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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

December 2003 Archived News:

Wednesday Headlines (December 31, 2003)

When Mommy goes marching off to war

LDS sending medical supplies to Iran

Chapman, Peters earn soldiers of year award

Dixie's star receiver Travis Brown commits to BYU; Similar article

Dad says he knows who killed his daughter

Lehi cancer victim to try new tack

LDS-based academy opening up area school

Volunteers brighten holiday with new lights

Murray woman wins contest

Tuesday Headlines (December 30, 2003)

Hardin lends a hand to stranded motorists; Hardin provides help for travelers

Kitchen caters to the needy

Roses to the Church on Redlands temple open house

Corporate thought police

Education advocate leaving Capitol Hill

Sports: Flashback: Revival of BYU's Polynesian pipeline; Vol's workout full of intensity; Red-eye 'Muss Bus' hauls loyal Utes

NVISION delivers first large format routing systems

Monday Headlines (December 29, 2003)

Mormon Tabernacle Choir plans Las Vegas performance

Boston College oddity: Married grid player

War in Iraq hits home for two families

Ghost town up for National Historic Landmark status

'Sons of Provo' mocks boy band phenomenon

Saturday Headlines (December 27, 2003)

Praying for time -- does God prefer long or short prayers?

Understanding the gentleman warrior; Contributions from Utah, Michigan aid Romney

Healer's mission accomplished; Patients revere retiring doctor

Students use vacation time for work and play

Missouri's city of outlaws and prophets

Catering to a love affair with the past; Same article in a different paper

The 'hidden' Cougars

Young girl hopes for Christmas miracle

Bryan Weed to go on mission trip

Faiths free in Trinidad and Tobago

Religious disputes threaten the world

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 26, 2003)

Widely traveled missionary family will gather for New Year's Day

Volunteers make sure everyone has a good meal

Stormin' Mormon ready to bowl

Thousands of dollars raised for Swank family

The Boyd less traveled 

Alternate route

Ex-Mormon missionary pleads innocent

Thousands of investors learn of scam allegations against California consultant (note: this story was picked up by dozens of newspapers across the U.S.)

Thursday Headlines (December 25, 2003)

Merry Christmas!  Thanks for making LDS Today your choice for LDS news & resources!

I don't care if Mormons baptize my dead relatives (fabulous article to counter widely published recent articles); Respect the theology of our friends

60 Minutes II: America's Choir; A musical dream

Pope relishes 'nice guy' role, on and off the court

Values eroding in a world of turmoil

Driver sought in teenager's death

Please, let the Christmas carols be

Flock of Eagle scouts soars above norm

Keys to the future Piano teacher Susan Marchant provides a foundation in more than music

Amid war and violence, hearts open to peace

Jericho Road and the road to stardom

Your table is ready, kids

Minnesota poll: Keeping the faith

Gift of the season

Deseret News fights subpoena of reporter in plaza case

'Cheaper' is fun, but unnecessary

Tabernacle choir to take applications

Wednesday Headlines (December 24, 2003)

Christ's actual birth date open for debate

Gifts of hope in times of hardship (brief registration required)

Wheelchairs from US humanitarian donation received

Scout chooses meaningful project

Scout is on a mission to share stories (registration required)

LDS stays silent in gun spat; Signs from heaven

Tribune owner urges 'no' to request for judge disclosure

A native of Vernal was killed in quake

Tuesday Headlines (December 23, 2003)

Today's birthdays (Joseph Smith, Jr. was born in 1805)

Ask and ye shall receive

A family in need says thanks

'The reason for the season'

Proxy baptisms: Tribune story was a misrepresentation

Cultural ties suffer in search for new life

Sacagawea's son led Mormon Battalion through New Mexico

Granite vault said to offer secure storage; Similar article

Local residents worry amid scurry

Church gun law triggers confusion

Best and worst books of 2003 (Under Heaven voted one of best, Elizabeth Smart book voted one of worst)

Teenagers discuss holidays, Saddam, and life with terrorism 

Monday Headlines (December 22, 2003)

More on Rexburg temple; LDS temple slated for Rexburg; Rexburg gets a surprise: A temple is coming; Similar SL Tribune article

Again, Jews fault Mormons over posthumous baptisms; Mormon baptisms anger Jews; Jews again assail Mormon rite

LDS missionaries give 'thumbs down' to filmmaker's documentary

True grit: Utahn hasn't let crash and pain ruin life

Showbiz in their blood

Scalley is consummate student athlete

For the love of Jesus (see the sidebar in the article)

Christmas has special magic in non-Christian land

Home meets family-friendly requirement

Holiday memories -- warm and weird

Two brothers bring gourmet treats to Orem and beyond

Community is drained by well wars

Key senator says he'd revisit gun law; Coalition of church leaders defy state gun law

Charities struggle in New England (brief mention of 'Mormons' near end of article)

Game 'as dry as a Mormon picnic'

Saturday Headlines (December 20, 2003)

Rexburg to receive temple

Fasting isn't just spiritual -- this group helps the needy

Potatoes delivered to local food bank

Shull a soldier with a sense of duty (see last section of article)

An interview with an LDS stake president

BSU grads doff their caps to academia

Relief Society provides service (see last section of article)

Sports: Ducks of a feather; Mapu to ponder mission over Christmas

Beautiful books rich in substance

Technicolor tidings (see three-fourths down in article for LDS connection)

LDS musicians offer annual 'Messiah' concert

Singers from Mormon Tabernacle Choir 'send shivers down spine' in Lord of the Rings game

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 19, 2003)

Called to serve -- on film

Petaluma mom dies after 8th child born, kept cancer secret

More than a game

Holiday Hope celebrates another successful year

Committee feeds 900 for Thanksgiving

BYU's Rose earns fourth NCAA honor

Basketball: Working-class hero

Boise State welcomes former walk-on

Four Eagle scouts

Beaverton teenager provides service

BYU offers 45 free courses

Liberty, Missouri a place to visit (similar to other articles published recently)

Trib boss: No plans to move to LDS site

Former Mormon missionary indicted

Thursday Headlines (December 18, 2003)

Mission to Texas

Lookie, lookie, lookie here come cookies!

BYU religion teacher speaks on taking up the cross

Mormons still baptizing dead Jews

Holiday brighter for those in need

Gahan resigns from zoning board (some interesting behind-the-scenes snippets on the Boston Temple)

Interfaith celebration slated

Martial arts instructor writes "Be Not Afraid" book 

Foundation's tax bill slashed in settlement

Wednesday Headlines (December 17, 2003)

Oneida Academy finally at home

Sorensen on a Mormon mission

Arson ravaged chapel helps in firefighter training

Fans line up for 'Rings' final episode

Pages of good cheer

Lesson on speech

Tuesday Headlines (December 16, 2003)

Soldier injured by grenade

Anyone have a camel?

Utah cities keeping their Nativities

Nativity passion

Sports: Former Kentucky wide-receiver spends time in Peru prior to joining NFL

Monday Headlines (December 15, 2003)

LDS Hispanics celebrate Navidad

Tabernacle Choir titillates audience with jazzy show, Welsh baritone steals show, hearts

Participation, discipline are key in Mormon service

Charities make homeless feel like royalty

Try to make time for teens

WWII Navy pilot recalls history

Soldier's family moves on

Prayer 'to know the right one' to marry is answered

Old West and Mormon history foster tourism

History of California gold rush

Holidays' festive focus helps families avoid stress

Behind the scenes of Montana temple

U. honors program assistant director after nearly 50 years at the school

Trying to recap the magic (high school football)

This is tending to God's garden? (a critical opinion on pollution in Utah)

Saturday Headlines (December 13, 2003)

Opera stars sing praises of Choir and Christmas; Operatic superstars join Tabernacle Choir this weekend

Huntsman has 'nothing to hide' in plaza case

Demeaning and bashing; A different brand of Christianity (see original article published here last week)

Question on baptism for the dead

Brief history on San Bernardino

Shepherd virtues make life bearable

Festival to feature nativity displays, music

Bethlehem to be recreated

Church presents free musical

Criticism over child's cross leads to lesson in tolerance

Nashville temple vandalized last month

Mother of BYU applicant deported

Area agency on aging hires new director

San Jose mom leaving work struck by car

Children's museum is $5 million closer

Students stroll along lights at Temple Square

Collector's edition is a gem

Sports: Former Pocatello standout no stranger to Reed Gym

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 12, 2003)

Century old academy makes way for high school; Locals, benefactors, help academy pick up stakes

Stellar singers; Frederica von Stade and Bryn Terfel Perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for Christmas Concerts

LDS celebrates opening of new church in Monroe, WI

Churches key to tracing Scandinavian roots

Live nativity highlights Brawley event

Thoughts on mission

Nativity scenes on display in Yuba City, CA

Ben Olsen on mission

Mormon practice of posthumous baptism (this was printed in dozens of newspapers today)

BHSU book confuses Mormon, American Indian beliefs

Games people play

Cannon wants hearings on Olympic bribery case

Coalition against gay marriage reorganizes

Thursday Headlines (December 11, 2003)

ACLU to talk to LDS official; ACLU can depose LDS Church leader in plaza case

Young men on a mission

Community rallies to give disabled man a new home

Senior missionaries serve

FCC give Bonneville conditional OK to buy radio stations

Religion leads to a merrier Christmas

Fuzzy views on religion

Rally celebrates Utah's role in labor movement

Santa's Little Helper ensuring needy won't go hungry

Advent helps community get ready for Christmas

Sports: Bobik deserved better

Police: It's OK to donate

Hale family honored for service

South Park retells story of Joseph Smith (warning: article contains crude language)

Wednesday Headlines (December 10, 2003)

Church clarifies record-keeping and proxy baptism practices

Dew tells students they are crucial leg of relay

Former POWs soldier onward; World War II transformed county

Community remembers soldier killed in Iraq; Fallen soldier remembered

Bronze 'missionaries' report to MTC today

It's 'dynamite' for Utah filmmaker

BHSU religion book to be pulled

Nativity pageant ready to roll

Gifts with a homey touch

Spectators drive through biblical scenes

Going from Bear Lake to Baghdad

Fight against indiscipline

'Dragon' garden is revived

Benson Institute video aims to teach irrigation techniques

Checks stolen from church building

Good fun or bad taste?

New HBO series presents not-so-angelic agenda

Tuesday Headlines (December 9, 2003)

Mormon leader says Old Testament is safeguard of traditional family; LDS Church delivers Christmas message

Slain couple's older kids asked to reenact scene

School employees honored for helping fire victims

A struggle for knowledge

Giving helps family cope

Encourage spiritual growth in children

Teacher steps into Japanese culture

A one-man goodwill ambassador

Judge expected to rule on ACLU request

Update on Cody Judy, individual who threatened President Hunter

Golf: Summerhays sneaks in

Bosco is ready for new challenge

Gingerbread house display planned for Saturday

Monday Headlines (December 8, 2003)

Christmas spirit celebrated

Friends and family recall fallen soldier's generosity; Army Staff Sgt. Stephen 'Tony' Bertolino

American missionary woman's act of kindness wins Taiwan hearts

Legacy in the rock; Mormon family's generations preserve cave attraction in Kanab, Utah

Utah's Welsh connection lures famed baritone

The King of schmooze

Nontraditional nativity scenes; Collection emphasizes first Christmas

Valley churches thank 'angels'

Groundwater dispute turns emotional

The untold story of the Mormons (an article published in Ghana)

Beyond an Olympic ordeal: Dave Johnson

UTEP woman guard won't play on Sunday

Office of the CIO

Saturday Headlines (December 6, 2003)

Proxy names stir up lively debate; Russian Orthodox Church questions Mormon use of Russian names; Russian Orthodox Church concerned with proxy baptisms; Russian Orthodox say LDS buys souls' names; Mormons offer post-mortem baptism

Mormon reversal on race

Seminar on Mormonism draws people from various churches

Avoiding excess: for some it's about spirituality

Wife of slain Shell executive dies

Ainge perfectly content in Boston

BYU-Idaho dean speaks on spiritual aesthetics

First Presidency Christmas devotional tomorrow

ACLU asks: What was Rocky thinking?

Case appeared doomed from the start; Judge Sam deeply skeptical of government power; Similar AP article

Flu shuts down Idaho town; Major flu outbreak knocking on the door

Now I lay me down to sleep...

Youth group helps build 'Habitat' home

Pearl Harbor events recounted

Local festivities hosted by LDS churches: Salcha residents fashion new version of old tune (Salcha, Alaska); Large cast to act, sing 'Carols' (Topeka, Kansas); Creches of all kinds (Texas)Community Christmas concert (Gilroy, California); Church to host crèche festival (Moreno Valley, California); Let there be light (Arizona); Handel's Messiah (Alaska); Crèche display (Eugene, Oregon); Church displays crèches (Ohio); Crèches (Jefferson City, Missouri); Messiah sing-along (Provo, Utah); Festival of Nativities (Washington); Second Annual Festival of Nativity (Norcross, Georgia)

Meridian's last football champs recall glory days

Genealogists enjoy shaking the family tree

NBC Today Show's host honored

Group helps LDS clergy recognize mental illness

Bouncing miscreants from the fold

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 5, 2003)

'Temples are the most sacred places on earth'

Utah woman celebrates 102nd birthday

Soldier's family facing eviction

Mayor wants a look at city speech laws

Mormons prepare for annual festival

Manger menagerie

Church to host crèche festival (requires registration)

Let your voice be hear at 'Messiah' singalong

Church presents 'Joy to the World' video

'Pride' features LDS twist; 'Pride' plays perfectly in Provo, too

Deseret Book settles suit

'Angels in America'; Provocative 'Angels'; The trouble with 'Angels'; 'Angels in America' earns its wings the hard way (note: there have been over a hundred reviews of this in papers across the U.S.)

Thursday Headlines (December 4, 2003)

Former El Cajon man dies in Iraq; Former Escondido resident killed in Iraq

Man who helped Mormons escape Nazis dies; Man who saved lives in Nazi Germany, dies at 88

Temple lights in Washington, D.C. up with call for peace

Family of eight spreads word across European countries

Choir reenacts first 'Spoken Word'

Nativity display a sight to behold

Creative crèches

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

New York auction to include rare LDS Church items

John Hudson, early Mormon artist

Lui helps put BYU soccer among elite

ACLU adds LDS Church, mayor to Plaza suit

Despite losses, Y. backs Crowton

Four BYU games to be broadcast via Church satellite

Pride & Prejudice review

Book tells Christmas truce story

Event brings friends together

Church of Latter-day Saints wins parade's top prize

LDS Church signs petition for Fairfield incorporation

Wednesday Headlines (December 3, 2003)

Journalists tour Mormons' temple; New Ghana temple open for tours; Ghana LDS Temple open for tours; Rare move from a church

Show promotes clothing that covers

Student project aims to bring holiday cheer to U.S. troops

Show of 'true faith'

High school students offered religious classes

Queer America

Few leads in brutal attack in Brazil

USU guard used to be U. redshirt

Life doesn't always end as we plan

Book traces Provo's beginnings

Oddly gifted (brief mention of Walter Cronkite/ Mormon Tabernacle Choir video)

Tuesday Headlines (December 2, 2003)

Mormons return to Nauvoo

Christmas crèches call on Kirtland

LDS Americana items to be auctioned in NY

Utah native exec killed, wife severely injured in Brazil; Oil company executive found murdered in Brazil

Acclaimed Utah actor Robert Peterson dies; A southern Utah legend dies

Reality of Iraq war recounted by Davis

Pride & Prejudice; Utah the setting for newest Pride & Prejudice movie

Books: Christmas beyond the ho, ho, hum

Associate professor honored

The do not shoot list

Search for Hispanic roots

Emergency winter homeless shelter opens

Crossroads Gaps closing

Monday Headlines (December 1, 2003)

Escalation likely at next LDS Conference

Pending LDS deal criticized

A girl motivated by books, a woman dedicated to learning

Holiday boutique benefits victims

The eyes have it (Elder Ballard honored)

Community shows support for slaying victim's family

3.5 million pounder is ready to roll in Idaho 

TV show to look at Idaho architecture

Boyd eager to be on his way to Tour

New stake president called in Topeka

More than Jesse James

Author's sudden fame, wealth was shock to family

'Nones' now second in religious poll in Salt Lake City

Art for every price range

Gamemakers finding the right strategy

LDS high school athlete in the spotlight

'Angels' in a strange new world

New book store is no Barnes & Noble (anti-Mormon bookstore in Hancock County, Illinois)