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  , 2004

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Pianist/Songwriter, Alex Mackey, Releases Debut Album - FINALLY

Press Release -- June 9, 2001

West Los Angeles' own inspirational songwriter, W. Alex. Mackey, III, has just released his inspiring debut album, Finally. The EP contains nine piano arrangements of LDS hymns and one original tune written for a roommate's wedding.

Finally is delivered to impact. With a subtle stylistic background, in several of the arrangements, Mackey brings to life these hymns to create their own identity. Surrounding his powerfully expressive piano arrangements is a foundation of light instrumentation that enhances but does not distract from the main focus on the piano.

"I love the "I Am a Child of God" arrangement.  Superb!!  The whole CD is great.  Full of spirit," said Ray Pena, lead singer of 4 PM (For Positive Music) who released the hit single, Sukiyaki.

Mackey aims to focus his music on a "Sunday morning inspirational vibe" that is supported by sweet melodic riffs some taken from the hymns and some being original.

These hymns, while many of them are LDS and are intended for that audience, have begun to have a strong influence among other religions as well.  "I've listened to quite a few songs and 'Teach Me to Walk in the Light' is the first one to move me deeply," said Mike Kucenski, a Pastor at the First Lutheran Church in Granada Hills, CA.

The majority of Finally was recorded and mixed at Studio 416 in West Los Angeles.  Two of the songs were recorded a number of years earlier at Brigham Young University while Mackey was finishing college in 1996.  While these two tracks were originally recorded a number of years ago, the remaining songs were recorded February through May of 2000.

The album was mastered by Nancy Matter at Moonlight Madness, Burbank, CA between May and July 2000.

Finally is currently available at or directly from the artist at  Finally will be in LDS bookstore stores over the course of the next few months.  Several of the songs on the album can be heard directly from Mackey's website,, and of course, at live performances.

Mackey has been performing regularly in chapels across the country from Maryland to California, and in many states in between.  For further performance dates, check out the calendar page.