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  , 2004

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Man of the Century

There appears to be quite the groundswell within the LDS e-mail community to vote for President Hinckley as the Time Magazine Man of the Century.  Here are the e-mails being passed around as well as the link to Time Magazine to cast your vote:

Time Magazine is allowing us to vote for Time Magazine's Person of the Century, which will be in their December 1999 issue. I propose that we vote for the prophet. Each of us knows at least one person with email CONTACT THEM. Pass this on to everyone you know.

To vote go to:

When you get to the site you must write "Gordon B. Hinckley" in exactly this way. Upper case G, Upper case B.(period), Upper case H; all the rest lower case. Apparently the poll is case sensitive and writing it any other way does not allow your vote to be counted. Remember to PASS THIS ON.

P.S. From what I heard the winner of the poll will have their picture on the front cover of the magazine in Dec 99.