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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

August 2003 Archived News:

Weekend Headlines (August 30-31, 2003)

Mormon missionaries search for converts

Mormon teens rise early for scripture (requires registration to view article)

Mormon cinema: Stick to niche, or cross over?

A lush retelling of 'Johnny Lingo'; An eight-cow movie

Salt Lake City attorney asks judge to dismiss ACLU lawsuit; Plaza opinions divided by faith

Lower Lake Mead exposes Atlantis of desert

Mormons snap up opportunity in Taiwan

'Conservative' not in coach's vocabulary

Swiss days: Something to yodel about

BYU honors Young by retiring jersey; Young's number eight jersey retired

Lifelong Mormon sees no conflict between her religion, union support

State senate condemns Boy Scouts' stance

Mongolia's first Roman Catholic bishop installed

Humor: The Sugar Beet: Satire for the Soul

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 29, 2003)

LDS Church interested in Kyrgyztan

Today in History (Brigham Young died in 1877)

BYU retires Steve Young's number; Leadership key to this year's Cougars

Darl McBride, capitalist crusader

168 years later, a new night at this opera (Jennifer Welch-Babidge is a member of the Manhattan 1st Ward)

Thursday Headlines (August 28, 2003)

President Monson to speak at fireside

Expanding its flock: Colleyville center reflects church growth for Mormons

And babies make six

Utahns devour and write a galaxy of fantasy fiction

Chocolate medicine

Four football games available on Church satellite system

Nelson's matrix: UTA professor gets patent, partner

Relationship coach works to inspire lovelorn, lovestruck

Microfilming helps preserve county's history

Tour of Town Center reveals Mesa's urban edge

Gateway setback

Survival guide: "Where's Mom now that I need her?" more than a cookbook

Wednesday Headlines (August 27, 2003)

Y.'s 'rudder is set,' leader says; BYU president gives first faculty address; BYU chief clarifies his authority; BYU chief will focus on academics first

Call forwarding: Despite losing limbs, Ann Call is a wife, mother, champion rider and teacher

Chamber proves worth as Stanford's elder statesman; Similar article

Only school spirit on tap at BYU; Age disparity striking in BYU-Georgia Tech match-up

Former Miss Texas is remembered as kind and giving

Former Ute Hamblin happy to be Ag kicker

'Free speech' doesn't mean trespass

The vision of John Wesley Powell, water in the West

Hold Gateway to deal

Former Kahuku sports standout critically injured in accident

Church in Meridian, Idaho ordered to stop irrigating without water rights (requires registration to view)

Tuesday Headlines (August 26, 2003)

Young Mormons lead a life full of sacrifice during their two-year commitments

Facts and figures about the Redlands temple

Original Spori celebrated during dedication of new building

Church begins renovation

Fired for not drinking, suit alleges; Feds sue company over Mormon's firing (this story ran in over 100 papers in the U.S. today)

They're handy with scriptures and scrapers

Air Force's Gray out of Africa, onto the field

Kin battle rare cancer-causing gene

Nordstrom set on building a new start at Gateway; Gateway seeks big anchors to stay afloat

Only an idiot asks leaders why they are so brilliant

PBS show looks at how gay kids, devout parents reconcile beliefs

Monday Headlines (August 25, 2003)

Building on their faith, history (requires registration to view article)

From red to blue: Despite his history at U., Samuelson says he will now focus on his duties as a 'BYU man'

Teens build house, friendships in New Zealand

History matters: Love blossoms like entwined roses for Ogden couple

Ethics network: Web sites offer listing of 'moral' businesses

A victim's untold story

He tells blood's story

Church to help amateur genealogists

200 LDS members help clean county fair grounds

Book review: One more review of "Banner"

Sports: BYU's Crowton predicts success sooner than later; BYU extra; Utah starter will play first game in almost 4 years; Utes snatch verbal from 6'8" Colorado recruit

Deaths: Former anchor succumbs to colon cancer; Photographer of 1945 blast dies (see similar article posted August 19)

Weekend Headlines (August 23 - 24, 2003)

President Monson visits BYU-Idaho graduates; Summer graduation features visit by President Monson

Missionary in Spokane hospital after crash

Family ready for disaster

Cal center a man on a new mission

Look past Arab and Jewish stereotypes, LDS urged

Reflecting on BYU art

Rankings please Y., Westminster

A border crossing of the spirit; Hispanic flocks are growing

Rabbi looks forward to active retirement

Sands awarded Eagle Scout status

Mormon church proposed near recreation center

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 22, 2003)

Church supports city's current downtown revitalization policy; LDS Church leans on SLC

A driven quarterback

BYU double-header October 4

Y. takes laurels soberly

Book of Mormon music and art on display

Utah city may name street after Mormon gunman (this was picked up by many papers across the U.S.)

Smart TV movie slated for fall

Stake announces new leaders

West-Linn plans land-use appeal

Dixie State picks up two quality players

Hatch CD distribution deal may raise difficult questions; Hatch friend buys his CDs

Thursday Headlines (August 21, 2003)

Young Mormons say trips are a life-changing experience

Apostle reaffirms importance of family; LDS apostle decries same-sex marriage; Elder Ballard assails attacks on the family

Tales of LDS leaders' wit a big draw at Education Week

President Monson's 76th birthday today

BYU-Idaho summer graduation to feature visit by Pres. Monson

Artists exhibit during Education Week, aim at LDS market

Residents oppose new LDS chapel

Church parking facility benefits University of Utah, community

Nordstrom may have viable option on Main; Similar article

Eagle scouts: Meeting the challenge; Super scouts

BYU football: Crowton ignoring the power of one

Kirby: Handcarts change teens' tunes

Wednesday Headlines (August 20, 2003)

Devotional's theme focuses on family; Mormon leader blasts same-sex marriage; Similar article

Redlands Temple: Church trying to be good neighbors

Book of Mormon movie has it all: ups and downs

Up in the air (steeples being added to churches)

Latter-day Saints to erect building at Miller

Gilbert officials weigh cost of refurbishing vs. razing old church

Politician notes Mormon ties on radio spot

Tuesday Headlines (August 19, 2003)

President Monson to preside at BYU-Idaho rites

Providing for poor a staple of LDS Church

Mormons honor Poncas' kindness; Similar article

'I went the wrong way' -- 5 year-old girl found

Y. grins over 'sober' label; Similar article

Deaths: Murry funeral today for pilot in WWII A-bomb runs; Funeral services Wednesday for BYU Department Chair, drowned in accident

Agencies outline plan to end recurrent famine in Ethiopia

2 clerics fear religion pushed aside

Author born to tell stories

Museum visitors select favorites in art competition

Keyes: Role of religion in public life up to states 

Parking site near LDS Institute completed; Similar article; Similar SL Tribune article

Monday is movie night in Provo

Utahns leave Oregon State football program

Monday Headlines (August 18, 2003)

Y. grads 'light on a hill'; Axioms to live by; BYU grads told life's decisions lie ahead

Sutter CEO relies on beliefs through business decisions and personal tragedies

A long journey from missionary to Marine

Heap, stacking up well

Artist creates Book of Mormon based paintings

Mormon movie madness; 'Book of Mormon' coming to big screen; Producers felt Noah was right for Nephi; 'God's Army' kick-started LDS genre

Film headed to six festivals

Rockwell street? Shoot yes, city says; City may name street for pioneer gunman; Similar article

Bush's choice for EPA raises activists' ire; A quiet confidence; Leavitt pulls off some sleight of hand in LDS code

Lynne Cheney urges Americans to learn family history

Some say Plaza debate is really about Salt Lake growing into a secular city

Book Review: 'Massacre' highlights dark spot in Mormon history

Sunstone Symposium: Plaza debate drags on; Exiles in Zion; LDS intellectuals tell why they don't stray

Mormon church set to open its doors

The big Microsoft payoff

Wildfire near Provo temple

History Matters: Pony Express creator started 'massacre' that ended Utah War

Producer knew altering script was illegal

Fox ends two-year mission

Many faiths call Norman their home

Humor: Marking 125 years of LDS boot camp for kids

Thursday Headlines (August 14, 2003)

Note: Next posting will be on Monday due to travel schedule

Book of Mormon story

Education Week at BYU is next week

King urges Americans to worship together; MLK III: LDS Church doctrine fosters racism; King speaks at Sunstone, urges color in the Quorum

Long-time maverick presses fight for Main Street Plaza; Give the LDS a break

Praise for

Scout delivers goods to children in Afghanistan

African orphanage lures Payson residents

Deaths: Community celebrates Dawn King's life, miracle of son's birth; Broadbent services scheduled for Saturday

Three LDS members not likely to play in final on Sunday

School-supply giveaway for needy children

Gay marriage debate heats up in Knoxville

Book Review: New Krakauer provocative

Cajun-style feast attracts people from near and far

Meetinghouse approved

Pastor and World Changers build trust on Catawba reservation

Wednesday Headlines (August 13, 2003)

Why Utah's governor is Bush's pick to head EPA; Editorial: Leavitt a good choice for EPA

3 arrested in forgery probe; Church fire and forgery arrests offer possible connection; LDS check cashed; 3 men are arrested

Sports: Vols' defensive lineman dealing with move; Buff QB job still up for grabs

Entrepreneurs thrive in Utah Valley

Census shows many going south

Tuesday Headlines (August 12, 2003)

Leavitt to Washington to head EPA; Leavitt headed to EPA

Scriptures hit the silver screen

'Messages' traces history of LDS show

Back from mission, ready to compete for Washington State Cougs; Offense takes flight

BYU plans summer graduation

Martin Luther King III to address Sunstone Symposium

S.F. rock station goes country

National Press building gets new majority owner

County has new extension educator

Defense attorney asks for trial to be moved to a county with fewer Mormons

Monday Headlines (August 11, 2003)

Thousands flock to temple

Behind every good man

Dream job: Translator for Kazuhiro Sasaki

Symposium will celebrate a Utah landscape pioneer; Symposiums to look at whether DNA refutes Book of Mormon

Genealogy journeys; Where to start digging

Disadvantaged kids get ready for school on shopping spree

BYU campus Education Week focusing on family

Utah excursions: Ensign Peak

History: If the document is authentic, how can we explain weird dates?

Polynesian festival focuses on tradition, family and togetherness

At Baylor, religion should blind vision for greatness

Weekend Headlines (August 9-10, 2003)

Mormon missionaries help crash victims

Temple tour sheds light on beliefs; LDS Church holds temple open house

Exactly what did Jesus intend Christians to drink?

Missionary message: Family's role crucial

'Go ye into all the world'

In Utah's Cambodian community, Eastern and Western beliefs enmesh

Street dispute really about property rights; Editorial opinion; Mormon church defies court order, restricts free speech; ACLU rekindles the Main Plaza ire

LDS black experience top theme at SLC conference; Symposium to begin Wednesday

Sports: Soccer stars right at home; Mountain View QB Hall commits to Sun Devils; Malone says last goodbyes

History: Memories of busier days in Attica; Golden State has rich history of unpopular leaders; Breathing life into an historic community; Alliance announces list of endangered historic sites

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 8, 2003)

New Redlands temple serves region's 70,000 Latter-day Saints; Temple opens its doors; Couple called by church prophet; Press release

Apostle, educator to be honored at Y.

Suit says land swap favored Mormons; Main Street II begins; ACLU fights Mormon church over free speech; Sidewalk is city's not Mormons'; Wasn't bullied, Rocky insists

Hollywood Osfest

Conference to defend LDS faith

Some hear a last hurrah for Boston's Irish Democrats

Sports: BYU hoops begins tour down under; Majerus penalty too much to stomach

Few groups back same-sex couples ceremony

Thursday Headlines (August 7, 2003)

Latter-day Saints' new temple goes on display; Temple goes public -- 1 month only; A look inside new Mormon temple

The Mormon market in films

BYU's probable QB starter leads an idyllic life

Plaza legal battle revived; Similar article

LDS Church gets flak on plan for mall

BYU professor, cancer survivor speaks about faith and health

Pleasant Grove mother and son aid Afghan children; Similar article

LDS Church holds open house in Minnesota; LDS dedicate new building in Africa

Still going strong on the farm in New Zealand

College Basketball: Five recruits who've flown under national radar

A nice job of capturing LaVell's final season at BYU

Deaths: Hiker apparently died from fall; Canyon hiker missing four days; Police determine man's death an ATV accident

Video disputes LDS scripture

Wednesday Headlines (August 6, 2003)

Rocky laments Unitarian stance

Families losing quality time to too many activities

Judge rules scouts 'religious' group

Police want to talk to church fire witness again

Ukrainian got a kidney -- and a new spirit -- when he moved to Utah

Food alone won't meet needs, aid groups say; Similar article

Health clinic addresses needs of farm workers

Discussion series planned for Tuesdays

Tuesday Headlines (August 5, 2003)

Mormon temple's open house

Church's roots continue to draw Mormons

Youths follow Mormon pioneers' path across the high desert

On a mission from God

LDS refurbish school for the deaf

American from Alaska tours Taiwan by bicycle

Police searching for suspect in church fire; Arson believed to be cause of church fire

Anti anti-Mormon conference approaching

Microsoft millionaires grapple with wealth

LDS grand plan downtown combines Crossroads and ZCMI; Similar article

Grow your own family tree

Greenville church burns Book of Mormon and non-King James versions of Bible; Church burns Bibles; Similar article

Most religious groups bar gay clergy (this AP article was picked up my many papers across the U.S.)

You say you want a reformation?

Youth baseball (Mormon pitcher doesn't play on Sunday)

Sentence boosted in Medicare fraud case

Monday Headlines (August 4, 2003)

First Unitarian Church files Main Street lawsuit; New lawsuit over plaza appears to be in making; Unitarians stand pro-easement; LDS Plaza deal done

1880 Census index available; Similar article

Mormon missionaries walk streets in South Dakota

Bishop clears up Mormon misconceptions

President Faust marks 83rd birthday

Blaze hits LDS wards; Arson suspected in Mormon church fires; Members get busy after blaze in building

Guatemalan youth who asked, received

Churches, members gather to provide items to needy

Green Bay men called to serve foreign missions

New York Times review of 'Under the Banner of Heaven'; 'Banner' account of early Mormonism stirs the beehive

Bountiful's Mormon wall would trace historic center; Similar article

Utah history contains share of mysteries

Companies avoid layoffs by lending workers during slow times (quotes BYU professor)

Sports: Cowboys say free-agent rookie's stock rising; Ruiz learning to do as Greco-Romans do; Trying to fit in Tight spot; Mormon night at the ballpark in Cleveland