Site Dedicatory Services for Future Temple in Denmark

Similar to the Vernal Utah Temple, which was dedicated in 1997, the Copenhagen temple will also involve a renovation of an existing ward building.  Approximately 700 saints gathered from Denmark and Sweden to attend the site dedicatory services.  The Priorvej Chapel was originally dedicated by Elder John A. Widstoe of the Quorum of the Twelve in 1931.  That building will now become the first Danish temple. 

Elder Condie offered the dedicatory prayer:  "We are grateful for the blessing this building has been in our lives as apostles and prophets have borne their special witness of Thee in these sacred precincts. And now, our Holy Father, as we are gathered in the name of Thy Son, our hearts unite in gratitude that this building will now be extensively renovated for even more sacred purposes, to become a holy temple, a House of the Lord in which sacred eternal ordinances will be performed, including the sealing of families together forever and forever. . . . As we rededicate this building site, may we also rededicate our lives to Thee."