons in dry run for Olympics; Olympic torch to cross Utah; NBC experimenting with right Games mix

Arts & culture: The Olympic Arts Festival schedule

LDS members in the news: Michael Lowe, student body president (thanks to M. Andersen for the link)

LDS members in sports news: Michigan coach announces 22 new recruits for 2001 season

Thursday Headlines (Feb 8, 2001)

USA Today: Games provide opportunity for Mormons

BYU seminar addresses porn; Y conference discusses protection from pornography plague

Murder-suicide cause still a mystery

2002 Olympic preview: A year to go for Salt Lake City

LDS members in the news: Utah couple still together after 76 years; Canadian helps salvage Salt Lake

LDS members in sports news: Valley area now fertile ground for quarterbacks; Recruits leave open the prospect of late change of heart

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 7, 2001)

LDS Church neutral on plan by Bush

Ricks College devotional synopsis

Orem Institute more than just a few religion classes

FARMS hosts conference on Hebrew law on February 24

Y religion professor puts service learning in curriculum

IOC doesn't like Romney's plans

Arts & culture: Dance rules assailed as out of step

LDS members in the news: Hugh Russell spent career working as surveyor; Edwards praises power of prayer; BYU student turned Broadway dancer; Jeff Flake: Washington newcomer

LDS members in sports news: 'Mad Dog' unleashed; Dent back to his old pitch; College football recruiting: BYU; Recruit's blood runs BYU blue; Young deals with life following glory days of football; On mission: ASU's Crandall eager to play again

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 6, 2001)

President Hinckley meets with Larry King; TV host says President Hinckley's views on charities differ from Bush's

Elder Porter examines "The Proclamation to the World"

Conference will tackle pornography

Elder Featherstone to speak at BYU devotional Feb. 13

Politics: BYU study finds special interests outspent candidates; Darrington turns deaf ear to debate on religion law; Posturing starts in race for Arizona governor

Business: Bonneville among firms suing over music fees

Arts & culture: Married with housing; Life 'Inside the Osmonds,' a family's success, struggles; Senator's song on breakfast menu; The story of Biddy Mason

LDS members in the news: A Kentucky family of 14 children is breaking records by degrees thanks in part to faith, love and no TV; Man kills girlfriend, himself

Sports: Sports Illustrated: Mormons battle for soul of Games; Filipe spurns UCLA, chooses BYU

Monday Headlines (Feb 5, 2001)

Religious rift rattles U.; 'Seeds of infidelity'; Myths inevitable

Selection of a Stake President in Minnesota

Several faith communities experience construction boom

Arts & culture: 'Junction City' stands at a new crossroads; Photo of ward store from 1870's; A freeze-frame portrait of Utah

LDS members in the news: For Young and Rice, AT&T nothing like their glory days; Udall: revive spirit of the west; Hatch jams himself in his u-turn on traffic

Sports news: Stockton-to-Malone to Olympic cauldron?

Weekend Headlines (Feb 3-4, 2001)

Mormons cast shadow on Olympics

Bonneville buying two stations in Chicago

Local writer delves into why LDS members become inactive

Campus missionaries thrive among peers

Dumpster problem brings religions together

BYU to send students to southeast Asia for first time

Girl's angel encounter rings true

Professor addresses 'the Mormon disease'

Holy games: The Olympics are rooted in religion

Arts & culture: Young singers soar on Primary CD

LDS members in the news: Salmon cleaned House, then returned home; Hoop dancer travels south to compete with world's best

LDS members in sports news: Cheerleader: It's a lot of work; Smiles for Chad and friend; Boyd's mission possible; McBride goes north to haul in star receiver

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 2, 2001)

Elder Porter to speak at CES fireside

Unusual illnesses ail missionaries abroad

LDS Church sends Olympic writers gift

Internet pornography topic of BYU conference Feb. 7

Business: 'Old economy' company and internet firm join forces; Bonneville International Corporation buys Chicago radio station

Arts & culture: Desert dessert? Jell-o seeks to mold opinion; Weak directing, script afflict campy Osmond flick and Movie debunks squeaky-clean Osmond image; Historic Minerva Teichert paintings on display in Ricks religion building

LDS members in the news: BYU professor linking people together; Spotlight still shining on Rulon Gardner; Interview with Donny Osmond; Death revives call for truck-bed riding ban; Founder of Nevada Opera Guild dies

Thursday Headlines (Feb 1, 2001)

Legislation would protect Mormon pioneer trails; Trail system may add shortcuts; Senators set sights on trails

Utah seeks a speedy ruling on U.S. census count case

French 'cult' bill doesn't target LDS

U of U president speaks at BYU, crosses 100-year gap; U. boss Machen steps into lions' den at BYU, speech broaches religious tolerance

Nauvoo temple windows will be authentic

Salt Lake Tribune opinion: Trying U. on Capitol Hill

Deseret News opinion: GOP, demos don't actively woo LDS voters

Ex-worker for W. Bountiful to get day in court

Arts & culture: Cross-country deejay; Southern California Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs at memorial service; TV movie "Inside the Osmonds" tells all

LDS members in sports news: Father-son duo helps diving team dominate

LDS members in the news: Don Yacktman's wild ride; In Utah, video rental with extra cuts; U of U doesn't offer all majors; neither to other schools; Botched robbery attempt led to Southern California mall stabbing and Kidnapping attempt led to mall slaying