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Archived News

February 2000 News:

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 29, 2000)

President Hinckley dedicates two new temples in Mexico

TB cases abundant in Utah

Man faces sentencing in church bombing

Arts & Entertainment: Costumes bring 'Living Legends' to life

LDS members in the news: Profiles: Wanda Bush; Business guru returns to Utah; Leavitt spends night at White House

Sports news: Redshirt wrestlers struggle with future plans

Monday Headlines (Feb 28, 2000)

Faith moves tornado volunteers

Boston Globe: Immunity to zoning challenged

Politics: Battle lines drawn on gay adoption bills; Sugar beet debate; Highland, Alpine resist push for apartments; Governors meet amid GOP concern over Bush

Despite innuendo, no anti-Mormon bias

LDS members in news: Three baby miracle for BYU couple; Utahn trying to break baseball's age barrier

Weekend Headlines (Feb 26-27, 2000)

President Hinckley marks five years as LDS president; In his words; Transcript of interview with President Hinckley

Moving forward boldly: President Hinckley hails faithfulness, voices optimism for LDS future

Three LDS temples ready for dedication, seven temples to be dedicated in Mexico

Boston steeple battle inspires outpouring

Conferences beckon women of faith

Staying in Utah: pastor passes on returning to Nigeria

Repentance and reconciliation

Former crack house now refuge of faith

'Mormons on the Internet' book available

Politics: More on Prop 22 debate; Testing cyber voting; Holy war within GOP

LDS members in news: Cook listed in satisfactory condition; Former editor writes Mormon history book; Houle's win is just another blessed event

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 25, 2000)

Thousands take temple tour (Albuquerque New Mexico)

Construction underway on new Mormon temple (Birmingham Alabama)

More on the Boston Temple steeple; Boston Globe article

Elder Christofferson speaks on responsibility and repentance

Proposal would offer new urbanism

Some women want out of polygamy; Utah focuses on cleaning up polygamy

Readers' forum: SLOC is ignoring Mormon pioneers

Thursday Headlines (Feb 24, 2000)

Judge: no steeple on Boston temple

Pleasanton church beefs up security after 'Protect Marriage' signs burned

Islamic translations help build bridges between Mormons and Muslims, Elder Maxwell says

Angel installed atop Reno Nevada Temple

Religious education symposium to feature student presentations

Mongolian missionaries

Professor speaks to College Republicans about Middle Eastern culture

Utahns travel to Iceland to celebrate 1000 years of Christianity

Quilts made to give away

Arts & Entertainment: Men's chorus tours New Mexico; Choir to perform as part of Black History month

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 23, 2000)

23,000 attend Albequerque New Mexico temple open house

A man of honor (article on President Benson)

Foundation to honor selfless deputy

Knight sings praises about her 'feel-good' 'Cafe'

LDS members in news: Surfing sisterhood

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 22, 2000)

Prop. 22 signs burned in church parking lot

Letters to Lincoln posted on the internet

Commentary: an opportunity to interview a prophet

Sports news: All-Arizona tackle signs with BYU

Monday Headlines (Feb 21, 2000)

LDS Church announces new temple open houses

Devil Dogs escape close public scrutiny

Nation searches its soul

LDS members in news: Hatch rival takes GOPs case to right wing

Arts & Entertainment: Concert calendar in Salt Lake

Sports news: Y. nips UNLV again

Weekend Headlines (Feb 19-20, 2000)

LDS Church announces completion of temples in U.S., Mexico

Religious freedom in Russia tenuous

Stanford religious groups split on Prop 22

Temple camera goes on the blink

Many LDS fraternities, sororities will drop Greek names

LDS temple in New Mexico offering public tours

Mall identity: Owners ponder a name change for ZCMI

Kennedy Center offers international service opportunities

Recruiting in Rexburg

Readers get personal with Bible

Mormon letters annual conference

LDS members in news: David Whittaker on the future of the book; Tumour puts mission on hold; Chief Realtor gets dirt on hands; Knight is winner -- as pioneer in LDS faith

Sports news: Cougars complete coaching shuffle

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 18, 2000)

Ethics in journalism taught by LDS professors

LDS have right to fight same-sex marriage, 2 say

Video: Movie made by LDS filmmaker to portray missionary life as it is

RLDS consider shorter name

Army's new containerized chapels

Wabash workers weighing union

Majority of BYU students undecided on U.S. presidential elections

LDS members in news: BYU professor receives governor's award for developing arthritis drug

Arts & entertainment: 'Soul Saints' give youth something to sing about

Thursday Headlines (Feb 17, 2000)

Albuquerque New Mexico Temple debuts

Elder Holland speaks on true love and friendship

Definition of marriage up for vote in California

Sunday swimming issue refuses to drift away

Why Jews, Mormons, and Catholics still can't get elected President

Declaration cloaks positions in religion

Poetic justice (article discussing Mark Hofmann forgeries)

10,000 papers stolen on BYU campus; No charges to be filed

Sports news: Nebraska's Dutton back from mission, ready to compete; Simply golden basketball player; Whistle should be blown on foul language; They are king-pins of Highland; Utah gymnast beats odds and fulfills dream

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 16, 2000)

LDS standards dances are 'stayin alive'

Leaders want colleges to speed up

Polygamy and profit

Sports news: MWC considers schedule changes; similar article

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 15, 2000)

Arizona celebrates statehood -- Mormon pioneer saluted by house

A peacemaker in Provo -- how a Pentecostal pastor taught his congregation to love Mormons

LDS members in news: Family prays for wounded 11 year old; Orem mayor enjoys political honeymoon

Monday Headlines (Feb 14, 2000)

Nauvoo temple construction building hopes of prosperity

Work progresses on Reno Nevada temple; LDS answer questions about temple

Infertility a struggle for couples around the world

Demos may back 'morality bills'

LDS members in news: Soccer star planning to attend BYU

Weekend Headlines (Feb 12-13, 2000)

Hinckley on Values, Virtues: Church leader says book omits LDS theology, aims for 'widest audience possible; Book by President Hinckley homes in on values;***buy book at a discount here***

30,000 descendants to mark 200th birthday of Hyrum Smith

Diplomats hail Y's Islamic translations

Want academic freedom? Try USVC, professor says; similar Deseret News article

African-American churches in Utah

400 clergy to protest Knight initiative

Want to lend a hand on Washington D.C. temple grounds

LDS members in news: Homeowner who shot teen to be tried on murder charge; Word and deed: young missionary dies in crash

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 11, 2000)

Random House to release President Hinckley's new book Feb. 15

UVSC, BYU under scrutiny

BYU fireside hears Elder Maxwell discuss merits of mentoring

Mormon temple opposed in Oklahoma

SL Trib Opinion: Acting is acting

House debates, rejects taxing big families to pay for education

More on the kissing website

LDS members in news: An LDS bishop's support of Prop 22 in California; Sleepless nights help Romney stir Olympic reawakening

Thursday Headlines (Feb 10, 2000)

LDS Church to honor Hyrum Smith's 200th birthday

Knowing more about Mormons: Church opens doors to others for forum

Angel statue to watch over completion of Nashville Temple; Temple is topped: Angel faces east atop Mormon center

A teen's mission begins with sad farewells

Student web site excites kissing controversy

Clergy may have known of sex abuse

LDS members in news: Bank president to quit job for mission; Deborah Laake (former member & author) dies also see 'Secret Ceremonies' author dies and shorter version of same

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 9, 2000)

Conference countdown - 53 days until throngs fill massive new building

New structure symbolizes Mormon growth

Public affairs calling unlike any other

Professional LDS athletes talk about role as athletes and church reps

'Two-Headed' tackles 1800's issues

'God's Army' shooting for new LDS film genre

Spring time is ring time at BYU

More on alleged bias at U. also Ethics class fuels furor at UVSC

LDS members in news: Brown president resigns, will take over at Vanderbilt and similar article; Lighting up scoreboard, keeping Y. fans happy now Reynolds' job

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 8, 2000)

Young Mormons go abroad to work for others

The gospel according to whom?

Mormon youth spread their faith

SL Trib Opinion: Main Street controversy didn't have to be about religion

It's time to take a closer look at the Tribune's LDS Church coverage

LDS members in news: Tal not quite a chip off the Bachman block; Marie Osmond's 'perfect' life under spotlight turns hot; BYU faculty member an example of courage, strength; When life does not imitate art

Monday Headlines (Feb 7, 2000)

LDS leaders offer comfort at missionaries' funerals; similar article

2002 organizers work to ensure nothing gets lost in translation

LDS members in news: Secret's out: WSU finds president; Former member in news: Ex-BYU professor heads Unitarian church

'Skip' classes during games?

Miss manners for the senate

Weekend Headlines (Feb 5-6, 2000)

Utah is indeed the Holy Land, just check the phone book

Mormons and the media

LDS members in news: Huntsman represents the church wherever he goes; Bennett reflects on Y2K

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Feb 4, 2000)

Funerals for 4 LDS elders this week; Funeral service plans for four missionaries killed in auto accident; Elder Roundy obituary; Mourning the loss of 4 Utah sons; Funeral held for first of four missionaries; Missionary killed in crash an example of determination, persistence

Elder Maxwell to address college-aged young adults

Columbine hero has ties to Cache Valley

LDS members in news: Guess who's following dad's footsteps?

LDS sports news: BYU best of Mountain West

Thursday Headlines (Feb 3, 2000)

BYU's Marriott School of Management ranked number 4 in regional schools

Nauvoo temple construction documented on web site

LDS members in news: Marie Osmond seeks to save sanity

Sports news: Reynolds to control Cougar offense; 'Mad Dog' is puppy off the court

Wednesday Headlines (Feb 2, 2000)

Morning seminary classes give teens a wake-up call

An incredible winter journey

Way beyond Grandma's scrapbook

Tuesday Headlines (Feb 1, 2000)

Churches hold massive gathering, but don't invite LDS members

Quilts to cover gridiron at BYU

Hatch reflects and the lows and highs of presidential campaign

Judge refuses to dismiss suit against Tanners

Story on non-member killed in accident along with 4 missionaries

LDS members in news: American Fork woman refuses to stop editing R-rated movies