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  , 2004

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LDS Church Enhances Website

We reported last Saturday on LDS Today that the LDS Church was updating their website in early July.  Yesterday, they flipped the switch on the new site -- and it is spectacular.  They have added several new items--

  • Church magazines from the past 30 years. New issues of the magazines will be included on the Internet site 90 days following print publication.

  • An interactive tour of Church historical sites, visitor's centers, and more.

  • A new look to the web site, which will make information easier to find.

  • The Internet audio edition of the scriptures.

  • Church calendar of events including temple dedications, broadcasts, and pageants.

  • Church lesson manuals and other curriculum materials.

These are all wonderful resources to members of the Church throughout the world.

Additionally, Gems News, which was a service of LDSWorld, has now been moved to the Church's website as "Church in the News."  LDSWorld is a wholly-owned entity of the Church.

Links have been added to LDS Today so our users can access these new resources directly from our home page.  Or you can see all of these new features directly at the Church's website.



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