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1999 & Prior News Links


Archive posting date December 31, 1999


LDS Church web site to offer Y2K lowdown

Lending a hand from afar -- Farmington LDS helpers box food for Venezuelans

S.L. Council weighs fate of garden

Hatch takes the lead as funniest candidate

Race, religion create challenges at BYU

Kudos for 10th ward chapel

Getting the message across -- Street ministry lambasted for the comments made about Mormon volunteers

Churches defend role in campaign

Murphy coaching, but not on field -- The ex-Phillie is guiding missionaries, not ballplayers

The king of the century (President Hinckley finishes in top 10 of Time's web site); How Time chose person of the century

Sports news: Motor City Bowl -- Marshall defeats BYU; Stalled in Motor City Bowl; Fed up with being knocked down, Feterik lets line have it

Sports news: Suns' Ainge followed his heart straight back to his family

Sports news: BYU will wait - Cactus' Allen has a mission

Sports news: Utes give Jackson a scholarship

Mormon pioneer, patriarch in the Phillipines dies at 82

Church call for singers

Missions, money stall military recruiting of Utah young people

Sports news: Curan is making another go of it with Utah indoor football league

Larry King Live with President Hinckley  transcript available now; Christmas message of 'wise men'; LDS leader sees spirit of tolerance

LDS Church affirms its view of Jesus

Utahn organizes effort to help homeland

Rose queen prizes memories of reign

Maiden's mite 'buys' a lesson

Sports news: Aloha Bowl QBs beat the odds

Sports news: Cougs look forward to a Motown Christmas; Cougs accustomed to holidays on the road


Archive posting date 29 Dec 1999


Tune into CNN for Larry King Live interview (also shown on KSL) at 9:00 or 7:00 Mountain Time; also see Ogden Standard article; and CNN site 

First Presidency Christmas message

Venezuela flood relief readied for shipment

More on Larry King Live interview with President Hinckley Christmas Eve

Today in history:  Joseph Smith born in 1805

Detroit gambling ads didn't quite work for BYU fans

Peace and goodwill (Calgary Herald opinion piece on rejection of Mormon volunteers by street ministry)

The Christian Science Monitor:  A Utah-based church spreads its arms (essentially a book review of Mormon America)

Women gaining in higher education

Carriage service on gallop

Sports news:  Brigham Young's team brings a distinctive devotion with it to the Motor City Bowl

Sports news:  Cougs trying to avoid repeat of last year's bowl adventure

Sports news:  Walk-on Goodman ready for day in sun

Archive posting date 25 Dec 1999

Mormon volunteers rejected by street ministry

Churches get ready for Y2K

Ornamental concept takes shape

Young artist creating stained-glass windows for Palmyra temple

Dan Walters: fueling the fire in Vermont

Tis a sign of change at ZCMI

Two currently popular novels include Mormons as prominent characters

Ex-pageant director to be tried on 3 counts

Sports news: NFL schedule works against Detmer duo

Sports news: BYU players find mission work rewarding

Sports news: Dudzinski verbally commits to Utah

Mormons gather to dedicate Raleigh North Carolina temple

ACLU opposes LDS intervention in street suit

Cold evening in 1916 fueled warm tradition

A first for N.C -- cornerstone ceremony for the Raleigh North Carolina temple

Judge hears arguments on height of Boston, MA temple spire

LDS composer's oratorio is personal pinnacle

Christmas Spirit lives in Farmington

Probe of Utah marine's death leaves unanswered questions

Review of Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert

Review on LDS member, Jack Anderson's, latest book:  Peace, War, and Politics - an eyewitness account

More on President Hinckley's planned appearance on Larry King Live on Christmas Eve

Mormons prepared for Y2K worst

Did UAW urge Mormon bashing?

Mormon church growing in Northwest

Australia convicts hash baker

Sports news: New heights for tight end -- spotlight on LDS member and ASU player, Todd Heap

Sports news: Alabama football -- Men on missions

Archive posting date 22 Dec 1999

Minnesota's first Mormon temple comes to the people

Agency working to preserve trails

Hash hospitality a prank

UAW accused of fostering prejudice against Mormons

Boston temple steeple suit finally gets its day in court

Who's Cosmo? Only shadows know

Sports news: 49er QB Steve Young will decide football future during offseason

Sports news: Opinion - Ainge made tough, correct decision

Sports news: Utah quarterback takes time out for wedding

A place to learn and worship -- BYU's multi-use building may be LDS 'prototype'

USA Today: 'Daddy' Ainge willingly returns to home court

LA Times: Two men, still haunted by war, seek justice

Sports news:  Field's state champ? She's out of this world (profile of LDS young woman, Emily Mars)

Cannabis cookies served to missionaries; Man made hash out of Mormon visit, court told

More on Fallater trial: Opinion -- Will silence of the dead be heard?

Archive posting date 19 Dec 1999

Students at BYU get call to fight gay marriages

LDS Church held up sale of struggling ZCMI

Missionaries help rescue man from fire

Wit and wisdom of J. Golden Kimball live on

'Sleepwalking' killer makes plea for life

PC World News: Copyright ruling targets web links (more discussion on Church copyright suit against Tanners)

With supplies stocked, Mormons Y2K ready

Items put away in 1930 discovered LDS building renovation

Sports news:  Family matters - Ainge resigns as coach of Phoenix Suns; Ainge quits Suns coaching job; Ainge resignation clears way for Skiles; Family first: Ainge quits as Suns' coach

CyberLaw article on Church copyright suit 

Survivor: Corradini's 8 years as mayor marked by triumphs and turmoil

Milestones in Christianity over the last 1000 years (Joseph Smith mentioned briefly)

LDS member helps Muslims find Ramadan site

LDS member in Canada:  Quebec's Henry Ford?

LA Times: Ancient water quenches town's thirst (Brigham Young and irrigation mentioned in article)

Battle of the bulbs (Mesa Arizona Temple one of many sites with Christmas light displays)

Kansas: Another review of the  Joseph Smith documentary

More on the Knight initiative: "Will & Grace" sitcom goes political with TV ad

More on the Falater trial

LDS Today news: technical problems should be over

LDS mementos of one-hundred fifty years encapsulated

City answers ACLU's Main Street suit

Briefs filed for Mormon temple construction (Boston)

City's new Mormon temple opens its doors for tours

Many still mystified by Hatch's presidential hopes

Christmas music to fill halls of hospital

Vandals destroy Mormon markers in Wyoming; similar article Mormon markers destroyed

Spreading the word; young Mormon missionaries take their faith to New York's Chinatown

Baptists bet they can save souls in Vegas

Pres. Hinckley, King on air again December 24th; President Hinckley to appear on Larry King Live on Christmas Eve

LDS leaders focus on the true gift of the season (recap of Sunday's First Presidency devotional)

States can use zoning laws to prevent discrimination against houses of worship

BYU professor bleaches his hair after class raises $18,000 for charity

Falater sentencing begins

First Presidency to deliver Christmas address Sunday at 6:00 PM MST

Saturday conference to focus on LDS temples

Mormon temple opens in Apex (North Carolina)

Sports news:  Brigham Young invited to Motor City Bowl

Sports news:  BYU couldn't avoid Detroit ... or Marshall

Sports news: BYU coach pins hopes on dual meet

Archive posting date 14 Dec 1999

Y2K worries prompt LDS church to issue ban on travel; Y2K fears fuel LDS grounding

Washington Post: No call to trash the Mormon Church

Granite mining may be complete

Mormon workers file bias suit

BYU bans fan after U. flag brawl

Generations are blessed during times of sharing

Sports news: Cougs getting Motor City run around

President Hinckley encourages students to avoid becoming 'weak links'

Memorial strains town's resources -- Mormon temple brings gridlock to Nauvoo, Illinois

Thanks again to Curtis H. for these two articles from the Edmonton Sun and Edmonton Journal:  A temple to call their own; 40,000 visitors expected at temple open house

Another California initiative on gay marriage

BYU twins find it's lucrative to lie around

Free Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert tickets available

Arab college in USU mold

GOP presidential candidate looks to Iowa State U. student support

Sports news:  BYU may not be going to Motor City Bowl afterall

Archive posting date 10 Dec 1999

President Hinckley to speak at BYU devotional today (Tuesday, November 30, 1999); listen to it live

For faculty at BYU, Mormon faith is job 1

Los Angeles Times: Gratitude triumphs over grief

Tahoe, Nevada: Missionaries help family make room for new home

Human rights tribunal dismisses fired clerk complaint (LDS clerk allowed to be fired because deemed not Christian)

Mormon ads challenge Christian-owned station

The story of one prophet who has prospered (review of 'American Prophet') Thanks to subscriber Curtis H for the 4 links above!

Sports news: BYU lands Motor City Bowl

Sports news: BYU women's volleyball ready for 10th straight NCAA appearance

'Jack Mormons' speak out: author finds many who have left the church still feel some pull; Excerpts from the book Leaving the fold: candid conversations with inactive Mormons; buy book here

PC World: Genealogy giant adds branches

ACLU suit to battle free speech issue in sale to Mormons

BYU student creates 'casual' web environment for LDS singles

Council seeks to preserve historic Draper

Russia eases rules for religions

North Carolina missionaries: evangelism programs spread God's word

Underdog role doesn't bother Hatch; Hatch rallies against underage drinking; Hatch stalls Latino BYU graduate's ascension to appellate bench

Tabernacle Choir plans yule concerts

Korean choir takes part in Christmas tradition

Victorian vision: an inn-side look at historic Utah homes with a future

'American Prophet' to air on Friday: PBS site, read synopsis

President Hinckley attends temple cornerstone ceremony (Billings Montana)

Knight initiative foes gaining ground in poll

750,000 lights to shine at temple square

BYU grad wins $32,000 on 'Who wants to be a millionaire?'; similar article

SL Tribune letter to editor: Tolerance and compassion

Sports news: Cougs, Utes can only watch, wait

Archive posting date 03 Dec 1999

Mormons make inroads in deep south; similar article in Atlanta paper: Mormon church flourishes in south; CNN Interactive story

Preaching to the choir -- missionaries assigned to BYU find plenty of work

Boston Globe: Calendar becomes new foe for Mormon temple's steeple

Pro-family activists cheer the 'Geneva Declaration'; Religions set family agenda

United in faith at lineman's funeral (LDS funeral services for 16 year old football player Scotty Lang)

Interfaith services hears of hopes of new child (Jon Huntsman, Jr. to adopt Chinese child )

Old LDS items sold at blazing prices

Of spires and slopes (SLC highlighted in travel section of Bergen paper); SLC rated top place to live

BYU campus clubs join forces to highlight homeless problem

UVSC LDS Institute seeking donations for sub for Santa

Sports news: Cougars claim MWC volleyball title

Sports news:  BYU - Utah game summary; BYU - Utah: the edge; Utes pick off Cougards; BYU - Utah game at a glance, quarter by quarter; Red hot U. leaves BYU feeling truly blue; Y. loss leaves Liberty bowl bid up in the air; Monson - when it's over, images remain fresh in memory; 'U' at home in cougar stadium; Edwards knew mistakes could end up  haunting Y.; Croshaw took the giant step of cougar fan to U. hero

Sports news: No Mormon mission for ASU freshman Tanner Shell

Colorful history of Tabernacle organ: older Tabernacle organ was the instrument of conductor's musical passion

New organ will grace larger Conference Center

Judge believes Tanners will lose; Restraining order upheld in LDS Handbook case

To Mormons, Hugo theme seems familiar

BYU - Utah Game:  Of lore and more -- highlights of BYU - Utah games over many years; Bragging rights at stake for Utah, BYU; Forget the game -- it's the jeer and loathing before that matter; Utah - BYU may be battle of running games

Sports news: Danny Ainge's son signs letter of intent  to play at BYU

'Natural family' paper ok'd in Geneva

Meridian High School prepares for threat on LDS students

Church press release: 240 Million New Names Added to World's Largest On-Line Genealogy Research Source

Utah has lowest smoking rate in U.S.

Virginia: Mormons getting own building / structure will have 23 classrooms

Not Y2K, but the Mormon way -- stocking up supplies is a longtime routine

More on school prayer case

LDS Church continues copyright battle

Arts news: Fueled by energy, new choir director takes over Men's Chorus and Concert Choir

Sports news:  LDS high school football player dies

Sports news:  It's about more than football when Utah plays BYU; Money helps U. make it a rivalry again; Emotion fuels big Utah rivalry

Sports news:  Battle of the fight songs:  rivalry rages over whether BYU or U. has jazziest tune; Hear both school's fight songs

Sports news:  BYU men's baskeball returns largely intact

LDS Church members leaving mark at world family summit; LDS speakers urge return to moral values; LDS prominent at pro-family talks; Muslims discuss their views of family; A 'call' for families being sent around world; Elder Hafen: role of women vital in society; World Congress celebrates victory Wednesday evening

Tampa Tribune: Mormon Church is an asset in search for family trees (thanks to Curtis H. for this link)

Weber group to organize an LDS Battalion

LA Times Opinion: An abuse of public prayer

Bangerter calls change in South Africa 'phenomenal' -- former governor served there as mission president

Hatch says Utah wears a bull's-eye

LDS teens in crash to be honored together

Cancer quilt honors many lives touched by the deadly disease

W. Bountiful man files civil rights suit against city 

More on the returned missionary Pokemon translator (audio)

ACLU sues over street; Suit crashes LDS block party; ACLU sues SLC over main street sale

Mormon family involved in school prayer case; Supreme Court to rule on school prayer; Similar article in LA Times; Supreme Court to hear Texas school football prayer issue

Religion maintains its major role in politics

LDS church supports 'Envision Utah'

Couple wants LDS suit dismissed

Update on Geneva conference: Faiths unite in plea for families; Health official says western sexuality ruining Africa; Mormons steer clear of some issues; Speaker: couples need more children

LDS genealogy web site is adding 240 million more names

Millions of new names on new pedigree resource CD

First Presidency Christmas fireside scheduled for December 5

Sports News:  Ute brothers really never liked BYU -- and still don't

Sports News: 'Big game' not a big deal for prep football recruits

Archive posting date: 22 Nov 1999

Biography details the talent, genius of George Q. Cannon; Retired U of U historian still penning his way through centuries

Special coverage of Geneva conference; Family conference stumbles over LDS participation; Geneva conference hits roadblock; World gathering touts families; LDS Church leaders speak about congress of families
Playing by the Rules: Mormon mega-dances elevate good, clean fun to gotta-be-there cool
Plane problems lead to LDS first:  two temples dedicated on Sunday
LDS Church builds nearly two LDS chapels a day worldwide

Book Review: An 'eyewitness' to Washington scandals (Jack Anderson)

Deseret News Opinion: Don't obsess much over Salt Lake City's number one ranking

Spotlight on David Huber, LDS CEO of Corvis Corp.

Navajo's dream of education would take him far from home

Sports News: Y. bowl picture still up in the air

Sports News:  Stanford basketball will have two LDS players (Madsen & Robinson)

BYU professor makes his case in defending traditional families; Religious groups to rally for 'traditional families'; Religions discuss 'natural' family

BYU symposium to focus on Book of Mormon truths

Indonesia leader meets with church leaders

Short NY Times article:  Donny and Marie go wild

SL Tribune Opinion: Hanging by a thread

LA Times:  Court curbs actions of Mormon critics; Judge rules to expand temporary restraining order

Book probes LDS wealth, power; buy book at a discount here

Did Hatch allude to LDS prophesy?

Idaho airport scrubs temple from mural

Archive of BYU devotion for 9 Nov 99 now available

Judge to issue another order in LDS copyright case

American children will hear U. grad's words when they see Pokemon movie

Former POW files federal lawsuit over alleged plagiarized war stories

Just add water?

London Times: 'Sterile' Mormon city rated paradise to live in

LDS Apostle rededicates Snow College's Noyes building

Group seeking to purchase original painting of Smiths

Archive posting date: 18 Nov 1999

Birmingham News: Mormon Church helps to keep the past alive

Romancing mom: between taking care of five kids, Brenda Novak writes passionately about love (editor's note:   this Sacramento article contains a couple of steamy sentences)

BYU boosts tuition by 3.9% next year

Experts may have found site of first LDS settlement in Provo, Fort Utah

LDS teen and Nobel Prize-winning author focus of lecture

Elder Wirthlin: find happiness by creating a better self

General Authority, athlete honored for serving youth

Virginia Journal: Landmark to most, temple is sanctuary for area's Mormons

LDS Church asks judge to hold critics in contempt

Orem birdnapping ruffles feathers

Crafting a new strategy - firms prepare for life after LDS 'homemaking'

Eagle Gate gets copy of famous Mormon painting

A volume on Mormons for teens; buy book here

A meeting of the minds: Richard and Claudia Bushman

Miami Herald:  Rebuilding of Nauvoo temple causes unease in Illinois town; same article in Lincoln Journal Star

Mormon Battalion never met its foe, but it still won a mighty victory

Shoshoni seek federal funds for tribal ranch in Utah

U. President advises LDS student group to be tolerant

Majestic new organ to raise sacred strain; LDS press release

Sports news: BYU could put hitch in women's soccer final

84% back traditional marriage

Halifax Nova Scotia temple press release

Regina Saskatchewan temple press release

Brown University students struggle to keep faith

Raising Mormon history -- temple to be rebuilt in historic Nauvoo

Suspect in church bombing apprehended

Spokane:  Pratt staff member brings unique background to job

New SLC mayor speaks on 'Mormon Olympics' and more

Idaho news: Hayden mayoral race timely

Sports news:  Prep star Dawes says he will play at BYU

Archive posting date: 16 Nov 1999

Senator Smith's dilemma: GOP seeks assisted suicide ban

Devotional speaker to focus on Matt 24; listen to it live at 11 am MST

A doom and bust cycle for Y2K suppliers

Clayson shines on new show

Family life publication hopes to enrich families around the world

Husband, wife explore 'Power, Promise' of LDS; 'America' offers fair look at Mormonism; Ostling book signing schedule; buy book at a discount here

Shoshone hoping to re-establish tribal homeland in northern Utah

More on the Knight initiative in California

MSNBC:  Halloween has some folks spooked

Current Salt Lake mayor's race may change democrats political habits; Anderson leads S.L. race

Hatch ignores odds in 2000 race

Documentary aims to take objective look at Mormon women

Sports:  Alabama receiver to serve mission

With LDS handbook on the net, suit may be moot; Pair no longer fights to repost LDS data

Full circle for Nauvoo temple -- thanks to C. Hancock for the link

Archive posting date: 8 Nov 1999

Religion not as much of a factor in elections as it used to be

A new building for church's enduring spirit (LDS members help rebuild Baptist church)

Republicanism and its discontents (discusses Rep. Salmon, an LDS congressman)

Morals being questioned with Web site auctions off eggs of supermodels

Gilbert Arizona fair to show how to deal with disaster

Edmonton Alberta Temple built to last 1,000 years -- (thanks to C. Hancock for the link)

General Powell recognizes 6 Utahns for service

Elder Morrison: our duty is to reach out to a world in need

More on ground-breaking of Nauvoo temple

World Series notes (Dale Murphy)

Friends and Family gather to mourn 17 year-old boy; similar article: A prank with lethal consequences

San Antonio news: One Big happy LDS family

Mobile Alabama news:  Rebuilding after Hurricane Mitch

'Where it all began', groundbreaking of Nauvoo temple directed by Pres. Hinckley

Letter reminds faithful of Church's stand on candidates

Monday night reaffirmed by First Presidency as the night for Family Home Evening

New York Times: Morning becomes Bryant Gumbel (some discussion on LDS member Jane Clayson)

Sports news:  Letters to the editor regarding Steve Young's concussions

'Reconstructed' temple -- fit for future

Creationism sparks debate within many denominations; Teaching evolution:  scientific theories of life's origin gets full hearing in Utah schools

Confronting abuse -- clergy become active in helping families with a painful secret

No reason for religious frenzy over year 2000

LDS Church's tale of 2 halls echoes that of Catholics

Joint Catholic, LDS festivities planned in SLC for Oct 29

Sports News:  Utah Byways -- caring coach is the real football hero

Big Daddy's got new wheels

Archive posting date: 31 Oct 1999

Congress to prod Germany on religion

How much in collection plate is enough? (discusses faithfulness of Mormons with regards to tithing)

Sports News:  Nate Knight not flashy but he does the job

Sports News:  Steve Young's  future may be tied to salary cap

35,000 visit Montanta temple during open house

President Hinckley presents genealogy to Senator Lott

Versatile Hatch:  he writes both laws and songs

Nauvoo clears way for LDS temple -- groundbreaking scheduled for Sunday

Haircuts for a cause; women donate long locks

BYU faculty more willing to value faith over inquiry

Temples renamed to uniform guidelines

Jerald Ottley passes baton (SL Trib opinion); Deseret News article

Utah who? Survey reveals few Europeans know this as the place

BYU sophomore postpones studies to move to Kosovo

LDS may have to wait to get Nauvoo temple permit

Elder Christofferson talks at BYU devotional; listen to it by clicking here

Critics can't distribute LDS handbook on the internet; similar Deseret News article

SL Tribune reflects on the sale of ZCMI

Monument stirs fond memories

Saints' help across the globe

How the church deals with abuse cases:   SL Tribune letter from the editor; Pressure to forgive challenges Mormon families, divides wards; Clergy ignores victims, allege LDS plaintiffs; Churches wake up to dangers; Excerpts from interviews with LDS Church officials; Bringing abuse to light

Catholic church contributes to campaign against gay marriages; similar article

Salt Lake mayoral race:  Can the 'Mormon card' grab the jackpot?

Mrs. America named in custody suit

BYU faced real controversy against Wyoming 30 years ago

Dr. Jerald Ottley ends tenure as Mormon Tabernacle Choir conductor

Nauvoo residents fear impact of temple

As expected, May Co. buys ZCMI; ZCMI chief feels mixed emotions over sale

Building ties -- friendships form as LDS volunteers help build baptist church

Practical politics matter most in S.L. mayoral race

Indians find Covey talk hits home

Steve Young:  if he's hurt, it doesn't show

First KBYU-FM lecture topic:  LDS missionaries and WWII

Pets with masters in the after-life?

VIPs preview film about Joseph Smith -- President Hinckley voices gratitude for new respect

Website prompts Mormon church to sue critics; similar Deseret News article; similar AZ Republic article

Atlantan says he led SL Olympic boosters astray

Clear Channel is now the biggest radio firm in U.S.

Police talk down man; more details; no comment from church

Justices pass on three cases; similar article

Archive posting date:  25 October 1999

No permit for temple in Nauvoo; Temple put on hold in Nauvoo

Volunteers heading to Peru in November

Sale could bring 7 day week to struggling ZCMI

Historic tour:  Downtown buildings reflect Salt Lake City's heritage

BYU program builds support for international students

Cookies make a hash of Mormons

Is ZCMI purchase near?  Rumors keep swirling; similar SL Tribune article

BYU professor wins award for article on Willie and Martin handcart company

Church sends aid to flood-ravaged Mexican states

BYU professors' musical reputation impels young violin students to fly to Utah for lessons

Reading, writing, and rectitude -- schools turn to teaching character

Archive posting date: 21 October 1999

Dead Sea scrolls to be published on compact disc

Will 6 billionth earthling arrive in Utah?

Book of Abraham is focus of BYU conference

Trail proves family's mettle:  Heber mom, kids cover 2,350 wagon train route

LDS struggle to keep proxy baptisms appropriate

Former USSR lurches toward religious freedom

Mormon birthrate is shrinking

Tongans work to maintain identity; Utah Tongans wrestle a culture gap

Letter to the editor:  No modest formals at ZCMI

Library writes new chapter for Academy Square

Billings Montana temple open house

More news on gay-marriage initiative; similar article; similar article from CNN

Interesting letter from the editor of Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake Mayor race could bloody Demo relationships

Heritage and handcarts -- group of Nebraska students pushes Mormon handcart for a day

Bronze statue adding weight to Porter Rockwell legend

LDS Church sends blankets, medicine to Turkey quake victims
BYU queen contest a fading memory
Sports news:  Holmoe's relationship with BYU goes way back; Holmoe is back home for an emotional game; Holmoe is returning to Provo; Holmoe meets his old mentor; BYU claws Bears
Ex-pageant director charged

Archive posting date:  15 October 1999

Deseret News editorial on Mormon Tabernacle Choir director Jerold Ottley
Lee Benson questions why Steve Young doesn't just retire after suffering another concussion
2 to talk at BYU on clash of Mormon and U.S. cultures; Historian to speak about post-colonial Mormonism
Ethics program kicks off religious diversity series at Duke
Sex doesn't sell with LDS shoppers
Gay rights protestors decry LDS stand

Hatch blasts call for IRS probe; related article in San Francisco paper