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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

December 2001 News:

Monday Headlines (December 31, 2001)

Devout Mormon mayor refuses friendly wager on bowl game

Utahn of the year: Mitt Romney

Third governor was run out of Utah after three weeks

Engineering students revamp 'ball of light'

Photos reflect passion for life

SL Tribune year-in-review: The year in books; Films of 2001; Music; Visual art

In entertainment, familiarity breeds content (mentions Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

Public hearing on re-zoning for church construction

Sports: One chance for redemption; Liberty Bowl symbol of freedom; Rick Majerus' two loves doing just fine

Weekend Headlines (December 29-30, 2001)

Actual membership of any faith is open to debate

Marty Rudd puts her children, home first

Mormons give van fund a lift

Good, evil in 'Rings' resemble holy writ

Heyburn sawmill now part of Pioneer Village display

KSL won't lift ban on liquor ads

CleanFlicks offers sanitized videos

A few shining stars brightened the year

Salt Lake Tribune Opinion: A woman's touch

Robert Kirby column

Sports: Cougs get defensive about 'D'

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 28, 2001)

A time for faith

Mormon proposal upsets Maori spokesman

Web home to the LDS funny bone

Polygamy-tinged ads cause stir in Salt Lake

Author draws from Mormon roots, Utah's beauty for inspiration

Hannibal, MO the topic of next Nauvoo lecture

Sports: What's next for Y., NFL-bound Staley?; Cougars take off for Liberty Bowl; BYU teams take time out to care

Thursday Headlines (December 27, 2001)

Some churches try to revive traditional tithing support

Church sues over Harrison New York Temple zoning dispute

Living in another country provides new experiences; Russians tend to cling to heritage, tradition

"Forgotten Carols" at Washington, D.C. Temple Visitors Center

Catholic order: 'Nun of the above' to developer's plans

Joyful song is heard on high

New date for Kleasen hearing

Star Marie's breakdown

Sports: It's official, Staley to enter NFL draft; Staley leaving BYU for NFL

Wednesday Headlines (December 26, 2001)

Young men with a mission, even on Christmas day

Sharing through service

Scout's work ethic merits claim

Unsung heroes show the spirit of the holidays

Tracing your heritage in Salt Lake City

Sports: Staley reverses direction?

Monday Headlines (December 24, 2001)

Editor's note: No news updates planned for Christmas day

Cautious of criticism, LDS Church prepares for Games

Panel wants to show the world Utah's religious diversity

Mary, mother of Jesus

Powell spends Christmas in 'Mormondom'

Supreme team

Utah tenor's career comes full circle

For 25 years, Sandy carolers have sung songs of Christmas

Wooden toys spreading joy

Ringing out the holiday

Attacks make families reevaluate

Photo of orphans inspires donors to assist Afghans; Similar article

Utah companies invent censoring technology to edit DVDs

Minority status unites Utah Catholics

Is there godless morality?

Weekend Headlines (December 22-23, 2001)

Mormons to build temple in Sacramento County

Five musical siblings to be featured on '60 Minutes'

Faiths unite to serve Christmas dinner to the poor

Bush to reel in a special gift

City Council will likely support building LDS church

Surprise in mail for ex-ranger Eddie

Pioneer 26th ward to mark centennial

Salt Lake set for security to begin

Sports: Daunting task; Staley will turn pro

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 21, 2001)

Missionaries safe in Argentina

More on missionary killed in auto accident; Obituary of Spencer Goodwin Platt 

Amendment would offer protection for religion

Church offers CD-ROM scriptures

"Woman in the Wind" at BYU dance theatre in January

Four HBO projects of interest to Utahns

Sports: Will Luke stay or go pro?

Thursday Headlines (December 20, 2001)

Utah missionary killed in auto accident; Similar article

Allen C. Christensen continuing life of service

America's choir

LDS Film Festival is on a mission

Y. has plan to revolutionize its housing

Tenor's love of music is no accident

Olympic-themed souvenirs

Sports: Coach K's ER strategy pays off for Blue Devils; Chris Huber joins U. basketball team as walk-on

Wednesday Headlines (December 19, 2001)

Cops laud Mormons' bravery (if article link is expired, click here); Update: Similar Deseret News article dated December 20

Tabernacle Choir profiled in '60 Minutes II' this evening (look towards end of article)

School choir concert flap brings apology

BYUH valedictorian aims to give back in Mormon mission

"Touched by an Angel" episode has high ratings

Decor reverts to natural look

A storybook ending for Santaquin church

Pacific Islanders right at home in West Valley and Salt Lake

Snow can't stop Olympic rehearsals

BYU designers make 3-D impression on Ford

Sports: Notre Dame hiring process complicated; Fast break from Finland

Tuesday Headlines (December 18, 2001)

Opponents of sale of Martin's Cove gather 1,400 signatures

D.C. area hosts screen of Tabernacle Choir special

BYU-Idaho coping with change

Reviving painful memories; U.S. extradition bid for 'odd Bob'; Texas extradition case delayed

Channel 5 to block hard liquor ads

Shrimp farms are comin' to a citrus grove near you

Three Utahns to carry torch for 9-11 heroes, victims

School benefits from couple's kindness

Living their lives to music

Tolkien illustrator inspired by LDS temples

Monday Headlines (December 17, 2001)

BYU celebrates acquisition of epic religious art

'Unspoken divide' real, Tribune readers agree

Letter from editor of Salt Lake Tribune

Ex-Mormons join to recount their experience with ostracism

Calming crèches

Youths lend hand to charity project

A cup of good cheer

Lullaby Connection helps families with infant supplies

Child protection case-worker finds rewards in taxing job

Harry Stewart lived for kids

Letter to the editor: Don't shortchange Salt Lake

Counting the words reveals some classic secrets

Weekend Headlines (December 15-16, 2001)

LDS Church news release: Tabernacle Choir receives national media attention; Similar Deseret News article

A Mormon movie for the masses; 'Heaven' lacks depth of real story

Hollywood does notice types of movies Utahns attend, LDS Oscar winner says

For good or ill, Mormons get Hollywood play

BYU professor, Samoans may share AIDS-drug profits

Soul brothers

Friends go to great lengths for 'miracle baby' in Russia

BYU professors teach morals of "Lord of the Rings"

BYU fires 2 popular journalism mentors

Sweet smell of sawdust fills factory

Faithful home

Sports: It's official: Staley will miss bowl

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (December 14, 2001)

Statue reflects sacrifices of Utah pioneers

Family member of victim sees cold, calculated man

Utah boasts lowest percentage of smokers; Toledo, Ohio, leads nation in smoking

Genealogy: Naming patterns are clues to ancestors

Temple Square: winter wonderland

House doctor

More Pacific islanders live in Utah

Sports: Arizona State, Cal look to break into top-tier of PAC-10

Thursday Headlines (December 13, 2001)

Mormons pack, send 2,000 'comfort kits' for children in NYC

Pediatrician honored as county's top physician

Campus corner plan called a 'no-brainer'

Wednesday Headlines (December 12, 2001)

Utah victim's family joins in ceremony

LDS Church News Release: Angela Lansbury celebrates Christmas with Tabernacle Choir

Groberg movie premieres in Utah

Students travel home to attend temple dedication

Mormon author draws inspiration from land and life (thanks to J. Foust for the link)

Tri-City collectors to showcase Nativities

Edwards narrates new Christmas album

LDS Institute window broken by leaping deer

Sports: Once a trouble-maker, BYU's Hansen has turned his life around; Staley named to all-America first team

Tuesday Headlines (December 11, 2001)

Tribal panel backs church bid to buy Martin's Cove

Students urged to gain promised blessings

BYU-Idaho student dies unexpectedly

Family e-search

BYU-Idaho instructors let students decide about religion and evolution

Children of Abraham: The Battle for Palestine (editor's note: this is not an 'LDS' article per se, but may be of interest to many LDS church members)

French attaché to thank BYU for language CD; 'Survival French' for 2002

Putting the Olympics to song

Monday Headlines (December 10, 2001)

LDS Church sends food to fleeing Afghan refugees

The Salt Lake Tribune examines the "unspoken divide" between LDS and non-LDS in Utah: The great divide; Letter from the editor; Unspoken divide; Neighborliness can trump antagonism; What can I do personally?; Voices; Non-Mormon kids cut out of fitting in; 3-in-5 Utahns see divide between LDS, others; Huntsman, Anderson build on Unity Alliance; Tribune seen as having role in split; Coverage mostly fair, but not perfect; Readers can fail to see both sides; Provocative stories often cross the line; Non-Mormon, Mormon split spilled over into politics

Tracing your heritage doesn't require a trip to distant lands...just go to Salt Lake City; If you go to Salt Lake City

Church donates to Utah Food Bank

Historical photo of 12th Ward meat market

Critics say Trib made mountain of molehill

Hollywood brings ethical dilemmas to actors

Five Harvard students, one MIT student named Rhodes Scholars

Dayton happy at home and in the Legislature

Bipolar depression eased by pig feed

Arts & culture: Temple Square Concert rings in Christmas; Coming up: Film; Productions aim for memorable revival of 'The Forgotten Carols'

Book reviews: 'Saints at War' is powerful

Sports: Hawaiian punched; BYU says aloha to perfect record; McCubbins is opening holes at BYU

Weekend Headlines (December 8-9, 2001)

Nauvoo Temple tickets are going fast

Elder John Groberg describes Tongan mission experiences leading to movie; 'Other Side' premiere

Salt Lake delights Lansbury

Spend or give? Holidays are a perplexing mix

Polygamy's practice stirs debate in Israel

President Monson to dedicate statue at mortuary (see toward end of article); Goodman family press release

Ho ho haitus

Cougs trying to win no. 13; NPR radio clip on BCS -- includes comments on Cougars; Cougars fly to Hawaii without Staley, BCS

Friday Headlines (December 7, 2001)

Saints remember Pearl Harbor

WWII flight to freedom a 'miracle'

Church leader stresses decisions at BYU-Idaho devotional

Fewer dying of cancer in Utah than other states

Tabernacle Choir prepares for Olympic performances

Mormon Tabernacle Choir guest stars in 'Touched by an Angel' on December 16

BYU dance groups chosen to participate in Games

BYU 'cyberministers' appeal; BYU students violate honor code

Scout earns 118 merit badges

No shortage of cases for Utah Valley sleuth

Utah County is hotbed for white-collar crimes

Helzer's beliefs unveiled in court

Thursday Headlines (December 6, 2001)

Afternoon update: Some neighbors complain Newport Beach California Temple would be too tall (thanks to S. Inman for the link)

Lecture to discuss biblical temple

U. Utah database helps with cancer, genetic research

USA Today: Only other unbeaten team doesn't deserve snub

Sue the BCS? Not yet, Y says

Louisville's Smith looks for new strategy before Liberty Bowl

Wednesday Headlines (December 5, 2001)

Elder Groberg illustrates truths through clips

Recap of First Presidency Christmas devotional

Lighting the way to Christmas (New Zealand)

Web 'ministers' face Honor Code probation

Nativities abound at holiday event (Missouri)

Sister Dew to give publication advice

With six, you get organized

LDS church building vandal sentenced

Arts & Culture: Lex de Azavedo's Gloria graces L.A. Music Center

Sports: Crowton blasts BCS system; BCS denies Cougars, BYU headed to Liberty Bowl

Tuesday Headlines (December 4, 2001)

Returned missionaries find ways to serve

For sale: history

President Bateman devotional speech available on-line; Article

Cable guy hooks up all kinds of links

Sports: Bad break for Luke, Y.; BCS shuts out BYU; Michigan's Shazor may move to LB for bowl prep; Easy win erase some ASU doubts; Built to the power of 4

Monday Headlines (December 3, 2001)

First Presidency: Live as Christ did; LDS leaders offer joy, hope

Elder Groberg to show film excerpts in devotional

Tracking the Saints: Mormon Index follows ups, downs of companies with LDS executives

Gunfire splits a peaceful night in land of Zion

Tragedy and faith unite an unlikely pair

19 year old runs LDS Daughters of Zion ezine

Nativity scenes endure as a symbol of Christmas; Crèche displays draws crowds to Midway

Olympics security team is planning for the worst

One year later

Sports: The ride of his life; Comeback Cougars stay undefeated

Weekend Headlines (December 1-2, 2001)

Groundbreaking for the Accra Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Nation's anthropologists evaluate LDS culture

Cannery helps keep Mormons prepared

Acclaimed author achieves aspirations

Nativity displays: Palo Alto: Materials, traditions, shape international collection; Cherry Hill, NJ: Cherry Hill church holds holiday fete

Valley (Arizona) car dealers to close on Sundays

Town unites to mourn child, comfort family; Plow hits school bus, 1 dead

Sports: Cougs seek to convince BCS brass

LDS Church News headlines