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PROVO, UTAH - SEPTEMBER 21, 2002 - The entry deadline for the upcoming 2nd LDS Film Festival has been extended to October 1, 2002. Films, videos and screenplays can be submitted for the competition programs. Winning films and screenplays receive a total of $ 2000.00 in awards. Christian Vuissa, founder and president of the festival encourages LDS filmmakers to submit their work to the festival. "The LDS Film Festival is becoming the premiere place to showcase the work of LDS filmmakers to a growing audience."

Last year's festival drew around 800 festival guests. Besides the competition programs that showcased 24 short films, the festival also offered filmmakers' presentations by several acknowledged LDS filmmakers. Presentations by Blair Treu, director of "Little Secrets," Dave Hunter and Kurt Hale, the makers of "Singles Ward," and other practicing filmmakers offered firsthand insights into the moviemaking process. A scholarly symposium about the possibilities and responsibilities of LDS cinema catalyzed new ideas for young LDS filmmakers.

The program for this year's festival is currently in development. "We have several new ideas that we would like to add to the festival program," says Vuissa who mentions that more interaction between filmmakers and audience is one goal of this year's activities. "We also plan on having a 'Female Filmmakers' program to introduce a growing number of LDS women who love to express themselves through film." Other events and themes of the festival as well as festival locations will be announced early next month..

Similar to last year's "Best of 2001" program, the best films of this year's competition will go on a national and international tour. "We had a total of 16 additional screenings in several states, and in England and Italy. The goal is to create a growing LDS community interested in quality films."

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