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Thanks for your interest in LDS Today.  We are one of the most popular web sites within the LDS community.  We receive thousands of page views per day from people all over the world.  The most popular page is our home page, which is typically updated six days per week.  Our second most popular page is our Primary page.

We are currently charging $250 per month for banner advertisements.  We guarantee a minimum of 50,000 page views per advertisement.  Typically, the number of page views is closer to 60,000 - 65,000 for any given month.

To run an advertisement, we simply need a banner or button advertisement, an agreement to the terms (via e-mail) and receipt of payment.  Advertisements are typically placed within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

For additional details, please see below.

Banner specifications

  • Standard banner of 468x60 should be no larger than 16K
  • Button ads of 120x 90 should be 8-12K
  • Only jpg or gif files are accepted
  • LDS Today will run the ads through an optimization program prior to launch in order to get rid of any unneeded size, but clients are asked to meet our initial benchmark
  • Typically, ads can be posted on the site within 24 hours of receipt

Design fees for banners and buttons (if required)

If needed, we can help you design your banner or button ad.  Our typical rate is $100.  You will own the ad once it's designed and can use it to advertise on other sites if desired.


Once you're ready to advertise, you will need to submit payment to LDS Today.  We accept checks, money orders, or credit card payment (via PayPal).

For additional information and site statistics, please e-mail David Winters.  He can be reached by sending an e-mail message to (with yyyy being replaced by the current year, such as 2004 or 2005).