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Fast Approaching Deadline for First International LDS Film Festival 2001



"The time is right to initiate a festival that celebrates our cultural and artistic diversity and features young filmmakers who tell fresh stories and share new ideas," says Christian Vuissa, initiator of the First International LDS Film Festival 2001, which will launch next month in Provo.  Deadline for film, video and screenplay submissions is October 15.

The festival is the first of its kind: a traveling film festival that focuses mainly on LDS filmmakers around the world. Vuissa, the festival initiator and founder of the non-profit organization LDSBox says that "any short film, video or screenplay that deals with the human experience in a sensitive and honest way is accepted."

Winning screenplays, films, and videos are eligible for cash prizes totaling $ 2000. Although the festival is aimed at young LDS filmmakers, the festival has no age limit and is not limited to LDS artists, either. "We want to motivate young people to express themselves creatively. Film is a collaborative process that invites creativity and teamwork. Today, everyone can make a great short film." Vuissa, himself a film student at BYU and native of Austria, believes that the LDS film festival will grow with each year and will have more and more international submissions.

The festival will be launched in November in Provo, Utah, and then tour Salt Lake, New York, Los Angeles, as well as several international venues.  Besides the festival competition, the festival committee is planning a panel discussion featuring prominent LDS filmmakers, workshops and screenings of
films that are not part of the competition. The exact times and places for the festival will be announced later this month.

LDSBox was founded to "sustain creative people in their pursuit to uplift the human spirit and support spirituality, religion, and transcendence in the arts and media." The goal of the organization is also to connect LDS artists around the world and give them the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas. Besides the film festival, LDSBox is planning other venues for young artists in the LDS community. People interested in supporting young artists are invited to participate. More information can be found at .

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