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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

December 2002 News:

Weekend Headlines (December 21-22, 2002)

Note to our readers: We will be enjoying the Christmas holiday until January 2 -- no headlines will be published until then

Family gets words of solace from LDS leader

Plaza issue divides sides by religion; Compromise on plaza gets mixed reviews; With friends like these; Mormon missionaries, the Vatican, and respect

Old LDS papers, new DVDs

A spiritual experience -- crèche exhibit

Pastors call for civility when spreading gospel; Christian leaders sorry for 'offensive' preachers

Wayne Owens

Bookstore and author both filling vital roles

Utah may seek rule change for 2010 Census

War reaches the home front

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 20, 2002)

Rocky walked a fine line in working out plaza plan; ACLU may seek fence for plaza

Fatal shooting shocks family

Vandals strike 10 LDS chapels in Las Vegas; Arrests made in church break-ins

Desire lifts ex-dropout to top of of class at BYUH

Hansen's basketball quest never veered far from home

Speredon will take skills to Y.

New method of delivering chemotherapy using ultrasound works in BYU lab

Food team to tout Utah growers

Thursday Headlines (December 19, 2002)

President Monson addresses BYU-Hawaii graduates

Democrat's death leaves a void; Utah leaders remember Wayne Owens

Council hails Rocky's plaza plan; Plaza trade evoked memories of '98; We wish you a merry lawsuit

Fatal accident leaves behind pain, uncertainty

Utah lowest in DUI deaths

Religious dilemma draws wide response

Recruit to return to football with Tech

BYU bars use of R-rated movies

Religious people live longer than their counterparts

Church plans display of nativity scenes

Wednesday Headlines (December 18, 2002)

Roosevelt reeling after fatal crash takes 4 in family; Roosevelt family killed in crash (also see yesterday's article)

Rocky's plan wins public support; A Main Street solution; Plaza deal isn't final


December 23 marks Joseph Smith's birthday

Don't rush or ruminate; just enjoy the season

New project may add 200 condos to downtown Tempe

Ex-LDS bishop ordered to stand trial

Provo poison suspect tries to save marriage

Tuesday Headlines (December 17, 2002)

Plaza compromise called 'workable'; Plaza plan: peace for land; Similar AP article 1 and 2; Mayor Anderson's latest proposal; Church to review Plaza resolution proposal; West Side: Mayor's idea a start; Curtain falls on Main Street melodrama; Main Street Plaza timeline; KUED to air hearing on Plaza; Main Street Plaza public hearing

4 in family die in crash on way to Missionary Training Center

A mission to draw people to God

Princeton woman reaches out to children

BYU-Idaho aims to slow down rate of enrollment

Authenticity of ancient burial box inscription debated

Special gifts going to nursing homes

Bus stop beauty

Economic strife has real victims

Monday Headlines (December 16, 2002)

Dispute over plaza is widening religious chasm; Divide deepens, sharpest in SLC

No federal funds for LDS welfare; Help fund religious charities but not religions

Living single in a state of matrimony; Reading, writing, rings at Y.; Legend of 'menace to society'; Singles' view of Utah

Anti-LDS mood in 1800s altered constitutional law

BYU-Idaho student performs in cathedrals in Hungary

Sunday essay: A woman hears live the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Government wants to learn more about Americans overseas

Journal chronicles sad chapter of warfare between Indians and pioneers

Weekend Headlines (December 14-15, 2002)

Mesa high to honor missionary killed after three days in mission field

Mission accomplished

Attorney says no to giving up easement; Sides in plaza suit eye NYC case

Cronkite continues to impress; Cronkite conducts Tabernacle Choir

Rochester goodwill went awry

Evangelical churches growing in Oklahoma

ACLU wary of inactivity on Monday nights

Bare-breasted woman seen on KSL due to glitch

Sunday School teacher accused of crime

Davidson thrown out of Marriott hotel

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 13, 2002)

School district bars Monday night events

From Petrol to Prayers

Joseph Smith documents published by BYU Press

'More Than One' writer cut from LDS Church

Fox tales

Japan star brings cup promise

Thursday Headlines (December 12, 2002)

Mormons agree, again, to end posthumous baptism of Jews; LDS Church reaffirms no proxy baptisms for Jews; Similar article

No Main Street Plaza resolution; Another Plaza attorney to be hired; Clarification: Main Street Plaza poll

What a difference a thousand volunteers make

Dissident LDS intellectuals say excommunications will continue

Religion may keep player sidelined

A family tree

Charting Mother Nature

Java business on the go in Provo

Wednesday Headlines (December 11, 2002)

Keep selves unspotted from world, Elder Nelson says

Baptism meeting 'productive'; Mormons, Jews meet over baptizing dead

Corradini defends plaza; Plaza discussion quotes; Council gears up to hear plaza fray

Latter-day Saint members visit Accra Daily Mail

Short visit blossoms into long-term love story

Does prayer belong in government meetings?

Sanitized for your protection?

Temple Bar changes name

Sports: Schmidt out; who's in?

Tuesday Headlines (December 10, 2002)

Proxy baptism of Jews under review; Deseret News article; Similar article

Plaza update: Some LDS urged to air plaza view; The mayor's plan; Alliance asks plaza parties to play nice; Text of Alliance's plaza statement

Youthful drinking makes kids 'dumb' (note: this doesn't mention the Church, but it is interesting from the perspective of D&C 89)

Displays light up Temple Square

Temple brightens holidays in Mesa; A celebration of lights and music

Man brings good will, shortbread to all

Community helps rebuild home

Holiday fests luring shoppers downtown

A bear hug from the bookstore

Monday Headlines (December 9, 2002)

Spanish Christmas Devotional held at LDS Conference Center; Cling to roots, LDS Hispanics urged

Mormons put down Bibles for chain saws to serve neighbors

Mormon university causes a stir

Mormon choir is, for some, a family event

Plaza: Fear of unknown key unspoken issue

Peace is plentiful at interfaith event; Christians, Muslims, Jews share their faiths


History matters: Bear Lake monster legend lives on

Beehive state of mind

Scholar's LDS tribunal postponed; Scripture challenger spurs rally; Disciplinary hearing for Mormon writer postponed indefinitely; Mormon scientist, Church clash over DNA test

Sports: Weight over for Crandal

Weekend Headlines (December 7-8, 2002)

Church calls for city to honor Plaza agreement

Rocky plan fails to end Plaza battle; Rocky plan would allow protest area; Plaza tiff may shift venues; Main Street Plaza proposal

Grand day for LDS Latinos

Nauvoo Temple continues to attract faithful

Church aid project reaches around the globe

A whole new look at Mormon history

Crèche displays: Exhibit tells Christmas story as a multicultural narrative; Away in a manger; Church presents 'sights and sounds'; Away in a manger: Collector nativity sets on display; Church hosts exhibit with more than 400 crèches on display; 'A night in Bethlehem'

Student's duel test aces rarest of rare

Nauvoo Christmas

Tongans to sing for the season

Power outages force some to seek food, warmth

Franklin Covey on the skids; Franklin Covey plans big fix

Editorial: More than a donation

In the company of friends (article on film director Neil LaBute)

Mormon dissidents rally behind scholar

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 6, 2002)

Mayor to float plaza plan

All-Spanish devotional outgrows Tabernacle; Hispanic fireside venue moves

Mormon, GOP link doomed Democrats

Ukrainian says country's future hinges on freedom of faith

Hanson discusses love of God, neighbor at devotional

Religion professor speaks on learning, loving, and lifting

Elder Russell M. Nelson to speak at BYU devotional on Tuesday

Nativity scenes to be displayed

Stake to present 'The Messiah'

Sundays at Thanksgiving Point

Bomb scare empties El Camino High School

Family History Library helpful

Thursday Headlines (December 5, 2002)

Waning dominion

FARMS defends Book of Mormon's authenticity

Smoke and steeple rising

Shaking the family tree

Monday nights are Family Home Evening time

Tribune owner sees bright future for Utah's papers

Former scout leader faces long prison term after molestation plea

Retailers enjoy a solid start for the holidays

A little touch can mean so much to new mothers, babies

Lyman student learns about Indian culture

Wednesday Headlines (December 4, 2002)

Latter-day Saint Charities sponsor health clinic in Cape Coast

Is 'flexibility' answer to peace on Plaza?

Extra day added to Christmas crèche exhibit

Couple gives family new meaning

Thousands of clothing items given away

At 79, Ironman continues to give Max-imum effort

Children lost a friend in Chamberlain; Funeral today for Evergreen board member

Tuesday Headlines (December 3, 2002)

Faith brings peace, President Gordon B. Hinckley says; Similar article (also see yesterday's Tribune article)

Holiday cheer and hospitality visible in historic Nauvoo

An abundance of nativities

Voices of love, BYU volunteer helps prison moms

Cyber-schools pop up across country

On a mission from England

Rupert humanitarian crochets leprosy bandages

Photographer captures other side of 'Heaven'

Y. rolls out red carpet for envoys

BYU is given $220 million worth of software

Judge considers tossing rest of Tribune issues

Sports: BYU cross-country women clinch national title

Monday Headlines (December 2, 2002)

Embrace peace, LDS told (if you missed the broadcast, you can watch it via the internet here); BYU Newsnet article

Plaza: Baptist preacher defies Mormons on their turf; Mayor Anderson says that he won't break Plaza promises; Similar Deseret News letter

History Matters: 'Swearing Elders' left legacy of lively debate

City a 'wonderland' of lights

A heart 'warming' gift

Mysterious Midwest mounds

Craft on the cutting edge

It's a time of sunsets for Hansen

Opportunity Village clients are thankful for their blessings

Islanders see honor in guarding the law

Orem teens go toe-to-toe in debate on Iraq