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April 2000 News Links

Weekend Headlines (Apr 29-30, 2000)

LDS Church steps closer to goal of 100 temples by 2001 with dedication set for seven more

Reno Nevada temple dedicatory prayer

Memphis Tennessee temple dedicatory prayer

Oh my heck, flippin' fetch isn't really swearing, is it?

Eco-Mormons say one can be both

Study indicates Mesa workers, students better educated

Video helps record Mesa's 120 year history

Arts & culture: Rocky road: race is on to preserve Gilgal garden; Gardener takes a walk on the wild side and subsequent article; Capturing Christ on canvas

LDS members in news: Macalester French professor and prominent Mormon Karl C. Sandberg dies at 69; Two women push polar views on gun control

Sports news: Young a Bronco? Rice a Redskin? Sounds strange to niners too; Wrestling backers raise money in hopes of saving BYU's program

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Apr 28, 2000)

Women's Conference complete coverage

President Smoot challenges women to 'arise and shine forth'

'Service' launches Y. gathering

Women give their time, talent -- and blood

Wanted: women faculty

LDS members in news: Jeanne Broberg writes guest column

Sports news: Young mum on his career plans

Thursday Headlines (Apr 27, 2000)

Seven new temples on four continents

Court struggles with scout case; full text of scout case

An LDS takeover? Workers reject allegations, dump union

Art & Culture: Try Mesa's city cemetery; 'God's Army' marches on to Hollywood; Musical performances to highlight Women's Conference

LDS members in news: Smith backs anti-suicide bill; Huntsman builds team to battle cancer; Teamwork true find in Egyptian archaeology dig

Wednesday Headlines (Apr 26, 2000)

Young, others to speak at Women's Conference

Time magazine does Nauvoo

LDS ultimatum on scouting?; ABC news article; Deseret News article; Spokane article

Reno Nevada temple dedicated

Environmentalism, LDS Church need not be at odds, panel says; LDS official links environment, morality

Britain: Original Mormon chapel reopens

Olympic parking plan unveiled

LDS members in news: Huntsman steps up cancer war

Tuesday Headlines (Apr 25, 2000)

Easter 2000 brings hope

Elder Featherstone to join U. discussion

A chance to trace old path

Tulsa World: Preserving our history

High court to hear scoutmaster case

Church leaders fear for lost values

President Monson to speak at scout Jamboree

Monday Headlines (Apr 24, 2000)

Hwy 89 revisited

LDS missionary held on charges; Accused by five girls; Deseret News article

Politics: Hatch, Bennett decry use of force; Utah lawmaker's D.C. staffs; Is honeymoon over for bigamy?

Arts & Culture: 'Roadshow' rolls into Salt Lake City

LDS members in news: Hallstrom appointed to First Quorum of Seventy

Sports news: NBA draft

Weekend Headlines (Apr 22-23, 2000)

First Presidency Easter message

Easter is cornerstone, hope of Christian faith

For Mormons, Easter celebrations mostly low-key

BYU graduation hits full stride

The miracle of seeds

Don't ask, don't tell about God

Arts & Culture: L.A. Times book review of President Hinckley's book; Dead Sea scrolls exhibit opens

SL Tribune letter to editor: Questionable spending

LDS members in news: Collection of dinosaur footprints called one of best ever found and similar article; Fords' Haglund back from mission

LDS Church News headlines

Friday Headlines (Apr 21, 2000)

LDS to restore Kirtland landmarks (also see articles on 4-19-00); similar SL Tribune article

3,567 new BYU graduates receive bachelor's degrees

Defense attorney seeks dismissal for allegedly waving gun at missionaries

Arts & culture: New children's art exhibit celebrates family; Easter's back at Hollywood bowl

LDS members in news: Alice Sheets Marriott dies

Sports news: LA Times - Highland has a clone at middle blocker

Thursday Headlines (Apr 20, 2000)

Red Cross and LDS Church share values, director says

Former general authority, John Fowler, leaves Olympic post

Man freed in missionary murders is jailed in England for gun crime; Bail revoked for suspect in missionary deaths

Student village a step closer

Savannah letter to editor: Misconceptions abound -- woman describes Mormons as non-Christian

LDS members in news: Eric Driggs, athlete and Eagle Scout

Wednesday Headlines (Apr 19, 2000)

Mormons plan restoration of Kirtland community and additional story

Public to tour new temple in Bolivia

Fight club is all the rage in Utah County

Harris interactive study finds religion will play key role in 2000 election

LDS members in the news: Student achieves perfection; Hansen suggests $10,000 for organ donations

Not really news but... Donny Osmond National Enquirer story

Sports news: LDS member honored as top student-athlete at NU; more on Rob Morris

Tuesday Headlines (Apr 18, 2000)

President Hinckley to preside at BYU commencement -- Sister Hinckley to receive honorary doctorate degree

Never on Monday? Sports vs. church

LDS official makes plea to Congress

Don't believe Utah has the nation's biggest families? Just ask the tax man

BYU Management Society to honor Ottleys at dinner

SL Tribune letter to editor: Plenty of Sabbath-keepers

Sports news: John Frank drafted in sixth round and 3 Utes drafted by NFL teams; BYU's Johnson is one happy colt

Monday Headlines (Apr 17, 2000)

LDS plaza hit with 2nd lawsuit by ACLU

Ricks College making room for more kids

Utah gun laws unchanged 1 year after library shooting

Reno: New $5 million temple a big draw

Genealogical group is organized in St. George

'Warm fuzzies': democrats true darlings of GOP Utah

LDS members in news: Doctor ordered to prison and juror has seizure at hearing

Sports news: NFL draft: Colts' Morris going from Cougar to contender and Morris off to Indianapolis

Weekend Headlines (Apr 15-16, 2000)

Mobile Register: Worldwide genealogy research gets easier

'99 shooting changed lives forever; Memorial dinner for slain library guard; archived stories

Mormons dispute favoritism in Gilbert

Powell incident: destruction tied to rage with church

Arts & culture: Special collection curator speaks on Orson Scott Card collection

Sports news: Waiting for NFL draft isn't foreign to Frank; Monson: true test for Morris just around corner; NFL dreams about to come true for Morris

LDS Church News headlines (includes several articles of interest on the Palmyra temple dedication)

Friday Headlines (Apr 14, 2000)

LDS church welcomes arrest of suspects in Colombia

New lawsuit challenges plaza sale

LDS Church teachings aim to strengthen marriages

Garbage truck's compactor injures man sleeping in dumpster

Why target those that stand out? (commentary from Arizona Republic)

NAACP: Mormon students get preferential treatment -- see articles below for Apr 11-12

LDS members in news: Changed Hopoate a godsend for Tigers (Australian sports news); Unhappy parishioner drives pickup into church; Hollis man, 36, to head Mormon church in Nashua; Are local (Boston) republicans determined to fail (discusses Mitt Romney)

Sports news (LDS member Rob Morris): Hawks on a mission for a linebacker; Morris expected to be picked 6th in NFL draft; Morris could make Cougs 2-for-1st round in NFL draft

Thursday Headlines (Apr 13, 2000)

No missionary garb for LDS seminaries

News releases from the Church: Public to tour new temple in Memphis, Tennessee; Public to tour new temple in Medford, Oregon; Public to tour new temple in Fresno, California

Around 10,000 visit Fresno Temple dedication

Religions condemn bombings of LDS church buildings; 4 LDS chapels bombed in Colombia also see Chicago Tribune article

Some graduates head for missions

LDS members in news: BYU grad running for House of Representatives; Helping to heal -- Mountain View's president takes care seriously

Wednesday Headlines (Apr 12, 2000)

Public to tour new temple in Reno, Nevada; Reno Gazette-Journal article

Mormons keep high profile in Gilbert schools; District accused of favoring LDS youths

Prosecutors may reopen missionary killing cases; similar Deseret News article

Graves of 30 murdered members of a wagon train are found in Utah; letter to the editor

Talk the talk for SLOC -- if you can

Web site offers notes to BYU classes

LDS members in news: Orrin Hatch speaks out in Gonzalez case; Fremont man found guilty in death of wife; Funeral services held for former BYU basketball coach Stan Watts; BYU student scores perfect on LSAT (funeral to be on Thursday);  BYU senior killed in traffic accident; Is governor's mansion in Romney's future

Sports news: Stanford has holes to fill

Tuesday Headlines (Apr 11, 2000)

Missionary killed in Argentina crash; Video/audio of story

Mormon leader in Fresno for dedication

Conference Center organ made up of materials, skills from around nation

Memphis temple open house

Bias accusations fly in Gilbert

Spencer W. Kimball tower representative of who it's name for

Holy matrimony (low divorce rate among those sealed in LDS temples)

PC Computing: Honoring the profit

Cops: Kleason caught trying to flee Britain

Lawyer faces sanctions for gun threat

Cult still controls survivor of SLC tragedy

Sports news: Western Kentucky lands point guard; Former BYU coach Stan Watts dies at 88; BYU's Morris a bit crazy, and thankful for it; ASU quarterback has UA genes

Monday Headlines (Apr 10, 2000)

Palmyra temple dedication marks church's 170th anniversary

Mormons dedicate temple; video clip and article; Window spots the sacred grove

RLDS change name (similar article to that listed over weekend)

More conference news/video clips

Weekend Headlines (Apr 7-9, 2000)

Palmyra broadcast has reception bugs; Palmyra, New York temple is dedicated; Palmyra -- where it all began

MTC language program evolving to better meet missionary needs

Conference boosted TRAX use and RLDS to change name; Longer RLDS name-change article

China urged to quit persecuting religions

Judge allows ex-LDS therapist to leave jail

LDS members in news: Ogden's mayor hit the ground running

LDS Church News headlines

Thursday Headlines (Apr 6, 2000)

LDS church restores Palmyra historical sites

NPR report on Palmyra temple

Wednesday Headlines (Apr 5, 2000)

New temple marks origin of Mormons

Key role at Thursday dedication for an Ogden son

Gardendale temple has Angel Moroni installed

'Jewel' adorns Palmyra

Tuesday Headlines (Apr 4, 2000)

Utah officials cheer Microsoft ruling

Cannon Pushes Holocaust Museum Funds

Building on Spiritual Foundations

High-Tech Media Sped Messages Around the Globe

Dean of Fine Arts and Communications leaves BYU

Couple missionaries fight war against drugs

More on Palmyra New York Temple - (Video tours)

Jon Huntsman appears on CNN

Monday Headlines (Apr 3, 2000)

Hinckley announces new temples

Pictures and information on Palmyra New York Temple

LDS Statistical report

Happy Valley closes on Sundays

Missionary Web site Launched

Weekend Headlines (Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2000)

Photos from new Conference Center, Work continues on new Conference Center, First Presidency tours new Conference Center, Pulpit made from a walnut tree from President Hinckley's back yard

Walnut pulpit takes center stage

Conference Center Opening

'Great new building' erected to begin a 'great new century'

Facts about the new Conference Center

Volcanic Eruption in Japan Sapporo Mission

President Hinckley commends the new Conference Center in opening remarks

LDS Faithful fill grand new hall

Can it be? Hottest ticket in town is free

Cougar gymnasts advance