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(note: many of the news articles links may have expired)

August 2002 News:

Weekend Headlines (August 31, 2002)

San Antonio temple site is announced

President Hinckley's administration has encompassing scope

Education: a driving force throughout the prophet's life

Ricci dies in coma; Possible suspect in Utah kidnap case dies; Not knowing: Bundy victim's parents sympathize with Smarts

Seminary songs live again on CD

Mormon feminist chronicles a work of hope

Mormon doctrine invoked to jury, scholar says

Church schools suit Utah

Kirby: Way to use your head, Elder Lekker

'Singles Ward' offers fun peak into church; 'Singles Ward' is light look at Mormon romance

'Out of Step' is in theaters

BYU solicits fans' coins

Fan club membership set to expire

Mother claims son beaten at Scout meeting Parents say man gave group of kids permission for attack

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 30, 2002)

Building at BYU-Idaho named for President Gordon B. Hinckley; Deseret News article; Similar article; Building a tribute to the prophet; New Hinckley building 'serves Church needs first'

Tribune names editorial page editor

Young men on a mission: Northborough residents travel to spread gospel

South Pacific island has friend in Mormon congregation

Still too much to bear

Genealogy Today: LDS center has huge collection

BYU-Idaho Library offers special collections reading room

Two new churches make Sherwood their community

The Word enters the digital age

Culver athlete tries college life

Having a ball

Neighborhood rivalries

Players sensational in Cougar win; BYU-Syracuse notes

Thursday Headlines (August 29, 2002)

125 years after his death, Young's legacy lives on; Similar article; Today in history

President Monson to speak at patriotic service

Cougar quarterback shatters stereotypes

Mormon leaders get OK for larger church

Find your roots on the web

Condoleezza Rice walks in faith

Trial set for Cheyenne doctor

Will Athens be ready for the Olympics?

Wednesday Headlines (August 28, 2002)

BYU embracing technology, Internet in 'hybrid' classes

Documentary detailing Mormon sea exodus wins at film festival

No-coffee drink a big hit in Utah

Movie-makers versus the clean-flicks revolt

Elizabeth Smart update

Medical patients' spiritual needs stressed

Polygamist jailed for child rape (note: this is included to show how even respectable news sources continue to associate 'The Mormon Church' with today's polygamists)

Scout master arrested on child molestation charge; Similar article

Tuesday Headlines (August 27, 2002)

President Hinckley calls for faith, service

New FARMS publication explores the New Testament

Men on a mission (similar to article published over the weekend)

LDS perspective on 9/11 gives help to deal with uncertainty, speaker says

Salt Lake Tribune -- under new management

Troubles along the border

Acts of faith -- photo

Artists featured in bookstore signings

Peter Breinholt's "calling" is music

Interview with LDS author Heidi Swinton

Porn case stuns LDS community

Monday Headlines (August 26, 2002)

Out of pain, pity a leader emerges at Y

B. Murphy makes a joyful noise

Nuclear route a bit too close for comfort?

'Jesus' ascends to a higher court

Utah's many ghost towns a testimony of broken dreams and faded glory

Cashell slammed over use of billboards

U.S. college angry at topping party list

Weekend Headlines (August 24-25, 2002)

High on LDS (note: this article has rough language; it tracks a day in the life of missionaries serving in the Las Vegas area)

He leads Moscow's Mormons

Great expectations -- Harvard's Kim Clark

Prospective missionaries accused of vandalism

Teacher hasn't missed a beat

Child level is where heart is

Mapu is freshman with a mission

Justin Ruiz; True to his faith

LDS magazine hits newsstands

LDS secrets could be aired in court; Death-row inmate wants BYU professor to testify

Utah relatives plan monument for 9-11 dead

Utah leads bankruptcy parade; Similar article

Seeking dates on net? Neleh did not go there

Republican inspired by former county commissioner

An accordionist -- and proud of it

Pioneer Trail fundraiser, celebration on Saturday

Court hears appeal of Burbank prayer ruling

Cougars building practice facilities

Out of Africa ... and into Utah

Culture wars in U.S. linked to 1960s

UVSC bursts -- 25,000 on rolls

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 23, 2002)

Mormons working to develop historical site; Similar article

Europe flood-relief efforts receive Church donation

Church shines, while world darkens, LDS apostle tells Education Week crowd

Milton Backman speaks about experiences of Nauvoo Saints 

Speaker talks about return of the 10 tribes

The game of life

Nauvoo officials look at what to expect in future

Nauvoo retailers: summer was hot

June brought in $1.1 million in business to Quincy hotels

Lawmakers rake U. Med

Rogues' gallery of pests comes crawling

Thursday Headlines (August 22, 2002)

Elder Perry speaks to Education Week participants

City OKs rebuilding of Mormon church

President Monson celebrates 75th birthday

Mormonís £100m faith in Dundee

Conference discusses relationship among LDS, Muslims and Jewish communities

Elder Washburn speaks on eternal marriages and families

Genealogy research booms on the internet

Cranberry planners review proposal of new stake center

Gardener molds natural landscapes

You're never too old to go huckleberrying

Friends can't imagine Ben as a killer

Wednesday Headlines (August 21, 2002)

Y. keeps 'cold stone sober' title

BYU welcomes 30,000 to annual Education Week

BYU takes family view to the web

Family help program touted

Senator Hatch's sound bite of a different kind

Surgeon recalls six months spent in Afghanistan desert

Tuesday Headlines (August 20, 2002)

Elder L. Tom Perry to speak at Education Week today

Freiberg LDS temple reopens after renovations

At 17, Brad Edward is holding his own on National Rodeo circuit

Census panel member calls for changes

Sports: Michigan football

Monday Headlines (August 19, 2002)

Centerpiece: More than 'me'

Church members prepare newborn kits

NY Times book review: 'By the Hand of Mormon'

Early Utah had plenty of fast guns

Orthodox Jews are a growing Utah community

Tracing family roots

Weir Farm a mecca for artists

Nordstrom dilemma unites church, Anderson, Buhler

Man turned himself in after a complaint

Weekend Headlines (August 17-18, 2002)

All missionaries throughout flooded Europe safe

Teens re-enact journey; Similar article

Technology transforming genealogy

Murder suspect faces US retrial; Kleasen ordered back to U.S.; Similar article

On the brink of marriage

Islanders are most 'together' of Utahns

'Going home' photo wins top honors at fair

Family rated flicks

Nordstrom considering move to ZCMI; Similar article

Tales of Hofmann

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 16, 2002)

Mormons: They're on a mission from God

Pa. land may become Mormon pilgrimage site; Similar article

Lindon LDS youth experience firsthand a moment in history

BYU President touts productivity, efficiency; On their way out, seniors look back at BYU; Similar article

A chic undertaking; Link to

Numbers show X sports soaring high with youths (quotes President Hinckley)

Tabernacle Choir gives songs to news

Thursday Headlines (August 15, 2002)

Swedish Family History Workshop to be held

Born optimist Romney keeps tackling new tasks and looking for more; Fate smiling on Mitt?

Languages of Mideast get Y. focus

Politicians united in denouncing defacing of candidates' signs

Deaths: Shelter organizer remembered for her foresight, determination

Sports: WR Curtis goes from anonymity to fame; A football parable

Insects on a mission

Arts & Culture: 'Confessions of a Mormon Boy' review; Similar article

Wednesday Headlines (August 14, 2002)

Family sponsors talks on Mormon faith

Chances are LaVon and LaVerne are LDS

BYU senior is a man of his words

Milan inventor keeps mobile with his ideas

Y. soccer team to play in new league

New trail at Farragut

Russia won't issue visas for Peace Corp workers

Milpitas teacher arrested

Tuesday Headlines (August 13, 2002)

Restoring piece of Mormon history in Ohio

New York saints praise temple announcement

Mormon university seeks Far East students

National Historic Trail Center opens

New web site designed to strengthen families

New book: Prophet Young called shots; Similar article

Book review: The two men who brought us television

Showdown over claim to name

Golden years on a Gold Wing

Latinos change assimilation trend

'Charly' ready for theaters

Marrying cousins

Monday Headlines (August 12, 2002)

Camera focuses on prophet; LDS founder Smith becomes a magnet for biographers

Statistics offer good and bad news for LDS

Mormon home life is likened to evangelical sects

LDS Church 'out in front' on issues, journalist says

Historian takes new look at Massacre

Novelist, rabbi led by spirit

Church-state issues keep ACLU busy

Promised Valley Playhouse: only ghosts remain

History: Bagley: Adventurer Fuller called himself the 'Governor' and found gold in a duck; Early photo of Lion and Beehive houses

Sports: Shamy ready to jump into X Games speed-climbing contest; Enshrinee Young beats pressure; Mulitalo moves to beat of past

Weekend Headlines (August 10-11, 2002)

First Presidency gives August guidance through the years

Fillmore speaks on the power of the Holy Ghost

New York Times article on Manhattan Temple (thanks to D. Bjarnason for link)

A trek west to remember

A missionary's challenging life of faith and risk

Police, volunteers help clean Sand Creek

Sunstone looks at missions gone awry

Churches oppose gambling

Politics: Republican race in Nevada is among most watched

Sports: Top-rated QB waits to learn at BYU

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 9, 2002)

A sanctuary takes shape (Redlands California Temple)

Faith of pioneers a lesson in looking beyond negative

Modern pioneers

Mormons lent a hand during World Youth Day

More articles on Manhattan temple: Temple to be built on existing facility; LDS temple set in NYC

From mariachi to opera to country, singer-teacher nourishes Utah voices

Magazine spoof fails to amuse hotel magnate

Thursday Headlines (August 8, 2002)

LDS plan temple in Manhattan; Similar article; More information and photos of planned site

Elder Cook speaks on Perpetual Education Fund

Film challenges LDS translation

Sunstone coincides with emeritus G.A.

Teens put in hard labor

Scrapbooking conference sells out in 69 seconds

Deaths: World's greatest whistler dies at 68; Similar article

Kirby: No LDS security guards or hired Singleton thugs lurking around at my home

Sports: Utes just add Rice

Wednesday Headlines (August 7, 2002)

LDS missionary, 65, slain in Ivory Coast; Missionary, sister of officials, killed in Africa

Family finds 'missing link' (thanks to G. Smith for link)

Devotional: Remember influence of early Saints

Cans mean warm blankets for newborns

Two historic buildings join national register

Scout overseas cleaning of pond for Eagle badge

British judge expected to rule next week on Kleasen extradition; Similar BBC news article

Life challenge leads to creativity

Faith: Will we get what we expect?

'U'-rated edits in for fight

Sports: BYU football

Tuesday Headlines (August 6, 2002)

Wide streets and a conservative culture

Teens' trek is hands-on history lesson

'The R.M.' on a mission for laughter

Sunstone aims for new audiences; Liberal Mormon seminar coming to UVSC

Biases can't thwart songwriter Hatch

Red Cross follows disaster, prepares to aid fire victims

Internet makes it easy to find and nurture your family tree

Utahns owe a debt of gratitude to hardy coal miners of past and present

Latter-day Saints choir to perform musical about Joseph Smith and pioneers

BYU professor saves both water and grass

Ex-footballer tackles some charity work

Bug outbreaks cloud USA

Dropping foreign visitors off at the right party

Monday Headlines (August 5, 2002)

Mormon missionaries pedal on faith

Six Bs continue to be good counsel; President Hinckley publishes second book based on original Bs

Elder L. Tom Perry at Education Week devotional August 20

Elder Haight to speak at BYU-Idaho's first summer graduation

Meadows documents go public

Gospel accounting: prepare now for final audit

Cheney encourages fellow students to submit to God's will

Family History: Free brochure offers guide for beginners

New book by BYU professor helps couples prepare for marriage

Turnover hinders recasting of FBI

Deaths: Paramedics gather for Purser funeral

Gallery a tribute to Utah artist

The real story of Flasher the Clown

Weekend Headlines (August 3 - 4, 2002)

A Temple Square milestone

Billboards promote pro-polygamy book; Similar article

Marion Hanks endeared by life of serving others

Quality of Utah newspaper more vital than ownership

New monuments met with mixed feelings

Retired mechanic quietly lends his craftsmanship to help out those most in need

Two meets to focus on LDS thought

Fiesta Days an opportunity to meet, greet and kick back

Magic of Mezona

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (August 2, 2002)

Mormon heritage area gains in Senate

Sale of newspaper exposes religious rift

Mormon missionaries play it by the book

Utah born KFC going strong after 50 years

UVSC on road to Division I

Some vital information for genealogical research

People: Developer's death ruled an accident, Student on Eagle Scout trail

Thursday Headlines (August 1, 2002)

Ricci in court on theft charges

Utah heritage area plan advances

Utah foundation puts Filipino children in school

AT&T feared political reprisal from owning the Salt Lake Tribune

Mormon writers take stab at Web humor zine

Utes and Cougars thinking title, BYU won't sneak up on teams this year

Temple concert series draws international talent

FARMS studies and preserves ancient texts

Rulon Gardner takes on the big screen

Student snags stats scholarship

BYU grad aims to eliminate poverty

Actor foregoes college in favor of Hollywood