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March 20, 2001

Southern Virginia College Chamber Choir Performs

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By David Winters

ATLANTA --  The Southern Virginia College Chamber Choir recently completed a Southern States tour performing to mostly members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in both Georgia and North Carolina.

After receiving a standing ovation for a performance in Atlanta, the choir members mingled with concert-goers.  Audience member Ginger Dean commented, "It's quite impressive what they can do, considering the size of the college."  Other audience members made similar comments.  The choir is made up of 40 students under the direction of Dr. Keith Bradshaw.  There are roughly 400 students attending Southern Virginia College -- making one out of every ten students a member of the choir.

Dr. Keith Bradshaw is conductor of the Southern Virginia College Chamber Choir.

The choir's inspiration and discipline comes from Dr. Keith Bradshaw.  The choir originally sang as a club on the college campus.  Dr. Bradshaw volunteered to lead the choir -- and the results thus far have been impressive.  The choir has averaged 30 performances a year all along the east coast during its 3-year life.  The choir sang at the opening of the new theater at the Washington D.C. Temple and in a regional conference for President Gordon B. Hinckley. 

Dr. Bradshaw has a choir history of his own, having sung under the accomplished Dr. Ronald Staheli, current conductor of the Brigham Young University Singers.  When asked how good he thinks the choir is, Dr. Bradshaw simply responds, "We're good for the size of our school, but have a long way to go."

Dr. Bradshaw is also a modern-day pioneer at the school.  "The professors are all extremely dedicated -- we're all investing our hearts and souls into making the college a success," Dr. Bradshaw commented.  The professors have treated the fledgling college like a start-up company -- even though the huge financial rewards often associated with a start-up company will obviously never come as a professor of a college.  "It's a remarkable thing.  We [the faculty] all feel like we're building Zion in some small, but extremely important way."

Although not owned or operated by the Church of Jesus Christ, nearly all of the students are members of the Church.  The mission statement of the college is to "assist individuals fulfill their spiritual, intellectual, and social potential as sons and daughters of God."

When asked what the college needs to ensure success, Dr. Bradshaw commented frankly, "Generous donors."  He stated that the college has talented professors, committed students, and a solid curriculum, but is still needing additional funding.  "Because it's not a church-owned school, donors may be more reticent to give.  But it's amazing what an impact even a $100 donation can make at the school right now," he commented.  "We're spreading the word slowly about the college, and I'm sure the funding will come.  In the mean time, our choir needs a bit more practice.  The first couple of numbers were a bit shaky tonight."

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